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Abductions, Assassinations and Police Related Murders in California

Abductions, Assassinations and Police Related Murders in California

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Abductions, Assassinations and Police Related Murders in California

188 pages
1 hour
Jul 15, 2020


Abductions, Assassinations and Police Related Murders in California profiles some of the state’s most infamous murder cases. The edition photographically transports you to actual murder sites along with images related to the case and perpetrator(s).

The images and accompanying profiles offer a descriptive account and follow-up aftermath providing an important understanding into the far-reaching effects of each crime. Convicted killers and their confirmed victims are identified. For criminals still living, their current incarceration location is provided. A directory of precise crime site locations is included.

The captured snapshots portray visual testimonies of extinguished lives removed by acts of violence. Crime scenes often revert back into unremarkable landscape or unassuming buildings over the ensuing years and decades. Several have altered little since their moment of infamy. Many are passed daily by pedestrian and vehicular traffic unaware of a location’s unique significance.

California has been the site for many notorious homicides. The following are portrayed in this edition:

San Jose kidnapping of heir Brooke Hart and resulting mob justice
Eureka’s Karen Mitchell: vanishing into speculation
Kristin Smart: The tangled web involving Fifth Amendment silence
Nicholas Markowitz: The Stolen Boy and unforeseen execution
The Onion Field Killings: Execution amidst rural darkness:
The Patty Hearst Kidnapping and SLA shoot out
Polly Klaas: The shocking death of innocence
Rex Allen Krebs: Predestined towards violence
The Mob permanently severs relations with Bugsy Siegel
Fung Little Pete Jing Toy: 19th Century San Francisco’s Chinatown gangland slaying
Chauncey Bailey: The price of constitutional protection
Joseph The Animal Barboza: East Coast mob contract hit
Dr. Marcus Foster: The marginalized assassination
The Marin County Courthouse Shootout: Thirty minutes that forever altered courtroom security procedures
The Mickey and Trudy Thompson morning driveway execution
The political killings of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk
The East/West Coast vendetta and shooting of Christopher Wallace a.k.a. Biggie Smalls
Senator Robert F. Kennedy: The assassination of hope
The contract killing of Vic Weiss: Payback for stealing from the wrong people
Charles Crawford: The fixer loses his Los Angeles influence
The Wonderland Gang drug executions
The slaying of LAPD Captain Walter Auble and impressive public response
Demetrius DuBose: A police shooting of the nearly famous
Lovelle Mixon: A desperate final and fatal gamble towards escape
The Newhall Shootout: Deadliest firefight in California Highway Patrol history
The North Hollywood Bank of America doomed heist and shootout
Burbank Policeman Matthew Pavelka: Officer down following up a fateful back up
Oscar Grant III: When the facts behind a killing become secondary
Santa Barbara Officer Thomas Guerry: A legacy award for an abruptly ended life

Jul 15, 2020

Despre autor

Visual Artist, Writer and Photographer Marques Vickers is a California native presently living in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, Washington regions.He was born in 1957 and raised in Vallejo, California. He is a 1979 Business Administration graduate from Azusa Pacific University in the Los Angeles area. Following graduation, he became the Public Relations and ultimately Executive Director of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce between 1979-84. He subsequently became the Vice President of Sales for AsTRA Tours and Travel in Westwood between 1984-86.Following a one-year residence in Dijon, France where he studied at the University of Bourgogne, he began Marquis Enterprises in 1987. His company operations have included sports apparel exporting, travel and tour operations, wine brokering, publishing, rare book and collectibles reselling. He has established numerous e-commerce, barter exchange and art websites including MarquesV.com, ArtsInAmerica.com, InsiderSeriesBooks.com, DiscountVintages.com and WineScalper.com.Between 2005-2009, he relocated to the Languedoc region of southern France. He concentrated on his painting and sculptural work while restoring two 19th century stone village residences. His figurative painting, photography and sculptural works have been sold and exhibited internationally since 1986. He re-established his Pacific Coast residence in 2009 and has focused his creative productivity on writing and photography.His published works span a diverse variety of subjects including true crime, international travel, California wines, architecture, history, Southern France, Pacific Coast attractions, fiction, auctions, fine art marketing, poetry, fiction and photojournalism.He has two daughters, Charline and Caroline who presently reside in Europe.

