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The Adventures of Polo the Bear: the Climate Change Comic (Part 3): The Adventures of Polo the Bear, #3

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Today's climate emergency is now widely believed to be the most serious environmental crisis in human history.

Understanding climate change can be complicated and confusing. This funny comic graphic novel packed with adventure and action provides a broad introduction to climate change and teaches what we can all do to fight global warming. 

If you are a kid aged 9 and above, you will LOVE Polo and his funny adventures in India, Africa and Europe! If you are a teacher, you will find this book to be a great resource for teaching about global warming, environment and sustainability. If you are a parent or grand parent, you will find answers to your inquisitive children's questions about climate change, geography, migration, foreign cultures and green living. If you none of the above but are anxious to easily get a grasp of what climate change actually means, this book is for you! 

Polo's adventure draws to a close.... for now  

In this book, Part 3 of the series, you can follow Polo's journey out of India, across Africa and into Europe. You will discover:

How climate change is affecting tribal societies and wildlife in Africa. What global warming means for the survival of the ancient Nile river system.  How climate change is linked to human migration from war-torn countries. How Polo meets an ex-president of the United States and other climate champions. Practical, everyday tips on what we can all do to help fight global warming.

Follow Polo's epic journey all the way to the end!

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