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4/5 (9 evaluări)
85 pages
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Jun 16, 2020


Abigail Jones has just landed her biggest renovation job yet: remodeling the penthouse of nationally-renowned cardiac surgeon Ryland Harlow. This project’s success could put her design company on the map and her name in the ears of Boston’s elite. When she meets her impressive new client, however, a job well done is no longer her top priority.

Gorgeous, cold, and intriguing, Ryland captivates Abigail like no man ever has. He’s a walking temptation, and it’s clear he’s interested in her as well. However, he squashes her fantasies with one firm rule: As long as she works for him, he won’t touch her. Her motivation to finish the project is suddenly doubled, and as the two work together to recreate his home, it becomes more and more difficult to resist the burning attraction between them. A five-week countdown is all that stands between Abigail and the man of her dirty dreams … and the anticipation might just kill her.

Jun 16, 2020

Despre autor

Erin Broich has always been an avid lover of romance. Whether it’s a bad boy with a heart of gold, enemies who become lovers, or monsters seeking their mates, swoon-worthy heroes and sassy heroines will always make her giddy. When she’s not reading or writing stories that would make her mother blush, she’s baking unnecessarily complicated desserts or binge-watching crime dramas. Erin lives in Iowa with her family and dreams of someday writing full-time when she isn’t drowning in student debt.

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Temptations - Erin Broich


Part 1: Anticipation

Abigail Jones fidgeted with the hem of her blazer. She’d never been so nervous meeting a client before. Glancing around the private landing of the penthouse, she felt equal parts intimidation and exhilaration. This was the biggest job of her career so far, and if it was a success, it would put Cloverleaf Designs on the map and solidify her reputation as a high-quality designer.

Plastering on a smile, she squared her shoulders and rang the doorbell to the unit.

The doors swung open, and a beautiful woman with a dark-brown bob poked her head out. Her face split into a grin.


Yes! I’m Abigail Jones. Are you Samantha?

"Call me Sam. Thank you for coming. I’ve been badgering my brother for months to get this place redone. Please, come in."

The moment she walked inside, Abigail understood Sam’s determination to remodel the space. Though the open-concept layout was great, everything was white granite and steel, cold, impersonal, like a mausoleum.

As you can see, the bare bones are solid. Sam was moving further into the penthouse, and Abigail followed, taking in every detail.

The view is beautiful, said Abigail, observing the water of Boston Harbor glinting in the distance.

Sam nodded. Yeah, it is. New blinds might be nice, though.

Abigail was only half-listening as she wandered toward the kitchen.

Running her hand along the island, she murmured, A concrete countertop with a waterfall edge, I think….

And just who are you to be contemplating my countertops?

Abigail whirled around, startled. A man loomed over her, so tall she had to tilt her head back to meet his emerald glare. He was gorgeous, with dark-brown hair and a sharp jawline shadowed with stubble. Expensive clothes molded to his muscled body.

Ryland! Sam’s tone was scolding as she marched up to the man. The top of her head barely reached his shoulder. Don’t be rude. This is Abigail Jones, the designer I told you about.

Arching a brow, Ryland Harlow glanced between Abigail and his sister. A nationally renowned cardiac surgeon at Mass General, Dr. Harlow was known for his efficiency and professionalism. Abigail had seen pictures of him online.

The pictures did not do him justice.

My apologies, Ms. Jones. He extended his hand, and when she took it, a shock ran up her arm. She gasped, pulling her hand away.

It took her a moment to form words. No need to apologize, Dr. Harlow.

He nodded. Sam insists I redo the place, though I think it’s fine as is.

Sam rolled her eyes. We’re not in a hospital. Your home shouldn’t be bland and sterile like one.

Whatever you say. As long as it stops your nagging. He met Abigail’s gaze. I’ll need to approve all design ideas.

Of course. She tried not to sound breathy. She didn’t think she was successful.

Good. Now, please excuse me. I’m on my way to work.

It was nice to meet you.

He was already walking to the door. As soon as it shut behind him, Sam sighed.

I’m sorry for him. He’s not really the jackass he pretends to be.

It’s all right…. Abigail’s mind was spinning as she tried to make sense of her intense reaction to Dr. Harlow.

Now that he was gone, she felt like she could breathe again.

Clapping her hands, Sam asked, So will you take the job?

Abigail’s excitement for the project shifted. It was no longer just the potential boon to her business that had her eager to get started.


Holy shit.

Abigail grinned at her contractor. His jaw was dropped, and his blue eyes wide. Pretty great, huh?

Caden Braxton ran a hand through his thick blond hair as he gazed around. Abby, he said, this place is insane.

She shook her head. It will be when we’re done with it.

He scratched at his chin. When do we meet the homeowner?

Later. He’s working. His sister should be here any minute, though.

Cool. So show me around. Let’s see what we’re working with.

Abigail took Caden around the penthouse, explaining some of her initial ideas. They were just coming back out to the living room when the door flew open and Sam strolled in. Hey there, she said. Her gaze fell on Caden and she stopped, cheeks glowing pink.

Glancing at Caden, Abigail bit her lip to hide her grin. He appeared stunned.

Interesting…. Abigail thought.

Sam was the first to recover her wits. Uh, sorry I’m late. I got caught up with a client.

No problem, Abigail said. This is Caden Braxton. He’ll be the contractor on this project.

Nice to meet you. Samantha Harlow.

Pleasure, Caden croaked.

Abigail could watch these two be awkward all day, but they had a schedule to keep.

We’ve done our walkthrough, and I’m ready to share our initial plans with your brother, she said, snapping their attention back to her.

Oh, great! Sam’s voice squeaked. Ryland will be home any minute.

Abigail’s heart thudded in anticipation.

The front door opened again and as if summoned, Ryland strolled inside. He stopped when he spotted them.

Ms. Jones, a pleasure to see you again.

She felt her cheeks heat. He’d singled her out, stared at her as if the other two didn’t exist.

Hello, Dr. Harlow.

Caden cleared his throat, and Abigail remembered she shouldn’t stare at her client as if she were imagining him naked.

Stepping forward, Caden extended his hand. Caden Braxton.

Dr. Harlow took it and squeezed, eyes narrowing. Are you a colleague of Ms. Jones?

Caden nodded. Abby and I work together often. I’m her go-to contractor.

Turning his gaze toward her, Dr. Harlow murmured, Indeed?

He released Caden’s hand.

The air was thickening with a tension Abigail didn’t fully understand. In an attempt to break it, she asked, Are you okay to meet today and go over our plans?

Glancing at his watch, he nodded. Yes. Now.

Absolutely. She turned to Caden. Do you want to join us?

Just you, Ms. Jones, said Dr. Harlow, his tone

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    Me reading the synopsis thinking this gonna be worth it but then after reading the first story; meh