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April 29, 2007 Alan Watt on Red Ice Creations Radio with Henrik Palmgren of Sweden - "Episode: Virginia Tech Shooting"

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Red Ice Creations Radio Write-Up: Alan Watt, our Monthly regular joins us to talk about the recent Virginia Tech School Shootings. Topics
discussed: Control, Surveillance, Columbine, the Montreal shooting, the gothic subculture, the SWAT Teams, Symbolic numbers in the VA shooting. April
sacrifices - preparation for May, Manchurian Candidate, Psychology as a means of controlling and changing society, SSRI's, Anti-Depressants, Video
Games to train soldiers, Gun-control, Security to monitor every individual, Identity-cards, getting frisked going into the schools, new weaponry, Ethnic
specific atomic weapons. The global society - Mega Cities, Police and Military, HAARP type weapons used in Gulf War 1 and 2, The Big Boys Timeline: 2010 the
American Union, 2012 the UN as the Global Government, Depleted Uranium and much more.

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