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Rage and Revenge Murders in California

Rage and Revenge Murders in California

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Rage and Revenge Murders in California

244 pages
2 hours
Jul 15, 2020


Rage and Revenge Murders in California profiles some of state’s most infamous murder cases. The edition photographically transports you to actual murder sites along with images related to the case and perpetrator(s).

The images and accompanying profiles offer a descriptive account and follow-up aftermath providing an important understanding into the far-reaching effects of each crime. Convicted killers and their confirmed victims are identified. For criminals still living, their current incarceration location is provided. A directory of precise crime site locations is included.

The captured snapshots portray visual testimonies of extinguished lives removed by acts of violence. Crime scenes often revert back into unremarkable landscape or unassuming buildings over the ensuing years and decades. Several have altered little since their moment of infamy. Many are passed daily by pedestrian and vehicular traffic unaware of a location’s unique significance.

California has been the site for many notorious homicides. The following are portrayed in this edition:

Artie and Jim Mitchell: Contemporary Cain and Abel
Playboy playmate Dorothy Stratten’s killing and perpetrator suicide
Ewell Family Killings: Delayed gratification thwarts a near perfect killing
John Morency: As the adulation ceased, the poisoning was administered
Laci Peterson: When motive convicts beyond the body of evidence
Lyle and Erik Menendez: The sins of the son’s bury their parents
The Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman Murders: An American travesty
The Marin County barbeque murders
A convincing performance behind the killing of Bonnie Lee Bakley
Vincent Brothers: The convicting insects on the radiator
Diane Whipple: Defining accountability with vicious pet owners
Eastside Salinas: An invisible war Rages streetside
Slaying of Ennis Cosby on an isolated freeway off ramp
Father Eric Freed’s Brutal Slaying: A Lost Coast of fractured souls
The Silent and Senseless Murder of Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen
Haing Ngor: An extended and consequential journey curtailed by a random killing
Huey P. Newton: A tarnished messenger with feet of clay
Johnny Stompanato: Lana Turner’s fatal attraction
Barbara Graham: An unsympathetic film portrayal
Marvin Gaye: A visionary dishonored within his household
Ned Doheny and Hugh Plunkett: The Greystone Mansion murder-suicide
The Unexplainable Orcutt freeway sniper attack
Phil Hartman: The shocking murder-suicide from an unanticipated source
Phil Spector: The Crumbling legacy of a musical genius
Ramon Novarro: The gruesome torture of a closeted screen idol
Ronni Chasen Shooting: When two divergent worlds collided
Sal Mineo: A career comeback curtailed
The Abrupt departure of Soul Music legend Sam Cooke in his prime
The Covina Christmas Eve massacre by a Santa impersonator
Edward Allaway: The questionable case for cured insanity
Mel and Elizabeth Grimes: The consequences behind a one-ton stone
The Helzer Brothers: Children of Thunder slayings
The disintegrating mind and schoolyard entrance massacre by Brenda Spencer
Dr. Victor Ohta: The execution and incendiary of the house on the hill
The vindictive rampage of Elliot Rodger
The Golden Dragon massacre: The gang who didn’t shoot straight
Lynwood Jim Drake: A loose wire springs a rampage
Marcus Wesson: The cult and tragic murder consequence traced to family abuse
Scott Dekraai: Revenge for a punitive divorce settlement
Holzer Family stabbing spree: Spiraling out of control mental illness
The Oikos University Massacre: Piecing together a disjointed puzzle
San Diego State Engineering graduate student’s rage against his perceived academic tormentors
Santana High School: Adolescence angst with a gunfire solution
Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton: The inevitable slaughter of innocents

Jul 15, 2020

Despre autor

Visual Artist, Writer and Photographer Marques Vickers is a California native presently living in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, Washington regions.He was born in 1957 and raised in Vallejo, California. He is a 1979 Business Administration graduate from Azusa Pacific University in the Los Angeles area. Following graduation, he became the Public Relations and ultimately Executive Director of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce between 1979-84. He subsequently became the Vice President of Sales for AsTRA Tours and Travel in Westwood between 1984-86.Following a one-year residence in Dijon, France where he studied at the University of Bourgogne, he began Marquis Enterprises in 1987. His company operations have included sports apparel exporting, travel and tour operations, wine brokering, publishing, rare book and collectibles reselling. He has established numerous e-commerce, barter exchange and art websites including MarquesV.com, ArtsInAmerica.com, InsiderSeriesBooks.com, DiscountVintages.com and WineScalper.com.Between 2005-2009, he relocated to the Languedoc region of southern France. He concentrated on his painting and sculptural work while restoring two 19th century stone village residences. His figurative painting, photography and sculptural works have been sold and exhibited internationally since 1986. He re-established his Pacific Coast residence in 2009 and has focused his creative productivity on writing and photography.His published works span a diverse variety of subjects including true crime, international travel, California wines, architecture, history, Southern France, Pacific Coast attractions, fiction, auctions, fine art marketing, poetry, fiction and photojournalism.He has two daughters, Charline and Caroline who presently reside in Europe.

