Garden to Glass: Grow Your Drinks from the Ground Up

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Garden to Glass: Grow Your Drinks from the Ground Up

Până la Mike Wolf

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Wide Appeal: The recipes will appeal to drinking enthusiasts of all kinds from cocktail bon vivants to wine and beer lovers and gardeners alike.

Mixology Expert: Wolf established the bar program at the popular restaurant Husk in Nashville, TN by utilizing on-site gardens, the bounty of Middle Tennessee, and a home garden comprised of upwards of 30 varieties of herbs and vegetables. His drinks have been featured in Imbibe Magazine, Local Palette Magazine, the Tennessean, Foodable TV Network, and more. Mike is currently opening the much anticipated Chopper Tikki Bar in Nashville and is also the co-host of the liquid gold podcast.

Cocktail culture: The desire for inventive drinks and sustainable home-grown ingredients at restaurants has grown tremendously over the past few decades.

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