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Executive Decision

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Executive Decision

Până la Alice Archer

Lungime: 59 pagini45 minute


Dar loved his career... until he did his job too well.

Dar Riley never imagined his expertise as a dry stone waller would lead to a dead-end job he can't escape. He plods through the days with little to look forward to. A stone placed just so. A bath when he gets home.

The stranger in the electric blue suit who compliments Dar's work is Pierre Catalan, owner of a multi-planet transportation empire—a polished, powerful man Dar considers way out of his league.

When bad news blindsides Pierre, he lowers his guard, and Dar steps in with an executive decision of his own. Attraction intensifies a clash of wills into the possibility of something more—but without answers for impossible situations, love will die off-world before it can begin.

Executive Decision is a speculative fiction romance set in an alternate reality, a standalone short story with an HEA.

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