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Watching the Whale: The Transformation Meditations of Daskalos & The Researchers of Truth by Daniel Joseph

Watching the Whale: The Transformation Meditations of Daskalos & The Researchers of Truth by Daniel Joseph

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Watching the Whale: The Transformation Meditations of Daskalos & The Researchers of Truth by Daniel Joseph

348 pages
6 hours
May 4, 2020


Watching the Whale by Daniel Joseph is an independent study guide and step by step accession into the Esoteric Practices of Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth.

Our Spiritual development does not just happen by acquiring advanced knowledge like a jewel collector acquires jewels. For spiritual knowledge to lastingly benefit us we must put it into practice in our daily life. This is most important!

The Esoteric Practices are the very means of having your own direct experiences. It is by our engagement in the Esoteric Practices that we train ourselves to use the etheric vitality in its various states to raise our consciousness and uplift our awareness. With practice we will gain mastery over the healing energy in our etheric double to help ourselves and others in need.

May 4, 2020

Despre autor

About The AuthorDaniel Joseph is a lifelong seeker of truth. His spiritual search began with a roar of awakening in college, which launched him on a twenty year study of eastern and western teachings taking him to the far corners of the Earth. Then one day he came to the island of Cyprus and met Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis more commonly known as Daskalos (teacher).With great love and wisdom, Daskalos revealed the long-ago promised Keys to the Kingdom of the Heavens and provided training how to use them. From that point on, his search for truth changed to the research of truth. And for over two more decades Daniel has continued an ever increasing conscious engagement in this research and in sharing the great body of work of Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth.

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Watching the Whale - Daniel Joseph



Dear Seekers,

I am very happy to hear of your interest in participating in this group focusing on the Exercises and Practices in our System for the Research of Truth. Heading to the Salt Mines was a phrase Daskalos used to describe the necessity of working with the exercises and practices of the Researchers of Truth so that we may have our own direct experiences of the Truth of these teachings. Each of us must taste Salt ourselves in order to know what Salt tastes like. 

As a Researcher of Truth each of us has made a promise to examine our behaviors, thoughts and feelings with the daily practice of Introspection and to begin to live as the Inner Self. This is the Most Important practice to do and it is done by beginner and master alike – so it never stops. The practicing Researcher, will in time, become the master of the circumstances found in their life – whatever they are. This means that we can control and put our life circumstances in order by dissolving what is not helpful and good, while simultaneously replacing that with new and better things.

As soon as you start acting like that you are on your way to find the Inner Self. On this way you will come to realize that the self you thought you were is nothing more than the entire collection of you own elementals, your thoughts, feelings, desires and behaviors. And that you really are something so much greater than the assortment of your elementals. Now maybe for the first time you come into conscious contact with your real Self.

So, here is the call to action: Cast out your personal egoism and practice unconditional love for God, the people in your life and all human beings. Do that and your personality will gradually approach and be assimilated by your Inner Self.

Simply using your mind as thought following along the lessons will not take you the full distance. You must experience the truth and then live it. In other words, the truth revealed in these teachings must be translated into the terms of your daily life. Every human being has a way, which is best suited to him or her, to find the Inner Self. Let the power of your Inner Self shine through your personality self, and you will come to know the truth and be set free. When we reach to the center of our Inner Self, the heart of life and creation, we all know the true way to act… which of course is to Love unconditionally.

God Bless you all and your good works!


Chapter One


The Esoteric Practices book page 47 – 49

Before we begin any lesson, meditation, or healing work it is best to say a prayer. As this cleans the environment of negative influences and prepares us for our work. For a prayer to work properly you must keep your attention on the meaning of the words you are praying.  Just reiterating works of a prayer while you mind wanders to other things is not real prayer and it is not real effective.

Here is the fundamental prayer of the Researchers of Truth which when properly spoken purifies the environment and prepares us for our work.  Of course, God does not need us to make prayers to Him.  But we need to make prayers to God to attune with Him. Proper prayer also invokes the help of the Higher Powers without whose help nothing can be achieved.


Our Father Who Art in Heaven,

Hallowed be Thy Name.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done,

on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us our transgressions as we

forgive those who transgress against us.

And lead us while in temptation

and deliver us from evil,

for Thine is the Kingdom

and the Power and the Glory, Forever.

Absolute Infinite Beingness, God;

Everlasting Life, Love and Mercy;

Manifesting Yourself in Yourself,

as the Total Wisdom and the


Enlighten our minds to

understand You as the Truth.

Clean our hearts to reflect Your

Love towards You, and

towards all other human beings.



