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Essence of Sunyoga

Essence of Sunyoga

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Essence of Sunyoga

518 pages
8 hours
Oct 7, 2020


The technique of looking with open eyes towards the sun as a form of meditation has long been a mystery, kept in secret, so the strong energies we can harness would not be abused. For a long time there have been rumors and eyewitness accounts of many high saints and initiates living in seclusion in remote places, such as the Himalayas, who have practiced some form of Sun Meditation. Great men like Socrates, Ramakrishna, and Jesus are all believed to have benefited from this practice. We have now crossed a point where the common man is also trusted with this powerful technique.
Essence of Sunyoga is a manual dedicated to all humans. Sunyoga is much more than just looking towards the Sun, as it encompasses the entire Vedic knowledge. This manual shows us the path, how we can use all the balancing elements of Creation, to quickly and safely prepare ourselves, from the very bottom of our awareness all the way up to the highest level of Enlightenment. We will acquire superhuman strength to face any life difficulty without suffering, gaining the ability to live without food and water and become untouchable from our darkest enemies.

"This invaluable treatise on Sunyoga is a huge contribution to humanity..." - D. R. Kaarthikeyan, Former Director of Central Bureau of Investigation, Former Director General of National Human Rights Commission, Director General of Central Reserve Police Force, and Champion of Human Rights, Values and Responsibilities, New Delhi, India

"Through Sunyoga, the photos directly interact with the physical body like a two-way bio-internet, establishing direct communication with the Body-Universe system, taking the seeker to a higher realm of realization." - Dr. Vikas Kumar, Distinguished Scientist and Ex-Director, DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Hyderabas, India
Oct 7, 2020

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Essence of Sunyoga - Sunyogi Umasankar



From ancient times, claims have been made in many traditions that a person can live on solar energy alone for very long periods even without food. It was also claimed to cure many physical and mental ailments. Mr. Hira Ratan Manek claimed that he has subsisted and lived off the Sun’s energy since June 18, 1995. Various researchers associated with renowned institutions such as Thomas Jefferson University and Pennsylvania State University studied his case. Not only have they found his claims to be accurate, but medical evidence found him to be healthier than an average person of his age since he was born in 1937. He is living proof that a person can live just on solar energy for very long periods without eating food. It has come to be known as the HRM phenomenon. This method can cure many types of illnesses.

Peter Sorcher, in his documentary Eat the Sun, claims that Sungazing can be used as a tool for tapping into our human potential. In many ancient civilizations, from the Incas and Aztecs to the Greeks and Egyptians, this practice was restricted to priests. Today, with the help of the Internet, this revived practice is gathering global momentum.

The Sun is the supreme source of energy for all beings on the planet. It is a dependable and inexhaustible source of Energy and Light. The light, also known as Jyothi, is recognized as a source of divinity.

Surya Namaskar (meaning Sun Salutation) is a form of salutation and surrender to the Sun God. People have practiced it since ancient times in many traditions. The sequence of twelve positions in each round of Surya Namaskar, encompassing also breathing exercises and meditation, gives flexibility and strength to all parts of the body, internally and externally.

The author of this book, Essence of Sunyoga, Sunyogi Umasankar, is a remarkable personality. He was born in the small village of Lachipur in the Midnapore district of West Bengal. I have visited his village. Since his early childhood, he has been inclined towards spirituality. His mother was his guru. By the age of 18, he had spent a lot of time learning Hatha Yoga and committed himself to universal unity, peace, and brotherhood. He is a university graduate and a qualified electrical engineer.

He went to Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, attracted by the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. He was first drawn to the practice of meditation by the seashore at the start of each day, before his work schedule at the press section of the Ashram. Not ever intending to look at the Sun or do Sun Meditation, he was nonetheless attracted by the rising Sun and started gazing at it. Over some time, he found his need for food was gradually reduced. First, he would eat only one meal a day, and ultimately, he could stay without food or water for weeks at a time.

Sunyogi Umasankar traveled with me in 2006 to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra via Kathmandu and Lhasa. He was dressed in a dhoti, a piece of white cotton cloth that was wrapped around his waist and a simple cotton towel over his shoulders. You may think that he is always dressed like Mahatma Gandhi, which is more or less true with the exception that Sunyogi always walks barefoot. He walked with us barefoot and without warm clothing all the way to altitudes of 19,000 feet above sea level. According to Sunyogi, anyone can achieve it thanks to a dedicated practice of Sunyoga. Local Tibetans and tourists from all over the world marveled at him lying comfortably on the glacier, dressed as he was.

