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12 Habits that Control Blood Sugar and Reverse Prediabetes

12 Habits that Control Blood Sugar and Reverse Prediabetes

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12 Habits that Control Blood Sugar and Reverse Prediabetes

43 pages
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Oct 11, 2019


Written by an historian of science who has been researching and teaching nutrition for two decades, this a quick start guide details the 12 most important diet and lifestyle habits that reverse prediabetes and help you maintain normal blood sugar.

If you would like a succinct, straightforward set of evidence-based practices for improving your insulin sensitivity, losing weight, and achieving good blood sugar, good blood pressure, and good cholesterol, this guide gives you the 12 habits to develop along with a brief overview of the science behind each of them.

This quick start guide also shows you:

•the crucial importance of dietary fiber in relation to blood sugar and microbiome health

•the significance of eating the right complex carbohydrates in the right combinations

•the relationship between sleep and blood sugar

Smythe-Rivers also includes:

•a beginner’s exercise program that outlines moderate exercise, strength training, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

•an overview of prediabetes and insulin resistance

•a discussion of blood sugar testing and the A1C test

•a discussion of diet and leptin, the hunger/satiety hormone

This concise guide is for those with prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes, as well as for those who want to prevent getting high blood sugar. It is also for those who want to improve their metabolic health while losing weight.

Oct 11, 2019

Despre autor

Josie Smythe-Rivers is an historian of science whose areas of interest include the early history of chemistry, the sociology of scientific knowledge since the mid-twentieth century, and the intersections between evolution and medicine. Her work in nutrition spans the early modern to contemporary periods, with particular focus in the latter period on insulin, diabetes, diet, and metabolic syndrome. Her short books in the Metabolic Health Publications series are designed to provide the general reader with straightforward, accessible, and current information regarding insulin resistance, diet, exercise, prediabetes, diabetes, weight loss, and metabolic syndrome. They are not written to be used as a substitute for medical care. Finally, Smythe-Rivers also addresses key issues in the history of nutritional science that have resulted in poor nutritional advise and faulty dietary guidelines.

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12 Habits that Control Blood Sugar and Reverse Prediabetes - Josie Smythe-Rivers

12 Habits that Control Blood Sugar and Reverse Prediabetes

Josie Smythe-Rivers

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Introduction to the 12 Habits

This is a quick start guide for those with elevated blood sugar or prediabetes as well as for those who would like to keep their normal blood sugar from rising. This guide is also useful for those with Type 2 diabetes who would like a quick set of reminders about diet and exercise that are proven to lower blood sugar.

As a diagnostic category, prediabetes provides us with a vital window of time in which to reverse high blood sugar (intermediate hyperglycemia) using lifestyle changes that are proven to be more effective than medication, lifestyle changes that

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