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Designed to Be Well: A Health Coach’s Guide to Navigating the Science and Spirituality of Wellness

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The pursuit of wellness isn't new, but as healthcare continues to evolve, preventative wellness is positioned to become an even greater priority. Following the Human Genome Project, thrilling advancements in personalized medicine and disease prevention are now offering us new and effective tools to achieve greater physical and mental health.

We now have it within our reach to take an honest look at ourselves and to course-correct toward a healthier future. As science masters the 'what' in medicine today, this book intends to address the 'why' and to encourage readers to seek out health coaching, which is the 'how.'

Each of us has been designed by a Master Creator, and true wellness requires a harmonious effort among the three components of self: body, mind, and soul. Designed to Be Well will help prepare you to not only achieve wellness, but to use your wellness to fulfill your purpose.

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