He used to tell me that by gazing at the Sun for a few minutes, he was drawing sustenance directly from the Supreme Source of Energy in the Universe. He asserted that because it is pure Energy, he never fell ill like others who eat regular food, which may be contaminated by traces of fertilizers and pesticides. For the last few years, he has been eating food regularly, although he says that if needed, he can remain without food and water for months at a time.

Now he has authored this comprehensive book about the theory and practice of Sunyoga viewed from religious, philosophical, spiritual, and scientific perspectives. This book also contains many captivating illustrations. By publishing this book, Sunyogi Umasankar Ji has made a valuable and unique contribution to the world of Yoga in general, and for Sunyoga and Sun Meditation in particular.

D. R. Kaarthikeyan, 2020

D. R. Kaarthikeyan

Advisor: Law-Human Responsibilities, Corporate Affairs.

Former: Director, Central Bureau of Investigation Director-General, National Human Rights Commission Special Director-General, Central Reserve Police Force.


I thank Divine sister Laxmi Ji and Divine sister Mrs. Sudipta who took the responsibility of translating this book Surya Yoga Darshan Samaj Darpan, Essence of Sunyoga, from Bengali into English. I give thanks for all the photos taken by friends, and to everyone who worked to make this book available all over the world. I thank all the people who have been involved in the update of the book, including Axel Johansson, Jason Forbus, Urszula Libal, Wayne Purdin, Jonathan Charpentier, Arthur Allan, Hannes Drdla, Krzysztof Stec, Milica Kovacevic, Poonam Joshii, and Deepa Padmanabhan.

I thank D. R. Kaarthikeyan for his foreword. He already instilled strong confidence in the reader, helping them to understand the essence of this book. I thank the media for promoting the book to the public. I thank every person who has offered financial aid with an open heart in the realization of this gem of wisdom. I am grateful to the readers whose inspiration has made me write and have the book translated. If people succeed in their Peaceful Life, their success will be my utmost pleasure.

I wish all of you success in Life, Peace, Prosperity, Wisdom, Good Health, Unconditional Love, Unity, and Oneness in Universe through the Divine SUN.

Sunyogi Umasankar, 2020


From February 1995 to February 1997, I stayed at the Aurobindo Ashram, and it was during this period that Sunyoga underwent development. The science of Sunyoga was born in February 1997 at Vedaranyam in the Nagapattinam District of Tamil Nadu. It came to be known as Surya Yogam in Tamil, Surya Yog in Hindi, and Sunyoga in English. During my Pada Yatra around India, Sunyoga was introduced to many people throughout the country.

I have been blessed to meet the ageless saint Mahavatar Babaji in the Himalaya mountains in 2007 and 2008. I made sure of being focused 100% in his presence in the attempt to remember all his teachings. The first year he gave me the Law of Creation of Life. In the second year, with the same loving and smiling face, he showed me all the 29 chakras, 22 outside and 7 within our body, which form the basis of the construction of the whole Universe. Many of the teachings I learned from him, I can share with you now. Babaji revealed that the Universe is in imbalance and that the human species has a significant role to play in restoring this imbalance. If we balance ourselves, we are also helping the Universe by receiving and sending back energy. How is it done? The reader will soon find out.

In the last few years, this new method called Sunyoga has evoked considerable interest and now appeals to many people around the world. I pray to Surya, the Sun God of the Universe, to bless the Sadhakas and aspirants of Sunyoga with long life and rich spiritual experiences.

For the second edition of the book Essence of Sunyoga, we made a lot of improvements. We corrected mistakes from the original translation. We added new material. We had help from friends to write Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 in an attempt to show how Sunyoga connects to religion and science. We modified the book structure to fit with Sunyoga level I to VII.

For this new edition, we made a study guide for all Sunyoga courses, as you will see at the end of the book. It will allow the student to discover which parts of the book are the most important to read and comprehend. Some words are linked and explained in the Glossary section at the end of the book.

It is an authentic and original work on Sunyoga, based on our personal experience and research. This is neither imagination nor experience taken from any other book or person. The merging of philosophy, spirituality, and science is like soft raindrops of knowledge given to the troubled society of today, cleaning up and making a place for a peaceful, sustainable future.

We will use references to specific texts, all of which we duly checked, to explain the spiritual experiences described in this book. Being thirsty, having the sight of water from a distance and approaching it, and daring to drink it are three different things. Theoretical knowledge from books and other people’s experiences is like seeing water from a distance. Once we commit ourselves to seek knowledge, traveling the path in pursuit of it is like going ever nearer the water. Acquiring knowledge by practical experience, despite a thousand obstacles, is like quenching our thirst. This book has the capacity to conjure waves of ineffable experiences that are the fruit of extensive research.