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Rage and Revenge Murders in California - Marques Vickers

Rage and Revenge Murders in California

Published by Marques Vickers at Smashwords

Copyright 2019 Marques Vickers








Artie and Jim Mitchell: Contemporary Cain and Abel

The Unfulfilled Crossover of Dorothy Stratten

Delayed Gratification Thwarts A Perfect Killing

John Morency: As the Adulation Ceased, the Poisoning was Administered

Laci Peterson: When Motive Convicts Beyond the Body of Evidence

Lyle and Erik Menendez: The Sins of the Son’s Bury Their Father

The Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman Murders: An Over-Publicized American Travesty

The Marin County Barbeque Murders

A Convincing Performance Behind the Killing of Bonnie Lee Bakley

Vincent Brothers: The Convicting Insects on the Radiator


Diane Whipple: Defining Accountability With Vicious Pet Owners

Eastside Salinas: An Invisible War Rages Streetside

The Isolated Unexplainable Roadway Slaying of Ennis Cosby

Father Eric Freed’s Brutal Slaying: A Lost Coast of Fractured Souls

The Silent and Senseless Murder of Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen

Haing Ngor: An Extended and Consequential Journey Curtailed By A Random Killing

Huey P. Newton: A Tarnished Messenger with Feet of Clay

Johnny Stompanato: A Fatal Attraction

Barbara Graham: An Unsympathetic Film Portrayal

Marvin Gaye: A Visionary Dishonored Within His Household

Ned Doheny and Hugh Plunkett: The Greystone Mansion Killings

The Unexplainable Sunday Morning Sniper Attack

Phil Hartman: The Shocking Murder and Suicide From An Unanticipated Source

Phil Spector: The Crumbling Legacy of a Musical Genius

Ramon Novarro: The Gruesome Torture of a Closeted Screen Idol

Ronni Chasen: When Two Divergent Worlds Collide

Sal Mineo: A Career Comeback Suddenly Curtailed

The Abrupt Departure of a Soul Music Legend In His Prime


The 101 California Building Rampage: Victims of Chance by a Deadly Rampage

The Christmas Eve Massacre by a Santa Impersonator

Edward Allaway: The Questionable Case For Cured Insanity

Mel and Elizabeth Grimes: The Consequences Behind a One-Ton Stone

The Helzer Brothers: Children of Thunder

The Disintegrating Mind and Schoolyard Entrance Massacre by Brenda Spencer

Dr. Victor Ohta: The Execution and Incendiary of the House on the Hill

The Vindictive Rage of Elliot Rodger

The 1977 Golden Dragon Massacre: The Gang Who Didn’t Shoot Straight

Lynwood Jim Drake: A Loose Wire Springs A Rampage

The Cult and Tragic Murder Consequence Traced to Family Abuse

Scott Dekraai: The Mad Rampage and Excruciating Slow Justice and Sentencing

Holzer Family Stabbing Spree: Spiraling Out of Control Mental Illness

The Oikos University Massacre: Piecing Together a Disjointed Puzzle

The Graduate Student’s Rage Against His Perceived Academic Tormentors

Adolescence Angst With A Gunfire Solution

The Inevitable Slaughter of the Innocents


Confirmed Fatality Victims:

The Mitchell Brothers Killing: Artie Mitchell

Dorothy Stratten Killing: Dorothy Stratten

Ewell Family Murder: Dale Ewell, Glee Ewell and Tiffany Ewell

Sue Morency Poisoning: Sue Morency

Laci Peterson Killing: Laci and Conner Peterson

Menendez Parents Murder: Jose and Kitty Menendez

Nicole Brown-Simpson Killing: Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman

Olive Couple Murder: James and Naomi Olive

Bonnie Lee Bakley’s Killing: Bonnie Lee Bakley

Brother’s Family Murder: Joanie Harper-Brothers, Marques Brothers, Marshall Brothers, Lyndsey Brothers and Earnestine Harper

Diane Whipple Dog Mauling: Diane Whipple

Eastside Salinas Slayings: Cesar Gonzalez, Jose Salazar and Jose Vasquez

Father Freed Killing: Father Eric Freed

Fishhead Beach Killings: Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen

Haing Ngor Killing: Haing Ngor

Huey Newton Murder: Huey Newton

Johnny Stompanato Killing: Johnny Stompanato

Mabel Monohan’s House Break-in: Mabel Monohan and Baxter Shorter

Marvin Gaye Killing: Marvin Gaye

Greystone Mansion Killings: Ned Doheny, Jr.

