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Les Études: Mindscapes: Solitude

Les Études: Mindscapes: Solitude

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Les Études: Mindscapes: Solitude

23 pages
17 minutes
Feb 16, 2012


If you like this ebook, then please share it! "Les Études - Mindscapes: Solitude" is a collection of short, contemplative "Poem-Stories" examining the themes of being alone,and reasons why people might choose to be alone, or feel as if they are alone, even when apparently surrounded by other people and the buzz of constant activity. In Prisons of Light, it also seeks to examine the theme of loneliness caused by our own desperate yearnings and ambitions.

Feb 16, 2012

Despre autor

I am a born again Christian writer, blogger and webdesigner. I write under a few different pen names, some of which are variations of my own name.Under this name "Oluwatosin Ojumu", I write mainstream (non faith-based) contemplative poetry and literary fiction. My poetry is mostly inspired by nature, and art, and beauty, and themes of memory, imagination, time, consciousness and explorations of other abstract concepts. I am currently writing a range of "Études" or "Studies" based on some of these concepts.My fiction is largely based on and inspired by existing classic works from great authors like George Eliot, Charles Dickens, Jane Eyre.Under "Tosin Ojumu", (the shortened version of my first name) I write mostly Christian material. I am producing an open translation of the Bible (New Testament) called "The Open Bible". I also write articles about my opinions on various Church and Christian matters, and I maintain a blog about my expectations and hopes for Christian marriage called "Finding Mr Huggie-Wuggie". This is also the pen-name I use for other non-fiction, including opinion articles about issues unrelated to my faith.I also plan to publish a few works under completely anonymous pen-names....! ;)

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Les Études - Oluwatosin Ojumu

Les Études – Mindscapes: Solitude

Copyright 2012 by Oluwatosin Ojumu

Last updated March 2021

Published by Ore-Ofe Publishing at Smashwords

Cover image from Pixabay

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Les Études - The Nature Series: Samples

Table of Contents

Prisons of Light

Raindrops and Teardrops

The City Bench

The Stairs

The Blur

Note from the Author, Oluwatosin Ojumu

About Oluwatosin Ojumu and more books available from her


Prisons of Light

A man waits. He stands silhouetted against the window, of a thousand refractive prisms. The late afternoon and the cold stare of marble underfoot conspire to keep his shadow held captive in each prism's reflection. This architecture was designed to be grand and imposing, a secular answer to the confident turrets of faith; architecture providing, yes, light, but empty light, uncommunicative light.


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