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The Big Obstructionists : How the Left Is Eroding America

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The Big Obstructionists : How the Left Is Eroding America

Până la Vince Iuliano

Lungime: 37 pagini26 minute


President Obama fiddled while your rights are eaten away like a new face-eating bacteria.
He weaponized institutions like the IRS and the FBI, the ramifications of which America is still reeling from, two years and counting from his leaving the White House.
Why is so much of the population blind to the dangers that lie ahead?
They resist the Patriotic maneuvers of the Right while throwing in with the enemy. People talk about the Deep State and of draining the swamp, but it remains incredible  to this author how some people are still so willing to  throw away freedom with both hands. 
 Come along for an afternoon's excursion into this age-old dilemma facing America, and see what you can do today in the fight ahead.

Includes a 2019 afterword with a bright word for the great President Trump and a caution for the tenuousness of freedom. We are , after all, justy one Democrat vote away from losing it. 

(formerly titled The Frog in The Boiling Water)

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