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Black Imagination: Black Voices on Black Futures

Black Imagination: Black Voices on Black Futures

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Black Imagination: Black Voices on Black Futures

5/5 (13 evaluări)
134 pages
1 hour
Feb 4, 2020


Recommended by Jason Reynolds on PBS News Hour

“(D)on’t think for one minute that Black Imagination is easy. As you will read here, it is hard-earned and sometimes dangerous, but it’s necessary, and radical, to claim and work towards. Listening to my people in this book gave me so much life, and I’m pretty sure, dear reader, you’re in for the same.” —from the Foreword by Steven Dunn

What is your origin story?
How do you heal yourself?
Imagine a world where you are loved, safe, and valued.

“Witnessing is sacred work too. Seeing ourselves as whole and healthy is an act of pure rebellion in a world so titillated by our constant subjugation,” reflects viral curator Natasha Marin, on Black Imagination. This dynamic collection of Black voices works like an incantation of origin, healing, and imagination. Born from a series of conceptual art exhibitions, the perspectives gathered here are no where near monochromatic. “Craving nuance over stereotype, we sought out black children, black youth, LGBTQ+ black folks, unsheltered black folks, incarcerated black folks, neurodivergent black folks, as well as differently-abled black folks.” Each insists on their own variance and challenges every reader to witness for themselves that Black Lives (and Imaginations) Matter.

"A first step toward freeing ourselves."

—Gloria Steinem

"I've never felt the physical feeling of pages melting in my hands or chapters folding themselves into squadrons of black airplanes flying to freedom because I've never experienced an art object like Black Imagination."

—Kiese Laymon, author of Heavy

“Black Imagination required Natasha Marin to curate as a curate in the medieval sense— a spiritual guide that cares for souls... We are challenged to move beyond the abject, beyond pure pessimism, on the wings of a different criticality... 'visioning a world where none is lonely, none hunted, alien'.”

—Christian Campbell, author of Running the Dusk

"Defiantly hopeful... think Soul Train Line, think The Stroll, think the joyous striving with language for the possibilities of safety and hope.”

—Kwame Dawes, author of Nebraska

Feb 4, 2020

Despre autor

Natasha Marin is the curator of Black Imagination: Black Voices on Black Futures (McSweeney's, 2020). Marin is also a conceptual artist whose people-centered projects have circled the globe since 2012 and have been recognized and acknowledged by Art Forum, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, NBC, Al Jazeera, Vice, PBS and others. In 2018, the City of Seattle and King County have backed BLACK IMAGINATION-- a series of conceptual exhibitions—amplifying, centering, and holding sacred a diverse sample of voices including LGBTQIA+ black youth, incarcerated black women, black folks with disabilities, unsheltered black folks, and black children. Her viral web-based project, Reparations, engaged a quarter of a million people worldwide in the practice of "leveraging privilege," and earned Marin, a mother of two, death threats by the dozens. Find out more about her work online: Black-Imagination.com.

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Black Imagination - Natasha Marin






My name is Empire Red.

My Mother’s name is Luminous Red.

My Father’s name is Ambidextrous Red—to his face, I call him Mammoth Red and behind his back, I call him Juvenile Red.

I come from people known for being in charge, who don’t like to be told what to do.

Remember me.


My name is Sorry Not Sorry Red.

My mother’s name is Truth Be Told Red.

My father’s name is Ambidextrous Red.

My brother’s name is Monkeytown Red.

I come from a people known for making a moment worth something

& being able to tell you off like no one’s business.

Remember me.

AGE 12

My name is Continental, Gives You Life Although You Don’t Notice Red.

My Mother’s name is I’ve Killed Everyone Who’s Tried To Chop Me Down Red.

My Father’s name is The Battle To Remain Ambidextrous Red.

My Brother’s name is In Everyone’s Mouth Even Though They Don’t Deserve The Right To Call Upon His Genius Yet Red.

Apparently, I come from people known for long names, the word intricate, and long histories.

Remember me.

AGE 14

My name is Give Me What I Deserve Red.

My Mother’s name is Decolonize Moisturize Get What’s Yours Red.

My Father’s name is Never Not Gonna Be Ambidextrous Red.

My Brother’s name is More Than You Know Red to you, but to me, he is Thing Two Red.

I come from people known for pretty words and the highest podiums.

Remember Me.

Roman O’Brien

Seattle, WA, USA




You have claimed all the things already, except silence. Except for all the seats in the world. Feel free to have them—it is, of course, your birthright.



Your brain is a puckered little sphincter resting on your shoulders and you now have less than a pinch of pages to cram something new and precious into it before the cops arrive. In this fantasy, you are Black. So you know the cops shoot first and ask questions never, so hurry up and relax your mental

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  • (5/5)
    The story is powerful; I like how it was presented. Good job writer! If you have some great stories like this one, you can publish it on Novel Star, just submit your story to hardy@novelstar.top or joye@novelstar.top
  • (4/5)
    Wonderful, poetic writing and powerful to listen to. Really enjoyed this work.