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Painting Wargaming Figures: Early Imperial Romans

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Painting Wargaming Figures: Early Imperial Romans

Până la Andy Singleton

Lungime: 241 pagini52 minute


Andy Singleton has been modelling and painting most of his life and has been a professional commission figure painter for some years now. Here he shares his experience and tips of the trade with those collecting Early Imperial Romans. The emphasis is on achievable results and practical advice that is applicable to painting units or whole armies for wargaming purposes in a reasonable time frame, not on spectacular individual display pieces. Most of the figures featured in the numerous illustrations are either 28 or 25mm but the techniques described are easily adaptable to smaller sizes and both plastic and metal figures are covered. Andy’s clear, step-by-step guidance takes the reader through the process from the initial preparation and assembly of the figure, to finishing and basing. Themed chapters cover armour, weapons and equipment, clothing, skin tones, shields and horses. All together it contains all the help you need to recreate your own legions of this most iconic army of ancient history.
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