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Socialism: A Lie Full of Hope

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Socialism: A Lie Full of Hope

Lungime: 505 pagini7 ore


Every day Americans are told that the free market is rigged, uncaring, misogynistic, unfair, unjust, racist and evil. We're told that socialism can fix everything. That by embracing socialism, we will make society fairer, more peaceful, save the planet, enable equality, ending sexism and racism. In short, enabling utopia. Yet, socialism offers nothing new. Socialism’s gaining ground with many well meaning people that need free markets the most, by claiming the failures weren’t “real” socialism, often through distorting the history of capitalism and embellishment of socialism. Without many of the academic trappings of the subject, this book offers some explanations as to why so many people are turning to socialism. It focus mostly on economic understanding, and why socialism falls short of free markets in terms of both economic and moral outcomes. It highlights the hypocrisy of America’s “new” democratic socialists, and illustrates what we’re losing through the socialist mindset.
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