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Public Financial Management Systems—Indonesia: Key Elements from a Financial Management Perspective

Public Financial Management Systems—Indonesia: Key Elements from a Financial Management Perspective

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Public Financial Management Systems—Indonesia: Key Elements from a Financial Management Perspective

179 pages
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May 1, 2018


Foreign aid to Indonesia takes the form of loans or grants. The loans can be made either to the government or to state-owned enterprises with a guarantee from the government. This report documents Indonesia's financial management systems covering budgeting, funds flow monitoring and analysis, accounting and reporting, and auditing. It also provides insights into the quality of internal control systems, staff capacity, and information technology structure. The intent is to provide project teams and consultants with a better understanding of financial management systems during project preparation. Find out how high-quality financial management assessments support project implementation through the identification of key risks and enabling the implementation of mitigating actions and reforms.
May 1, 2018

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Public Financial Management Systems—Indonesia - Asian Development Bank



MAY 2018

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Tables, Figures, and Boxes





The project team—Aman Trana, director, public financial management division, Procurement, Portfolio and Financial Management Department (PPFD), Asian Development Bank (ADB); Srinivasan Janardanam, principal financial management specialist; Anouj Mehta, principal financial management specialist; Akmal Nartayev, senior financial management specialist; Mocktar Adamou-Ndiaye, financial management specialist; Myra Ravelo, senior financial management officer, PPFD; and former staff Abbas Kizilbash and Jessana Yanuario—would like to thank the following government officials who met with Nishan Mendis (consultant) and made valuable contributions to this report:

Directorate General of Budget Financing and Risk Management

Ayu Sukorini, director for loans and grants

Widjanarko Soebadhi, director for evaluation, accounting, and settlement

Directorate General of Treasury

Rudy Widodo, director of state cash management

Firmansyah N. Nazaroedin, director of accounting and financial reporting

Ari Wahyuni, director of system management invesment

Directorate General of Budget Financing and Risk Management

Agung Widiadi, director of budget systems

Directorate General of Fiscal Balance

Ahmad Yani, director of funding and regional capacity

Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK)

Hendar Ristiawan, secretary general

Financial and Development Supervisory Board (BPKP)

Salamat Simanullang, director of audit of foreign loans and grants

Ministry of Home Affairs

Indro Baskoro, secretary of the Directorate General of Regional Financial Administration

National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS)

Tuti Riyati, director of planning and development funding

Polytechnic Education Development Project

Illah Sailah, project director

Kokok Haksono, manager

Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program—Coral Triangle Initiative Project

Sri Atmini, secretary of the Directorate General of Marine, Coastal, and Small Islands

Miftahul Huda, project coordinator.

The project team is likewise grateful for the assistance of the following ADB staff at the Indonesia Resident Mission: Linarti Reksoatmodjo, senior financial control officer; Barlev Nicodemus Hutagalung, programs officer; Fitrina Muchtar, financial control analyst; and former staff H. S. Soewartono.


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