Godshot: A Novel

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Godshot: A Novel

Până la Chelsea Bieker

Evaluare: 4.5 din 5 stele4.5/5 (45 stele)
Lungime: 352 pagini6 ore


An explosive literary debut about a young woman coming into her own power in the face of religious extremism, addiction, sexual abuse, and abandonment, Godshot is an unforgettable novel of resilience, poverty, womanhood, and strength found where you least expect it Godshot is propulsive and heart-breaking and bursting with sentences to slay you, to make you gasp with how Chelsea Bieker renders detail. Bieker is a writer who gives Flannery O’Connor’s Gothic parables a Californian twist. Her fiction has echoes of Claire Vaye Watkins and Lauren Groff, Marilynne Robinson and Cormac McCarthy, and yet her voice is so entirely her own. Godshot effortlessly explores the repression of female sexuality, motherhood (and motherloss), climate change, poverty, and the controlling power of cult mentality through the world of Lacey May, our indelible 14-year-old protagonist growing up in the dried-up town of Peaches, CA. Lacey May has only known two things: her life before Pastor Vern made the rain come to Peaches, and her life after, and her life before was far worse. But when at 14 she receives her “assignment” from the Church, along with all the other newly fertile young women of the congregation, she finally begins to question whether the glitter raining down in church is really from the heavens, or from the hand of Pastor Vern’s daughter in the rafters. Bieker is a supremely talented world-builder with a flair for visual details; the world of Godshot is a barren, impoverished town of baptisms conducted with off-brand Cola, front lawns painted neon green, a magenta hearse with a casket still inside, a bright yellow bathing suit with worn elastic, a machine gun painted gold. It's rare to find someone who is so good on the sentence level, and someone who is also so invested in character and story. For fans of all-too-real explorations of the way women’s bodies are policed and controlled, like Women Talking; novels that capture the relationships between mothers and daughters, like White Oleander; and unforgettable young protagonists, like History of Wolves Bieker is the winner a 2018 Rona Jaffe Award. Catapult has also acquired the rights to Bieker’s forthcoming short story collection, Cowboys and Angels Bieker lives in Fresno, CA, with strong communities throughout the Central Valley, and in Portland,OR Acquired by Catapult editor in chief Jonathan Lee (whose acquisitions also include Rough Magic, Welcome to Lagos, and Reservoir 13)

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"Godshot by Chelsea Bieker has everything I could want in a novel: cults, crazed pastors, and characters questioning what it means to be a girl and mother. Set in a small town in California plagued by drought, a cultlike church has formed around a crazed pastor intent on ending the drought. Abandoned by her mother for a man she barely knows, Lacey May—just fourteen—becomes the focus of Pastor Vern's insane plan to bring rain back to the town. As she embarks on a mission to find her mother, she has to come to terms with the horrible circumstances Vern has put her and the town in. Godshot is dark, fierce, and brilliant, and I haven't stopped thinking about it since I finished it." —Sarah Cassavant, Subtext Books (St Paul, MN) "Godshot announces the arrival of a powerful new voice. Chelsea Bieker’s debut novel kept me mesmerized till the very end. I felt the heat, the sand, the want, the confusion, and the pain on every page. This is the sun-drenched California nightmare of Claire Vaye Watkins and Joan Didion, and yet it is also an incredible story of resilience and rebirth. Godshot is sure to be one of the most talked-about novels of the year." —Emily Ballaine, Green Apple Books on the Park (San Francisco, CA) "Filled with the raw need of zealotry, Godshot embodies all the glitter and
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