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Photographing the Unseen World: Art and Techniques

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Photographing the Unseen World: Art and Techniques

Până la Adrian Davies

Lungime: 516 pagini3 ore


For the first time of its invention, photography has been used to visualize events that are either too fast or too slow for the eye to perceive, or subjects that are outside the spectral range of the human eye. This book shows how you can photograph a range of subjects and see the world as never before. Written with clear and accessible text, it explores and suggests techniques that expose new images in new ways, and pushes the boundaries of the photographer's creative potential. Techniques include: ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) photography; high speed and time-lapse photography; close-up, macro and photography with the aid of a microscope and finally, photography using polarized light. Most of the techniques are accessible ot all photographers using readily available equipment (UV and IR will require some specialist items), and have been relatively unexplored so give the adventurous photographer great potential to experiment and produce unique images.

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