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Comics Alternative Kickstarter: Birdcage Bottom Books 2018 Publications: Indie to the Max

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  On this Kickstarter episode, Derek talks with J.T. Yost about his current crowdfunding campaign for Birdcage Bottom Books' 2018 publications. This year, Birdcage Bottom Books is hoping to introduce to a wider audience a variety of cartoonists currently flying under many readers' radar. By pre-ordering through this Kickstarter campaign, you'll both ensure these publications see the light of day and save money. As J.T. points out, this is also your chance to get custom artwork, original comics page art, exclusive mini-comics, and more. But the core of this campaign is great comics such as Eva Müller's In the Future We Are Dead Sara Lautman's Pictures of Bananas and Funny Bugs J.T. Yost's Thonger Dongers Jordan Jeffries's The Complete Matinee Junkie: Five Years at the Movies D. Bradford Gambles's A Lone Deer at the End of the World Larkin Ford's Goat Song Stephanie Mannheim's Nate the Nonconformist Has a Rival! If you want to discover what indie comics are all about, then definitely back this Kickstarter!    

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