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Abductions, Assassinations and Police Related Murders in California - Marques Vickers

Abductions, Assassinations and Police Related Murders in California

Published by Marques Vickers at Smashwords

Copyright 2019 Marques Vickers








The Kidnapping of Brooke Hart and Resulting Mob Justice

Karen Mitchell: Vanishing Into Speculation

Kristin Smart: The Tangled Web Involving Fifth Amendment Silence

Nicholas Markowitz: The Stolen Boy and Unforeseen Execution

An Execution Amidst Rural Darkness: The Onion Field Killings

The Patty Hearst Kidnapping: The Final Nail into the Coffin of Idealism

Polly Klaas: The Abrupt Death of Innocence

Rex Allen Krebs: Predestined Towards Violence


The Mob Permanently Severs Relations With Bugsy Siegel

Fung Little Pete Jing Toy: 19th Century Chinatown Gangland Slaying

Chauncey Bailey: The Price of Constitutional Protection

Joseph The Animal Barboza: The Inevitability of a Lifestyle Path

Dr. Marcus Foster: The Marginalized Assassination

The Marin County Courthouse Shootout: Thirty Minutes That Forever Altered Courtroom Security Procedures

The Mickey and Trudy Thompson Morning Driveway Execution

The Political Killings of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk

The East/West Coast Vendetta and Killing of Christopher Wallace

Senator Robert F. Kennedy: The Assassination of Hope

The Contract Killing of Vic Weiss: The Payback For Stealing

Charles Crawford: The Fixer Loses His Influence


The Slaying of Captain Walter Aubleand Impressive Public Response

Demetrius DuBose: A Shooting Death of the Nearly Famous

Lovelle Mixon: A Desperate Final and Fatal Gamble Towards Escape

The Deadliest Firefight in California Highway Patrol History

The North Hollywood Doomed Heist and Subsequent Warfare

Policeman Matthew Pavelka: Officer Down From Following A Fateful Back Up

Oscar Grant III: When The Facts Behind a Killing Become Secondary

Officer Thomas Guerry: A Legacy Award For An Abruptly Ended Life


Confirmed Fatality Victims:

Kidnapping of Brooke Hart: Brooke Hart

Karen Mitchell Disappearance: Karen Mitchell

Abduction of Kristin Smart: Kristin Smart

Stolen Boy Nicholas Markowitz: Nicholas Markowitz

Onion Field Killings: Joseph Campbell

Polly Klaas Kidnapping: Polly Klaas

Rex Allen Krebs Killings: Rachel Newhouse and Aundria Crawford

Mob Hit of Bugsy Siegel: Benjamin Siegel

19th Century Chinatown Slaying: Fung Little Pete Jing Toy

Killing of Journalist Chauncey Bailey Jr.: Chauncey Bailey Jr.

Mob Hit of Joseph The Animal Barboza: Joseph Barboza

Assassination of Dr. Marcus Foster: Dr. Marcus Foster

Marin County Courthouse Massacre: Judge Harold Haley

The Thompson Couple Killings: Mickey and Trudy Thompson

San Francisco City Hall Slayings: Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk

Notorious B.I.G. Killing: Christopher Wallace

Ambassador Hotel Assassination: Senator Robert F. Kennedy

Contract Killing of Vic Weiss: Vic Weiss

Charles Crawford Killing: Charles Crawford and Herbert Spencer

Wonderland Massacre: Joy Miller, Billy Deverell, Ron Launnius and Barbara Richardson

Los Angeles Police Officer Shooting: Police Captain Walter Auble

Demetrius DuBose Shooting: Demetrius DuBose

Lovelle Mixon Fugitive Run: Mark Dunakin, John Hege, Ervin Romans and Daniel Sakai

Newhall Shoot-Out: Walt Frago, Roger Gore, James Pence, George Alleyn

Burbank Police Shoot Out: Officer Matthew Pavelka

Oscar Grant III Shooting: Oscar Grant III

Officer Thomas Guerry Shooting: Thomas Guerry

Convicted and/or Deceased Killers:

