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Making Hats

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Making Hats

Până la Alison Hart

Lungime: 413 pagini1 oră


Hats finish an outfit; they make a statement, provide panache and lift your spirits. This book explains how to make your own hats, using traditional construction methods with both specialist millinery foundation materials and a range of fabrics and trimmings. It showcases twenty-six hats and headpieces, each with step-by-step photographs and instructions, some using ready-made elements, others that are made from scratch. Celebrating the versatility of hats, it introduces the wide range of styles and shapes that modern millinery has embraced. Explains the anatomy of the hat and how to fit a hat, and gives general millinery tips. Suggests sources of inspiration and design ideas. Introduces a range of hats and hat styles, from small, fun and fast headpieces to special occasion hats. Superbly illustrated with 534 colour step-by-step photographs.
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