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Cosmetics: A Practical Manual

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Cosmetics: A Practical Manual

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Cosmetic technology is a branch dealing with the advancements occurred in the field of cosmetics to enable and enhance the effect of cosmaceutical in skin. Our book is an attempt to bring in flow all the major attributes dealing with the preparation and evaluation of cosmetic, parameters considered while dealing with quality aspects of cosmetic finished products, toxicity assessment and other considering factors. The book also summarizes the use of herbal drugs in cosmetic preparations. The approach to use herbal drugs and their ingredients constantly needs revision. In the book we have tried to bring some new herbal cosmetic preparative formulae for easy formulating of a formulation. Through this, an attempt has been made to re-discover the potentials of several herbs that have been utilized in our day-today life.
Moreover, with the practical point of view, this book also covers a generalized concept regarding different instruments being used in cosmetic lab. We have tried to make the students aware of the simplicity of working of these instruments and their principle of their working too.
At last, the book unravels various aspects of cosmetic technology needing attention. We hope that the book will prove beneficial for readers.
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