Most people breathe shallowly, and this influences our material body’s health. Never force the breath. Just breathe in and out in a rhythm that is comfortable to you.  As we approach breathing practices, we do not want to hold the breath between inhalation and exhalation.  Nor do we ever leave the lungs empty after exhalation.  We want steady balanced inhalation and exhalation in a rhythmic Pattern. Many breathing techniques from the East can be harmful so be careful.  The breathing patterns offered by Daskalos and the Researchers of Truth are safe, proven and effective techniques that anyone, anywhere in the world can do with confidence.

The patterned breathing technique we suggest has been used for millennia.  All our practices and meditations will be super charged by this kind of breathing. And by doing patterned breathing regularly we will have increase amounts of energy, better heath, and extra energy to share with others.

Although given as a basic exercise, pattern breathing is done regularly by beginner and advanced Researchers of Truth. Please follow the description of patterned breathing found in the Esoteric Practices book at the top of page 49.

D: I am hearing some feedback about the patterned breathing exercises and would like to address some of the questions. I want to say this exercise is important because it is the foundation of virtually all the exercises to follow. Also, we all from time to time, feel low on energy. So, this most simple and basic of exercise, when done properly, can recharge your bodily energy supply with only four or five breaths. This breathing patterned exercise is not something to be done continuously so it is not about creating a discipline to do it throughout the day but developing the skill to do it well when you need to recharge.

The etheric counter part of each atom of our material body is like a little tiny battery. And so, when we do this breath in addition to feeling your entire etheric double being charged with light, try to see, and feel each particle of your body being over filled with etheric vitality. Think of your etheric double absorbing etheric vitality like a sponge absorbs water – for that is what is happening.

We have over 50 different etheric breathing exercises in our system. And etheric breathing is one of three different kinds of breathing we can do. This kind is best done during the day when the sunlight floods the planet with abundant etheric vitality.

The second kind of breathing is the psychical breath and it is already occurring without us knowing it. But when we consciously do the psychical breathing captures higher vibrational levels of energy it is so powerful; we only take one breath during that exercise.

Then Noetical breathing is the third kind. This one can be done anytime night or day and it brings in even higher vibrational rates of energy.

But we must master the basic etheric breathing first before we move on to theses higher breathing techniques. This is the reason we are emphasizing this essential practice.


Q: What is the best position for these practices – sitting up or lying down?

D: We can do these practices and exercises either lying down or sitting up. It does not matter. What matters is the way it works best for you.

Q: Inhale through your nostrils a breath measuring three counts of the heart. I don’t understand the three counts, does this mean three heartbeats?

D: The 3: 3 count breathing means breathe in for three heartbeats and breath out for three beats of the heart. It is the same with 4;4 count. Breathe in for four beats of the heart and out for four beats of the heart. It is the rhythmic coordination of our breath with our heart beats that connects us to the Pulse of Life coming from the Holy Spirit which is what makes our hearts beat. Connecting our breath with the energetic pulse causing the beats of our heart greatly empowers our breathing exercises and thus the meditation we do.

Q: I want so desperately to do the advance breathing, but recognize its my over achiever-ism, my challenge is I must follow directions, I am so happy for this class!!!

D: In the beginning it is best to find the breathing rhythm that is the most comfortable for you. Some like 3:3 others 4:4 and still others 6:6 Daskalos said he liked doing 7:7 or 8:8 for healing work. But the point is to find what is comfortable for you and then from there develop the skill of breathing slower or faster but in a comfortable natural way. Never strain or push.

Q: I am still wondering what about the forbidden 5-5 rhythm. Do You know why it’s bad? Has it something to do with the relation between the number five and the center nine in the Symbol of Life which represents the psychical body?

D: You are right about the 5:5 count. It can open the gates to your subconsciousness and if you have unresolved negative feelings: hatred, jealousy, etc. it can awaken them, disturb you and cause nightmares.

Q: Makes sense. So, is it also a way for experienced researchers to enter the psychical worlds?

D:  Yes, but not until you have purified your subconsciousness Until then it is safer to enter the psychical worlds from higher centers.

Q: That seems complicated.

D: Many things seem complicated until you understand how they work. For example, if there was a time bomb ticking away about to blow up you can have the most intelligent person try to disarm it, but he would have no idea how to do it, so it would seem complicated. Yet a twelve-year-old boy who knew the way to disarm that bomb could easily and simply do it. Likewise making a conscious out of body experience is not a matter using our intelligence to solve a complicated problem. It is simply a matter of learning the correct way of doing it.

Q: Does it matter if eyes open or closed?

