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High as Hope: An Erotic Friends to Lovers Novella

High as Hope: An Erotic Friends to Lovers Novella

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High as Hope: An Erotic Friends to Lovers Novella

4.5/5 (9 evaluări)
46 pages
37 minutes
Aug 18, 2020


Life’s made up of a thousand tiny moments and a few big ones. Julia Novak hates firefighter and playboy Anders Bailey. Sure, they’re sleeping together and he’s definitely the best sex of her life, but she hates him. That is, until she’s sort of sure she doesn’t. Drunken hookups, being stuck in an elevator, a Vegas wedding, and a hurt/comfort reunion, their life might not be perfect, but it is theirs, together.

Their love is big and messy and real. This short erotic novella shows the highs and lows of a lifetime spent together. Through their journey together, in moments as important as they are trivial, Julia and Bailey love each other.

This contemporary, erotic enemies-to-lovers romance are a few snapshots of their life together.

Aug 18, 2020

Despre autor

Imogen Markwell-Tweed is a queer romance writer and editor based in St. Louis. When she's not writing or hanging out with her dog, IMT can be found putting her media degrees to use by binge-watching trashy television. All of her stories promise queer protagonists, healthy relationships, and happily ever afters. @unrealimogen on Twitter and Instagram.

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High as Hope - Imogen Markwell-Tweed

Chapter One

Julia’s twenty-one and not half as drunk as she’d like to be.

She has always liked the taste of cherries.

They burn her tongue just a little bit, sweet when she bites through the thin skin, blossoming flavor all over her mouth, and cooling down her throat. She just… likes cherries.

But across the room, covered in soot and sweat, Anders Bailey is chewing cherries, popping them between his lips, and Julia decides, firmly, in that moment, that she hates them. Hates cherries. Just… all the way, hates them. She narrows her eyes.

Julia, stop staring. Her best friend, Maggie, is shaking her head already.

Julia knows she’s a lost cause. She knows just as well as Maggie does that her crush on Bailey is humiliating, degrading, and pointless. It’s as stupid as anything she’s ever done.

The table he’s at is full of other firefighters. The city’s finest, Maggie always says, and Julia does agree. It’s hard to suggest that a firefighter is anything less than brave and selfless, even when she knows that Bailey, without a doubt, is the worst guy she knows.

He sees her staring, as he always does, and a slow grin appears on his face. He downs his drink and pops a cherry into his mouth. Julia’s eyes narrow and he winks at her.

Insufferable! Julia throws her hands up.

Maggie’s laughing, but she’s thoughtful, so she hides it behind a napkin and pretends to clear her throat. Why do we hate him, again? Is it because he’s handsome or because he’s interested in you?

Julia points a finger at her friend and considers dumping her. "It’s because he’s insufferable."

I’m buying you a thesaurus.

I’m buying you…. Julia struggles to come up with an insult. She glares, downs her drink, and sighs. Another round, I guess.

Maggie’s pealing laughter follows her up to the bar. She orders their usual, gin and tonics, with cucumber, and grabs a glass of water to sip on while the bartender makes their drinks. The bartender’s cute. If this weren’t Maggie’s favorite bar, and if Julia hadn’t ruined the last two local haunts because of a fling gone flung, she’d be more into the flirtatious smile the bartender throws her way. As it is, Julia is on a strict no-dating rule, at least within a five-mile radius of her apartment complex.

Another rum and Coke. Bailey’s smooth, dulcet voice comes from inches away. Julia spins, glaring, and Bailey smiles at her. To anyone not in the know, it looks sweet. Julia knows it for what it is: condescending jackassery. She squints even tighter and hopes it makes her glare more menacing.

The lovely Miss Novak graces us with her presence, he mocks.

From the corner of her eye, Julia sees another patron swoon. She wishes she had the time to explain in excruciating detail why this barfly should not waste her time with this firefighting jerk.

Blow off, Julia says, sharp. She turns back to the bar, elbows on the sticky counter, and props her head up in her hands. Bailey slides closer.

I can think of better things to blow, he murmurs.

His voice is so silken and seductive, it takes an extra second for her to actually hear him.

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  • (5/5)

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    Very spicy. Very cute. Another great release from Imogen! They keep getting better

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  • (5/5)

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    The perfect blend of sweet and heat! IMT delivers as always.

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