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Phrasal Verbs Book A

Phrasal Verbs Book A

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Phrasal Verbs Book A

51 pages
14 minutes
Jul 14, 2020


The Phrasal Verbs book that student's can finally call EASY!

Ever wondered what is the difference between take off and leave out?

Students in upper secondary or high school level who need to power up their vocabulary will find this a Godsend. Students sittng for IELTS,TOEFL,PTE and other English based tests will find this book useful to fill up their lexicon bank.

The Phrasal Book series consists of three books,;A,B and C. See it's that EASY!
Jul 14, 2020

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Phrasal Verbs Book A - Oliver King



This book is written with the Intermediate student in mind. Students that are preparing for examinations (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, SAT, GRE, GMAT and PTE) in English will find this book particularly helpful.

Vocabulary Secrets: Phrasal Verb Book A aims to make phrasal verbs as straightforward and painless as possible for students.

Vocabulary Secrets: Phrasal Verb Book B and C will be available soon.

I hope students will find this book as enjoyable as I have had writing it.

You can obtain the FREE answer key to the exercises in this book at http://eepurl.com/g7G1gz .

Oliver King


The trademarks of IELTS, TOEIC, GRE, GMAT, SAT, PTE and TOEFL belong to their respective trademark owners.

What are Phrasal Verbs?

Generally speaking, phrasal verbs are a combination of two to three words that are made up of verbs and particles.

Verb + adverbs=phrasal verb

For example, fall(verb) through(particle)

Sometimes we can have,

Verb + adverb + preposition=phrasal verb

For example,

Cosy(verb) + up(adverb) +to(prepositions)

Particles are a group of words that you have learned; they are adverbs and prepositions.

Adverbs include down, up and off.

Furthermore, prepositions include of, at and to.


Phrasal verbs feature prominently to describe task. Use these phrasal verbs wisely!

go in


1)      To disappear behind cloud; for sun and moon.

2)      To learn,

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