D:  Most find it easier to concentrate on exercises and meditation practices with your eyes closed.

Q: What is OBE?

D: OBE means an Out of Body Experience... what we call Exosomatosis. But the kind we are aiming at is a conscious Out of Body Experience not a subconscious one.

Q: Why do we breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth?

D: Breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the mouth is a cleansing type breath.  It also makes it a little easier for us to be able to separate the Etheric Vitality from the air in our lungs and keep it in the body as we let the air naturally release from the lungs. While breathing out keep your concentration on the retained Etheric Vitality in the lungs and let the air go out automatically. Later we will provide instruction on what to do with the retained Etheric Vitality for our good health and for using in healing work on others.

Q: I hope you can advise me about the patterned breathing. I’ve been doing this and at the same time visualizing and feeling breathing in light. I’ve been trying it from the feet thinking about a ray of sunlight shining across a lake and the light spreading upwards or the sun shining down on me and filling my heart and lungs with the light, but it does seem to take quite some time, 15 minutes or more until I can get a full sense of being completely filled with, and radiating light. Perhaps this is fine, but I wonder if I should try to be more disciplined in aiming to do it in just a few breaths, and if you have any suggestions about how best to use visualization in this. Thanks for your help.

D: All that is needed is fifteen minutes to really connect. Practicing it for 30 minutes will not make it better. Don’t worry with a bit more practice you will feel the energetic connection sooner. But time is not the important point. The important part is the quality of your connection to the light. So I would suggest you keep on with the way you are doing the practice and just observe how in time, the visualization will become clearer, brighter, and the connection to the light energy will come sooner and you will feel it stronger. Now that you feel it also try to feel you are storing it in your body. The solar plexus is the best area to store it in at the beginning and later you can try to feel the energy store in every atom of your body. The etheric counterpart of each material atom in your body is a battery that we can charge with energy.

Chapter Two


The Esoteric Practices book page 51 – 61

About the visualization of an object, recalling it to memory and drawing it: It does not matter what the object is but in the beginning the simpler the better. So, anything will do. This is one of the four recommended practices that over time leads to a conscious out of body experience OBE.

Visualization also trains us in Observation and Concentration (all of which are Golden Keys to the Kingdom of the Heavens as Daskalos called them). At the same time, you are developing the skill of imprinting this image to memory. The point of drawing the visualized object is not about being an artist. No one needs to see your drawing. The point of drawing it is to develop the skill of recalling the memorized images. This helps not only in our spiritual work it also improves normal memory!

When we visualize an image, we are creating real and lasting psycho-noetical images. Psycho-noetical images are elementals constructed of Mind super-substance at varying rates of frequency. Once created an image has a real, multi-dimensional existence that is far more durable than any gross material object. (The Esoteric Practices book page 51)

These visualized images are not to be confused with fantasy.  Visualizing a real horse is one thing, visualizing an imaginary horse with wings is fantasy.  As Daskalos often stated: Visualization is used as a vehicle to expand our consciousness, as it is the language between the mundane and the Divine. By constructing specific forms and settings we allow for interaction with Divine energies – and visualization is indispensable in healing work for invoking images of health and perfection

The next four lessons (lemon, rose, dove and Landscape visualizations) in the Esoteric Practices book page 54 – 60 are training in how to create psycho-noetical images. They may look simply, but these are particularly important skills to develop for creating better health, helping others, and preparing for more advanced work.


Practicing these visualization exercises is an initial step towards the development of real Clairvoyance.  Practicing visualization, we are automatically using the imprinting ether which leads to creative visualization which is different from fantasy or imagination, and you will start seeing yourself as a self-consciousness.  The imprinting ether is one of the natures of our etheric double which we will examine in these upcoming lessons.

Developing the skill to visualize puts a great treasure in our hands.  The treasure is in the ability to use the Mind in much higher ways.  Unless we get the ability to use the Mind ourselves, just reading spiritual books or visiting gurus and masters won’t benefit us all that much.  The point is that in developing our ability to use the Mind ourselves in the practices of Observation, Concentration and Visualization enables us to reach the Truth.

The art of Visualization is a most important skill because the ability to visualize is the means of getting needed things; both in this world and the next.  So, what do you think is more valuable: the material things we can obtain by visualizing or the having the skill of Visualization?

Steady practice produces gradual changes that leads to a perfect transformation. In this process you will start to see the undesirable thoughts, emotions, desires, fears and anxieties of the lower self (personality) recede as the pure Inner Self is revealed. This is the point of unification/assimilation of the personality self-awareness with the Inner Self Awareness.