Orcutt Sniper: Charles Hogan and Joel Kocab

Phil Hartman Killing: Phil Hartman

Pyrenees Castle Killing: Lana Clarkson

Ramon Novarro Killing: Ramon Novarro

Ronni Chasen Shooting: Ronni Chasen

Sal Mineo Stabbing: Sal Mineo

Sam Cooke Shooting: Sam Cooke

101 California Building Rampage: Deborah Fogel, John C. Scully, Allen J. Berk, David Sutcliffe, Shirley Mooser, Donald Michael Merrill, Jack Berman and Jody Sposato.

Christmas Eve Santa Claus Massacre: Sylvia Ortega-Pardo, Alicia Sotomayor Ortega, Joseph Ortega, James Ortega, Charles Ortega, Cheri Lynn Ortega, Teresa Ortega, Alicia Ortega Ortiz and Michael Andre Ortiz

Cal State Fullerton Library Shooting: Seth Fessenden, Stephen Becker, Paul Herzberg, Bruce Jacobson, Donald Aarges, Frank Teplansky and Deborah Paulsen

Carmel Valley Neighbor Dispute: Nel Grimes, Elizabeth Grimes

Children of Thunder Murders: Selina Bishop, Ivan Stineman and Annette Stineman

Cleveland Elementary School Shooting (San Diego): Burton Wragg and Mike Suchar

Ohta Family Massacre: Dr. Victor Ohta, Virginia Ohta, Dorothy Cadwallader, Derrick Ohta and Taggart Ohta

Elliot Rodger Rampage: Cheng Yuan Hong, George Chen, Weihan Wang, Veronika Weiss, Katherine Cooper and Christopher Michaels-Martinez

Golden Dragon Restaurant Shooting: Denise Louie, Calvin Fong, Paul Wada, Donald Quan and Fong Wang

Lynwood Drake Shooting Rampage: Andrew Zatko, Norman Metcalfe, Danny Cizek, David Law, Joe Garcia and Kris Staub

Marcus Weston Family Killing: Elizabeth Wesson, Sebhrenah Wesson, Ethan Wesson, Sedona Wesson, Illabelle Wesson, Aviv Wesson, Johnathon Wesson, Marshey Wesson and Jeva Wesson

Meritage Salon Shooting: David Caouette, Randy Lee Fannin, Michelle Fournier, Lucia Kondas, Victoria Buzzo, Christy Wilson, Michelle Fast and Laura Webb

Holzer Family Stabbing Spree: William Holzer, Sheila Holzer, Sebastian Holzer and Vincent Holzer

Oikos University Massacre: Tshering Rinzing Bhutia, Doris Chibuko, Sonam Chodon, Grace Eunhae Kim, Katleen Ping, Judith Seymour and Lydia Sim

San Diego State University Engineering Department Shooting: Chen Liang, Preston Lowrey III and Constantinos Lyrintzis

Santana High School Shooting: Bryan Zuckor and Randy Gordon

Cleveland Elementary School Shooting (Stockton): Raphanar Or, Ram Chun, Thuy Tran, Sokhim An and Oeun Lim

Convicted and/or Deceased Killers:

Jim Mitchell (Deceased), Paul Snider (Deceased), Dana Ewell, Joel Radovcich, John Morency, Scott Peterson, Erik Menendez, Lyle Menendez, Charles Chuck Riley, Marlene Olive, Vincent Brothers, Marjorie Knoller, Michael Markhasev, Gary Lee Bullock, Tak Sun Tan, Indra Lim, Jason Chan, Kambui Tyrone Robinson, Barbara Graham (Deceased), Jack Santo (Deceased), Emmett Perkins (Deceased), John True (Deceased), Marvin Gay Sr. (Deceased), Hugh Plunkett (Deceased), Michael Andrew Clark (Deceased), Brynn Hartman (Deceased), Phil Spector, Paul Ferguson, Tom Ferguson (Deceased), Harold Martin Smith (Deceased), Lionel Ray Williams, Gian Luigi Ferri (Deceased), Bruce Pardo (Deceased), Edward Charles Allaway, John Franklin Kenney (Presumed Deceased), Justin Helzer (Deceased), Glenn Helzer, Dawn Godman, Brenda Spencer, John Linley Frazier (Deceased), Elliot Rodger (Deceased), Tom Yu, Peter Ng, Melvin Yu, Curtis Tam, Lynwood Jim Drake (Deceased), Marcus Wesson, Scott Dekraai, One L. Goh (Deceased), Frederick Martin Davidson, Charles Andy Williams and Patrick Purdy (Deceased).

