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Democracy Unchained: How to Rebuild Government for the People

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Democracy Unchained: How to Rebuild Government for the People

Până la The New Press

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Media track record: This book collects newly commissioned essays by some of America’s leading, big-name progressive thought-leaders, many of whom are seasoned media veterans, on the leading issues of American democracy. The editors of this book have published major works that have received strong attention in the mainstream media, both print and visual, like MSNBC, CNN, NPR, New York Times, Good Morning America and PBS.

Platform: David Orr will be building a companion website to accompany the book. It will feature original essays, debates, as well as information about the many public events linked to the book. Orr is a renowned as an environmental thinker—he created the Green Campus movement—and can speak to the issues of ecology and governance. Contributors will take part in public events and promote over social media.

Speaking: The release of this book will be accompanied by major public events all across the country, involving the contributors, who will be debating and discussing the issues that the book deals with: how we do we repair American democracy?

Opportunities: The book will be publishing into the election year, at a time when Democratic candidates, as well as their policy staff, will be engaged in debating and exploring the issues that this book discusses.

Affiliations: Oberlin College, Rockefeller Brothers, Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, Rocky Mountain Institute.

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