Initially we touch this point, it holds for a time and then we come back to normal consciousness, and then again we touch it and come back to normal consciousness, and again and again... but each time we come back we stabilize at a bit higher level of consciousness than before and each time we touch it again we can manage to hold that state a little bit longer.

Eventually this stabilizes in the unbroken state of full Self Realization – this is the aim of a Researcher of Truth.


Comment: I love cactus, so I use my cactus for my drawing practice!

D: Daskalos loved Cactus too he had many, many different kinds they naturally absorb negative elementals.

Q: My comment here is not fact but only what I’ve inferred from the reading of The Esoteric Practice: The ethers, creative, imprint, sensate and kinetic describe the substances that make up etheric vitality. This vitality is the life force that surrounds us and is the Mind super-substance. Creative ether is used by the Holy Spirit and Archangels to build and maintain functions of the body. Imprint ether shapes the etheric vitality into the thoughts/emotions and multi-dimensional images. Sensate ether provides feelings and we experience pleasure or pain. Kinetic ether is movement – conscious or subconscious or automatic like blood flow or breathing. If I can create a lemon and taste it, I’m getting closer to the whole etheric world. Help, please, with corrections.

D: I will respond to this statement about the etheric vitality, its natures and use as well as seeing & tasting the ethereal vibrations of the lemon. This also applies to the practice about the Rose visualization and applies to all visualizations.

First the etheric vitality is one. However, it has four natures or characteristics ... this does not mean we have four different ethers – One etheric substance with the four natures: kinetic, imprinting, senate, and creative natures. The first three we are using sub consciously mostly, but these exercises train us to use it consciously. The 4th, the creative is not under our control but will be when we master the first three. (there are really seven different natures but the higher three only concerns us in the most advanced work).

Remember when we create an image like the lemon or rose or anything we are working simultaneously with the etheric vitality of our material body, psychical substance & its ethers (this is the feeling we have about what we are visualizing) and noetical substance & its etheric vitality (this is the image and thoughts we have about the object of our visualization) So all visualizations and all elementals are composed different proportions of these three:- etheric, psychical and noetical substances.

When we see, smell, hear or taste a visualized thing such as a lemon or an apple, we can do it with our etheric senses or still higher we can do it with psycho-noetical senses. But does our psycho-noetical body have two psychical or noetical eyes to see with? Or do we see psycho-noetically in a different way?

In appearance if we meet someone in the psycho-noetical world we will see them as we knew them with eyes, nose and mouth, hair color, size and everything. But in our psychical or noetical bodies we see, smell, taste and hear with every single particle of these bodies and not with just two organs called eyes in the psycho-noetical head. The perceptions of our super senses in the higher worlds is much greater and more marvelous than you can imagine. Colors are richer, tastes and smells much more powerful and sensitive than what we have on earth.

These practices we are doing in this course help us develop the skills needed to master the conscious use of these three natures of the etheric vitality and to be able to enter consciously into the kingdom of the heavens within. We are in these heavens all the time, but we are in them sub consciously and feel little benefit. The esoteric practices along with the esoteric teachings train us to approach and enter these kingdoms consciously with knowledge and understanding and feel the benefit.

Q: Is it permissible to share these lessons with others?

D: Yes, if they show an interest but don’t force them on others.

Q: You talked about eyes and that we see with every single particle of our higher bodies. I had an experience where I saw from a point of my temporary personality mask other than my physical eyes. Where does the mask sit? In the etheric double of the physical body? Or is it in the etheric double of the psycho-noetical bodies? How is the temporary personality different from the etheric doubles? Are they separate aspects that are connected? Or is the temporary personality the consciousness of or in the etheric double?

D: It is not a mask but the entire psychical (and noetical) body that sees with every particle of its psychical or noetical substance. The personality is the psycho-noetical body composed of feelings, desires and thoughts. This means that a person who is awake in the higher psychical planes (above the lower 14 planes) can see behind them without turning around. It means that in the higher world seeing happens in a much more wonderful way. The colors are so much more vibrant and radiant. Of course, seeing in the material, psychical or noetical world is really a reception of ethereal vibrations from that environment. But in the material world, material light is imprinted with the image of the thing the light falls on which is then reflected to our material eyes, gets turned into minute electrical (etheric) impulses that travel along the optic nerve (but there is no material light traveling in the optic nerve) then it is reaching the visual cortex in our material brain (again there is no material light in the brain only etheric impulses) and we say we see. 