Convicted of Wrongful Death in Subsequent Civil Lawsuit:

O. J. Simpson and Robert Blake

Wanted For Murder:

Sai Ying Lee

Awaiting Trial For Murder:

Shaun Gallon

Currently Incarcerated:

San Quentin

Scott Peterson

Vincent Brothers

Glenn Taylor Helzer

Marcus Wesson

Sierra Conservation Center, Jamestown

Gary Lee Bullock

Salinas Valley State Prison

Tak Sun Tan

R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility

Erik Menendez

Lyle Menendez

Mule Creek State Prison

Joel Radovcich

Corcoran State Prison

Dana Ewell

Michael Markhasev

California Health Care Facility, Stockton

John Morency

Phil Spector

California Institution for Women in Corona

Marjorie Knoller

Brenda Spencer

California State Prison in Lancaster

Jason Chan

Frederick Martin Davidson

California State Prison in Sacramento

Kambui Tyrone Robinson

Crossroads Correction Center in Cameron, Missouri

Paul Ferguson

Napa State Mental Hospital

Edward Charles Allaway

Central California Women’s Facility, Chowchilla

Dawn Godman

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, Corcoran

Scott Dekraai

California Correctional Institution, Tehachapi

Nicolas Holzer

Ironwood State Prison, Blythe

Charles Andy Williams

Presumed Living But Whereabouts Unknown:

Charles Riley (Served Prison Term), Marlene Olive (Served Prison Term), Indra Lim, Lionel Ray Williams, Tom Yu (Served Prison Term), Peter Ng (Served Prison Term), Melvin Yu (Served Prison Term) and Curtis Tam (Served Prison Term).


Artie Mitchell Murder:

23 Mohawk Avenue, Corte Madera

Dorothy Stratten Murder:

10881 Clarkson Road, Los Angeles

Ewell Family Murder:

5663 East Park Circle Drive, Fresno

Sue Morency Murder:

4367 Caminto de la Escenda, San Diego

Laci Peterson Murder:

523 Covena Avenue, Modesto

Menendez Couple Murder:

722 North Elm Drive, Beverly Hills

Nicole Brown-Simpson Murder:

875 Bundy Drive, Brentwood

Olive Couple Murder:

353 Hibiscus Way, Terra Linda

Bonnie Lee Bakley’s Murder:

Sidewalk near the intersection of Woodbridge Street and Tujunga Avenue, Studio City

Brother’s Family Murder:

Corner P Street and Third Street, Bakersfield

Diane Whipple’s Killing:

2398 Pacific Street, San Francisco

Eastside Salinas Slayings:

Cesar Gonzalez: 627 E. Market, Salinas

Jose Salazar: 700 Block of Holly Street, Salinas

Jose Vasquez: Corner Orchard and Del Monte, Salinas

Ennis Cosby’s Shooting Site:

Intersection of Mulholland Drive and Sepulveda Boulevard just off Highway 405

Father Freed Killing:

St. Bernard Rectory, 615 H Street, Eureka

Fishhead Beach Killings:

Fishhead Beach adjacent to Jenner

Haing Ngor Killing:

Apartment complex, 945 North Beaudry Avenue, Los Angeles

Huey Newton Murder:

1400 Block of Ninth Street, Oakland

Johnny Stompanato Killing:

730 North Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills

Mabel Monohan Murder:

1718 West Parkside Avenue, Burbank

Marvin Gaye Killing:

2101 South Gramercy Place, Los Angeles

Greystone Mansion:

905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills

Orcutt Sniper Shooting Location:

Hilltop along Interstate 101, just below Santa Maria and just south of Orcutt

Phil Hartman Killing:

5065 Encino Avenue, Encino

Pyrenees Castle Murder:

1700 South Grandview Drive, Alhambra

Ramon Novarro Residence:

3110 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Studio City

Ronni Chasen Shooting Site:

Corner of North Whittier Drive and Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills

Sal Mineo’s Apartment Building:

8563 Holloway Drive, West Hollywood

Sam Cooke Shooting:

Former Hacienda Motel, 9137 South Figueroa, Los Angeles

101 California Street Office Shooting Rampage:

101 California Street, 34th Floor

Pardo Family Residence:

