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Into the Darkness

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Into the Darkness

Până la Kate Williams

Lungime: 501 pagini7 ore


The finale of the Storms of War trilogy finds Celia de Witt in glittering 1920s New York, hunting for Michael, the son who was taken from her at birth. Desperate and vulnerable, she looks to the valiant girls of an underground flapper army—and a runaway boy with a big heart—for help in her search. Meanwhile, Celia sets up a business in New York called Flapper Foods, in hopes of saving her family and their home, Stoneythorpe, from ruin. Flapper Foods takes off, only to have the Great Depression fall. All seems lost—but the Depression brings Michael and Celia together. Back in England, Celia’s family is in desperate need. As World War II approaches, Stoneythorpe, despite her efforts, must be sold. But the world around her is watching, hope is on the horizon, and Celia will have to risk everything she has held dear to save her family.
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