The sea of Sunyoga is vast. As a Sadhaka, we give the reader only a few drops of Sunyoga’s nectar, of which we may perhaps express 10% here. We intentionally omitted at least 40%, to create curiosity, to push the yearning practitioner towards their own experience. The other 50% is extremely challenging to express in words despite many attempts. It is a wish and a prayer of mine that the Sadhaka or aspirant will take the opportunity to bathe in this ocean called Sunyoga. If this book in any way helps to inspire people in their life journey or Sadhana, then the purpose of my earnest efforts will be served. This book revolves around Sunyoga as the central theme but also speaks about other aspects of Sadhana and spirituality.

With the blessings of parents and gurus, the call of the divine from within, and love to all of you, I hope this Sunyoga book will give value to individuals, society, our country, and the world at large.

Sunyogi Umasankar, 2020





1 Do We Need Yoga in Modern Life?

1.1 Can We Heal from any Disease Thanks to Sunyoga?

1.2 Sunyoga Success Stories and Testimonials

1.3 What Is Healthy Food?

2 Types of Meditation in Sunyoga Practice

2.1 Photo and Eye-to-Eye Meditation

2.2 Sun Meditation

2.3 How Do We Best Direct Our Gaze in Sun Meditation?

2.4 The Meditation Protocol

2.5 The Experience of Meditation

2.6 Chakra Opening, Chakra Darshan and Chakra Jagran

2.7 Thirteen Higher States of Consciousness in Sunyoga

3 Sunyoga Step by Step

3.1 Yama

3.2 Niyama

3.3 Asana

3.4 Pranayama

3.5 Pratyahara

3.6 Dharana

3.7 Dhyana

3.8 Samadhi

3.9 From Samadhi to Full Enlightenment

4 What Is the Brain’s Link to the Universe?

5 What Is the Law of Karma?

5.1 What Is Social Karma?

5.2 How Can We Purify Karma with Sunyoga?

5.3 How Do We Balance the Three Poles in the Black Hole?

6 How Does Cosmic Energy Transform into Life?

6.1 What Is the Importance of Time?

6.2 What Is Frequency and Vibration?

7 How Is The Journey of Life?

7.1 How Can Life Be in Our Control?

7.2 How Do We Best Choose a Partner and Raise Children (Garbh Sanskar)?

7.3 The Creation of Life

8 How Can We Create a Sustainable Atmosphere?

8.1 What Is a Global Family Home University?

8.2 How Do We Find Prosperity?

9 What is the Law of Creation?

9.1 Can We Achieve Peace in the Whole Universe?

9.2 The 12 Balancing Energies

10 How Does Sunyoga Connect to Religion?

10.1 Was There an Ancient Religion of the Sun?

10.2 Are the Five Elements Present in All Major Religions?

10.3 Is Sunyoga’s Philosophy Included in the Ancient Indian Scriptures?

11 How does Sunyoga Connect to Science?

11.1 Can the Benefits of Sunyoga Be Explained in Energy Medicine?

11.2 Do Esoteric Sciences Find a Connection Between Science and Sunyoga?

12 Does Sunyoga Bring Universal Peace?


List of reprinted graphics from external sources

Study and Reading Guide for Sunyoga

Level I – Nursery course

Level II – Primary course

Level III – Secondary (Basic course)

Level IV – Higher Secondary (Advanced course)

Level V – Degree course

Level VI – Master’s Degree course

Level VII – Researcher course


Chapter 1:

Do We Need Yoga in Modern Life?

What if we were born with all the solutions to our problems?

Let us imagine that we had the solution to all our problems close at hand. Whenever a difficulty comes up, we would know how to resolve it quickly. How peaceful and relaxed would we feel then and how different our lives would be! Would we still have the same work and routines as we have today, or would we spend our time pursuing our deepest goals and passions?

All living beings, not only humans, are looking for food and are subject to the survival of the fittest. To a large extent, animals do not need to worry about clothing, shelter, and social responsibilities towards parents, spouses, children, siblings, neighbors, or society. Nor do they need to worry about physical, mental, emotional, and financial issues that pose an obstacle to their personal growth. Even though animals and humans have similar senses, humans alone are endowed with spiritual potential. However, our growth is blocked.