1129 East Knollcrest Drive, Covina

Cal State Fullerton Library Rampage:

Cal State Fullerton Library Instructional Media Basement, 800 North State College Blvd, Fullerton

Carmel Valley Neighbor Dispute:

78 and 82 Hitchcock Road, Carmel Valley

Children of Thunder Residence:

5370 Saddlewood Court, Concord

Former Cleveland Elementary School (San Diego):

6365 Lake Atlin Avenue, San Diego

Site of Former Ohta Family Mansion:

999 North Rodeo Gulch Road, Soquel

Elliot Rodger Residence:

Capri Apartment Complex, 6500 Seville Road/Camino Pescadero,


Former Golden Dragon Restaurant Shooting Site:

818 Washington Street, San Francisco

Lynwood Jim Drake III Former Residence:

Windmill House, South Main Street, Morro Bay

Marcus Weston Residence:

761 West Hammond Avenue, Fresno

Meritage Salon Massacre:

500 Pacific Coast Highway, Seal Beach

Holzer Family Residence:

635 Walnut Park Lane, Santa Barbara

Oikos University Massacre:

7850 Edgewater Drive, Oakland

San Diego State University Professor Killings:

Engineering Department, 3rd Floor

Santana High School Shooting:

9915 Magnolia Avenue, Santee

Cleveland Elementary School Location (Stockton):

20 East Fulton Street, Stockton


My appreciation to the following media outlets providing critical research details:

San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Daily News, Bakersfield Californian, Oakland Tribune, Marin Independent Journal, Press Democrat, Monterey Herald, The Californian, Monterey County Weekly, Willits News, North Coast Journal, The Guardian, Fresno Bee, Times Standard, ChauceyBaileyProject.org, Wikipedia.org, MindControlBlackassassins.com, FBI.gov, KQED.org, CrimeLibrary.com, Hoodline.com, KlaasKids.org, SanJose.com, AliveEastBay.com, OAC.Cdlib.org, OCWeekly.com, SCSCourt.org, RamonaPrice.com, Kristinsmart.com, CharleyProject.com, SanLuisObispo.com. Murderpedia.com, Independent.com, KCET.org, BloodInTheFields.com, AtlasObscura.com, MurderByGaslight.com. SFCityGuides.org, KTVU.org, YouTube.com, DiscoverTheNetworks.org, YesMagazine.org, About.com, Fdsauk.freeforums.org, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Inmatelocator.cdcr.ca.gov, WoodTV.com, Santarosahitchhikermurders.com, Pinterest.com, MostWantedHoes.com, CityRating.com, KSBW.com, InsideSoCal.com, CountryHomesOfAmerica.com, Websleuths.com, CodysInvestigations.com, Edhat.com, AJC.com, CNN.com, CBSNews.com, DailyMail.co.uk, New York Daily News, Agaarchitects.com, Law.Justia.com, Brockmorris.com, SFWeekly.com, Ssristories.org, TheTribune, ExiledOnline.com, CBSNews.com, KTLA.com, Keyt.com, The Huffington Post, CNN.com, TurnTo23.com, ODMP.org, Web.Archive.org, Camemorial.org, Seattle Times, PoliceChiefMagazine.com, SourceOfTitle.com, Pineconearchive.com, Cielodrive.com, Biography.com, Berkeley.edu, The Atlantic Magazine, Britannica.com, SbSheriff,org, VCStar.com, Heretical.com, TheZebraProject.blogspot.com, Zebra by Clark Howard, FrontPageMag.com, HeavensGate.com, SacramentoPress.com, MisterSF.com, OfficialColdCaseInvestigations.com, EvilBeings.com, LAWeekly.com and Murderfacts.com.

Photography shot between 2015-2017. Some of the locations may have altered with time and ownership changes.

Preface: The Spirits of Stolen Lives

This edition profiles and documents some of California’s most infamous rage and revenge motivated murders. More pointedly, in most of the chapters, you are transported to the actual killing site where the homicides occurred.

In this third edition that was initially entitled The Topography of Evil, I have attempted to update each case as new evidence is presented and the living status and relocation of the condemned killers has been modified. Since the second 2016 edition, several of the perpetrators have died incarcerated and all of the participants in the chilling 1977 Golden Dragon Massacre have been released on parole. Scott Dekraai, Nicolas Holzer and One L. Goh were tried, convicted and sentenced to life in prison terms. Goh died suddenly in 2019 while incarcerated.

The updated editions are also important to keep the victims’ legacies fresh and significant to

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