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I Wanna Hear A Poem: Selected Poems from 1997-2019

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I Wanna Hear A Poem: Selected Poems from 1997-2019

Până la Steve Colman

Lungime: 98 pagini1 oră


A flying grandmother, a struggling rapper, a namedropping revolutionary: The co-star of the Tony-Award winning Def Poetry on Broadway, Steve Colman, takes up subject matter that is both heartbreaking and humorous, mournful and merry. Each poem pulsates with the rhythms of a street poet or a hungry rapper or a sultry soul singer. Colman stands center stage to sing of love and revolution, race and identity as he explores the connections between his personal life and the beautiful, awful complicated history of America. Colman delivers these poems with all the passion of a performance poet committed to inspiring the reader to remember, reflect and take action.

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