Dark Protocol: Checkmate

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Dark Protocol: Checkmate

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In the old quarter of Venice, Italy, a derelict mansion has been purchased by a well known Russian nuclear physicist, a self-styled Trumpian warlord, Vladimir Alexei Shuvensko. A cadre of armed guards surrounds the property, and at night, huge wooden crates are moved into the mansion. In whatever part of the world, Shuvensko, directs his attention, there is chaos, barbarity, and assassinations. Earlier in the year, U.S. Intel uncovered evidence, Shuvensko, planned a large scale assassination on visiting world leaders. Checkmated from completing his diabolical scheme, in retaliation, he openly embraced Middle East terrorist factions by selling them nuclear capability. Internet chatter suggests Shuvensko’s chessboard for revenge is a nuclear winter for the entire world. Will covert agents be able to stop an erratic, mentally unstable madman who has no moral code or conscience—in time?

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