In the psycho-noetical worlds it is not like that because in the higher planes we do not have organs called the eyes and brain. Here every particle of our higher bodies can receive ethereal vibrations which again are interpreted by us as sight.

The etheric double of the material body is the mold in which the material body is built up and sustained. You as a self (personality self or Inner Self) have a material body to live in and express yourself through in the material world, but you, as a self, are not the material body or its etheric double. And it is the same with the higher bodies and their etheric doubles. These are for you to live in and express yourself through in the corresponding higher worlds. They are all yours, but they are not you.

When your material body dies and you as a personality self-awareness pass over to the psychical planes of existence, your material body and its etheric double dissolve. If your personality was the materiel body and/or its etheric double then you as a personality would dissolve and this does not happen nor could it ever happen. Yet we as a personality use the etheric double (mostly subconsciously but sometimes consciously) in the creation of thoughts and emotions and behavioral patterns. These are the elementals, which are dressing/covering the ray of our Soul Self (our Divine Nature) that now present a temporary time and place personality (our human nature) It is our particular quality and quantity of elementals which we create that determines if this created personality is what we call a saint or a criminal.

Q: I am wondering when you say you in that context, who are you speaking about? What you is that?

D: by the term you I mean you as a self-awareness at any level. From a sleepy present-day personality self-awareness to a fully awakened Self-Awareness or what is generically referred to as the Inner Self or Higher Self. And as a self-awareness, at any level, we are using our three bodies and their corresponding etheric doubles to live in and express ourselves through.

Q:  I’d like to ask about housework.

I understand that spiritual unfoldment is accelerated by service to others. Are doing household chores as a housewife and to take care of my mother who gets amnesia equivalent to service to others?

I use most of my time to do housework for my family not for an unrelated person, so I’d like to know about that.

D: Daskalos was always pointing out to us that what truly matters is the sincerity and quality of service and not the size or quantity of service. So yes, your housework can be done as a form of service to your family, your mother and God. 

What did Christ say? Whatever you do for/to the least of my brethren (which means any human being) you do for/to me. So, whatever we are doing (good or bad) to any other human being we are doing to them and to God

Q: I have a question regarding the breathing exercises. Why is the five-count breath not recommended? Why does it have negative consequences? Thank you!

D: the 5:5 count can open the gates to the psychical worlds and if your subconsciousness is not been purified yet then you can have negative experiences and nightmares.

Q: How will we know if our subconscious is cleansed enough to use the 5:5?

D: We really do not suggest using the 5:5 count at all. Because even when you think you have a clean subconsciousness, a slight change in circumstances can reveal many hidden things you did not realize were hidden there.

Q: Is there a specific color at a specific place you can visualize when having a cold?

D: The recommended exercise is to visualize a bright orange ball of light in and around your thyroid no bigger than a tennis ball.  Hold this visualization for a short time a few minutes at most. The reason behind this exercise is all the blood in our body passes through the thyroid about ever twelve minutes.  The brilliant orange light of etheric vitality burns viruses and microbes harmful to our material body.  This exercise is easiest to do as preventative treatment or as a cold/flue first starts to show symptoms. But we are not suggesting that you not go to see a doctor if your symptoms persist or get worse. We do not undervalue medical science.

Q: What is the meaning of that involuntary deep breath that occurred when I was visualizing my dove alive? This involuntary deep breath occurred, sometimes, when I am applying Reiki. It varies with people that receive it. Sometimes people ask me if it was difficult to apply Reiki because of my breath. But it is totally involuntary.

D: It is an instinctual attempt of your body to draw in more etheric vitality needed for your practices you are doing in that moment.

Q: Is vitamin D (in our bloodstream) related to etherical energy in some way?

D: Blood is a carrier and a distributor of etheric vitality. The nervous system is a carrier and distributor of etheric vitality and for sure Vitamin D is needed by the nervous system to maintain its health, regenerate nerves. The lack of Vitamin D can result in nerve damage and physical disease. Vitamin B is also good for the enhanced functioning of the nervous system and its retention of Etheric Vitality.

Daskalos advise to take Vitamin B or Brewer’s Yeast because it helped with retaining the etheric energy in the nervous system. Vitamin B was the only kind of supplement I ever know of Daskalos recommending to all the students.

Q: Can you say which type of B vitamin is recommended?

D: B 12

Q: If we have created elementals based on worries and stress at home for some reason is there a way, we can clear the space recommended by the Researchers of Truth

D: Once an elemental is created it cannot be destroyed even by a master like Daskalos. All we can do is dis-empower them to kill the energy in them. And the only way to do that is to withdraw our attention from them. We feed elementals, good or bad by the

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