Harold Thurmond (Deceased), John Holmes (Deceased), Jesse James Hollywood, Gregory Powell (Deceased), Jimmy Lee Smith (Deceased), Donald DeFreeze (Deceased), Richard Allen Davis, Rex Allen Krebs, Yusuf Bey IV, Devaughndre Broussard, Antoine Mackey, Joseph Remiro, Russell Little, Jonathan Jackson (Deceased), James D. McClain (Deceased), William Christmas (Deceased), Ruchell Magee, Michael Goodwin, Dan White (Deceased), Sirhan Sirhan, David H. Clark (Deceased), Carl Sutherland (Deceased), Lovelle Mixon (Deceased), Bobby Davis (Deceased), Jack Twinning (Deceased), Larry Phillips, Jr. (Deceased), Emil Matasareanu (Deceased), Ramon Arranda (Deceased), David Garcia, Johannes Mehserle, Frank Bowersox (Deceased) and Bruce Bowersox (Deceased).

Currently Incarcerated:

Calipatria State Prison, Calipatria

Jesse James Hollywood

R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility

Michael Goodwin

Sirhan Sirhan

San Quentin

Ryan Hoyt

Richard Allen Davis

Rex Allen Krebs

Joseph Remiro

California Medical Facility, Vacaville

Yusuf Bey IV

Sierra Conservation Center, Jamestown

Devaughndre Broussard

Salinas Valley State Prison

Antoine Mackey

California Men’s Colony, San Luis Obispo

Ruchell Magee

California State Prison in Lancaster

David Garcia

Presumed Living But Whereabouts Unknown:

Jesse Rugge (Served Prison Term), William Skidmore (Served Prison Term), Graham Pressley (Served Prison Term), Russell Little (Released Early From Prison Term on a legal technicality), Johannes Mehserle (Served Prison Term),


Brook Harte Body Dump:

San Francisco Bay waters below the western entrance railing to the former San Mateo Bridge (later renamed the Werder Fishing Pier).

Karen Mitchell’s Walking Route:

Unknown. Last seen walking along Broadway Street (Highway 101) near downtown Eureka.

Kristin Smart Abduction:

The campus of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

Nicholas Markowitz Shooting:

Lizard Mouth Trail in the Santa Ynez Mountains

Onion Field Slaying:

Mettier Agricultural Fields

Patty Hearst Kidnapping and Subsequent SLA Event Locations:

Kidnapping Apartment: 2603 Benvenue Street #4 Berkeley, Western Addition Safe House: 1827 Golden Gate Avenue San Francisco, Former Hibernia Bank location: 1450 Noriega Street San Francisco and Police Shoot Out with the Symbionese Liberation Army: 1466 East 54th Street Los Angeles.

Polly Klaas Kidnapping:

427 Fourth Street, Petaluma

Rex Allen Krebs Abductions and Rental House:

Abduction of Rachel Newhouse: Jennifer Bridge San Luis Obispo, Abduction of Audria Crawford: 420 #B Branch Street San Luis Obispo, Killing and burial site for both victims: 3880 Davis Canyon Road San Luis Obispo

Bugsy Siegel Shooting Site:

810 North Linden Drive, Beverly Hills

Fung Little Pete Jing Toy Killing Site:

819 Washington Street, San Francisco

Chauncey Bailey, Jr. Killing Site:

Approaching the corner of Alice and 14th Street, Oakland

Joseph The Animal Barboza Contract Killing:

Sidewalk adjacent to 1700 25th Avenue, San Francisco

Dr. Marcus Foster Slaying:

Rear parking lot of former Oakland Unified School District, 1025 Second Avenue, Oakland

Marin County Courthouse Massacre:

3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael

Mickey and Trudy Thompson Executions:

53 Woodlyn Lane, Bradbury

San Francisco Mayor and Supervisor Harvey Milk Slayings Killins:

San Francisco City Hall, 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Place, San Francisco

Notorious B.I.G. Slaying:

Stoplight Corner Wilshire and South Fairfax (50 Yards North From Peterson Automotive Museum on Fairfax) Across From City National Bank, Los Angeles

Senator Robert F. Kennedy Killing:

Kitchen Pantry in the Former Ambassador Hotel, 3400 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles

Vic Weiss Body Discovered:

Sheraton Universal Parking Garage, 333 Universal Hollywood Drive, Universal City

Charles Crawford Murder:

6655 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood

Wonderland Murders:

8763 Wonderland Avenue, Studio City

Los Angeles Police Captain Walter Auble Shooting:

Northeastern corner of North Grand and West Ninth Streets, Los Angeles

Demetrius DuBose Shooting:

3768 Mission Boulevard at Redondo Court, San Diego

Lovelle Mixon Traffic Stop:

7400 Block of MacArthur Boulevard, East Oakland

Newhall CHP Shootout Location:

Restaurant parking lot, Henry Mayo Drive Exit off Interstate 5

North Hollywood Bank of America Shootout

Larry Phillips, Jr.: Parking Lot on Archwood Street Adjacent to Bank

Emil Mastasareanu: Fence at Archwood and Hinds Avenue

Burbank Police Shootout:

Burbank Ramada Inn parking lot, 2900 N. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank

Oscar Grant III Killing:

Fruitvale BART Station Upper Platform, Oakland

Officer Thomas Guerry Shooting:

Corner of West Ortega and Bradbury, Santa Barbara


My appreciation to the following media outlets providing critical research details:

San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Daily News, Bakersfield Californian, Oakland Tribune, Marin Independent Journal, Press Democrat, Monterey Herald, The Californian, Monterey County Weekly, Willits News, North Coast Journal, The Guardian, Fresno Bee, Times Standard, ChauceyBaileyProject.org, Wikipedia.org, MindControlBlackassassins.com, FBI.gov, KQED.org, CrimeLibrary.com, Hoodline.com, KlaasKids.org, SanJose.com, AliveEastBay.com, OAC.Cdlib.org, OCWeekly.com, SCSCourt.org, RamonaPrice.com, Kristinsmart.com, CharleyProject.com, SanLuisObispo.com. Murderpedia.com, Independent.com, KCET.org, BloodInTheFields.com, AtlasObscura.com, MurderByGaslight.com. SFCityGuides.org, KTVU.org, YouTube.com, DiscoverTheNetworks.org, YesMagazine.org, About.com, Fdsauk.freeforums.org, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Inmatelocator.cdcr.ca.gov, WoodTV.com, Santarosahitchhikermurders.com, Pinterest.com, MostWantedHoes.com, CityRating.com, KSBW.com, InsideSoCal.com, CountryHomesOfAmerica.com, Websleuths.com, CodysInvestigations.com, Edhat.com, AJC.com, CNN.com, CBSNews.com, DailyMail.co.uk, New York Daily News, Agaarchitects.com, Law.Justia.com, Brockmorris.com, SFWeekly.com, Ssristories.org, TheTribune, ExiledOnline.com, CBSNews.com, KTLA.com, Keyt.com, The Huffington Post, CNN.com, TurnTo23.com, ODMP.org, Web.Archive.org, Camemorial.org, Seattle Times, PoliceChiefMagazine.com, SourceOfTitle.com, Pineconearchive.com, Cielodrive.com, Biography.com, Berkeley.edu, The Atlantic Magazine, Britannica.com, SbSheriff,org, VCStar.com, Heretical.com, TheZebraProject.blogspot.com, Zebra by Clark Howard, FrontPageMag.com, HeavensGate.com, SacramentoPress.com, MisterSF.com, OfficialColdCaseInvestigations.com, EvilBeings.com, LAWeekly.com and Murderfacts.com.

Photography shot between 2015-2017. Some of the locations may have altered with time and ownership changes.

Preface: The Spirits of Stolen Lives

This edition profiles and documents some of California’s most infamous abductions, assassinations and law enforcement related murders. More pointedly, in most of the chapters, you are transported to the actual killing site where the homicides occurred.

In this third edition that was initially entitled The Topography of Evil, I have attempted to update each case as new evidence is presented and the living status and relocation of the condemned killers has been modified.

The updated editions are also important to keep the victims’ legacies fresh and significant to a society often numbed by the frequency of violence and sensationalist murders. The private trauma remains fresh to the immediate victim’s families, friends and diverse relationships. The

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