Without these blockages, we would be able to access the natural powers we were born with and that we are meant to utilize. We were born connected to the Cosmic Intelligence, which is the source of all Wisdom and which can give a solution to any problem. We still have some connection to the Cosmic Intelligence, but most of our awareness is blocked to the extent that we cannot reach our full potential.

Why are we not at peace?

The reason is that we are always running after quick success and its short-lived results. We don’t look at the source of all life’s problems. If we realize that Newton’s third law of motion, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, truly represents a general principle that is working on all levels of the Universe, throughout all dimensions, then we can understand that for every problem there is a solution. For every question, there is an answer. The solution is ever-present, and the problem is ever-connected to the solution. The problem is not resolved because we have lost the connection to the solution.

We have blocked ourselves at every step by blind faith, superstition, selfishness, and narrow-mindedness. The core of the problem is that our ego creates attachments. We develop addictions to food, money, sex, fame, etc. It makes us blind to higher forms of enjoyment that could give us sustainable satisfaction and never pull us down into sorrow. As aspirants, we should, instead, find teachers who have acquired complete knowledge from their own experience and who can help us to reach Wisdom.

What is the biggest obstacle to our progress?

The ball is in our hands and has always been. We all have the power within ourselves to reach our ultimate goal. We need to stay active and hungry for new experiences. Only direct experience can lead us to Wisdom and to the expansion of our consciousness. All other ways lead to limited knowledge and offer merely small pieces of the full picture. Indeed, fragments can be very misleading. Any book, including this one, can only give the inspiration to do the practical work necessary to gain and maximize the experiences needed for growth.

Our laziness is what holds us back the most. Due to our laziness, we become blocked by our attachments. For anything we do, the first step in the process is the most important. It creates momentum. Through awareness, care, and punctuality in starting all activities, the remaining part will be running smoothly and be done almost automatically. To best prepare for our day and hold our ego at bay, we need to get up early and on time.

When we remember the benefit of our higher purpose and goals, we have a better chance to continue doing our best work and reach the bliss of the Absolute Truth and Enlightenment. Then we can actively replace our negative habits with good ones. When we start asking ourselves the appropriate questions to find our divine purpose, a hidden hand will direct us to the right path, and our laziness and ego will slowly fade away.

Why do we fail so often?

If our efforts are met with failure, even when we try our best, it may be because we have a lack of knowledge about the right plan and the right direction. If we work with a proper plan, we stand the best chance of getting results, solving all problems, and finding peace. But even if armed with a plan and mental strength, we may yet fail because of our thoughts.

We may start several projects or have several ideas at once, all ending in confusion. Thinking instead only about one thing at a time and focusing on a single activity will help us to finish what we begin before moving on to the next thing. We have to build this mental discipline. When the mind wanders away while doing our work, we waste time, the work is delayed or never completed. The seed of problems and their solutions lie in our mind.

We have to prepare our mind with great care, just as a farmer prepares the ground for his crops. To cultivate the mind, we need the right field. Anahata Chakra is the ideal field. When we completely balance the mind, we will be able to acquire the right thoughts that will help us to complete our task. Then we will be able to follow the right plan of action and carry out our duties successfully. The balanced mind will guide us to do the right thing at the right time. An effective method to tame the unbalanced mind is meditation.

What do we need to be successful?

All human beings face one problem or another on their journey through life. We try to find a solution to the best of our ability. In most cases, we do not succeed in adequately solving our problems. We aim to achieve the ultimate goal, but we ignore the qualities on which success relies. Ultimate success requires appropriate planning in combination with selflessness, humility, generosity, courage, and passion. When approached in such manner, work is bound to be successful, and nothing can stop it, not even God.

We are causing our problems when we are fulfilling our duty towards family, neighbors, friends, community, and the world, but expect them to respond similarly. Peace depends on doing selfless work without any expectations. If we do our duties without expectation, selflessly, then we will find the answers to all our problems. If we do our work and perform our duties with high precision, the results will be in proportion, and people will also respect us.

The practical application, what we do to solve our problems, will direct us to our realization to find the solutions. By going through problems, by experiencing them, we will be reconnected and guided to their realization, which is their real solution, thus reaching peace.

What is the root cause of our problems?

Thoughts are the root cause of all our problems. We cultivate negative thoughts in a specific environment, and from there, we may get attached to them. It could be in our family, in our circle of friends, or at our workplace. For example, we can inherit negative thoughts from our parents by their influence on us. Sun Meditation, or any other proper meditation practice, has the potential to clear negative thoughts. It helps us to create our own atmosphere, like a bubble around us in which positive thoughts can thrive so we not only can survive in a contaminated environment containing negative thoughts but also live comfortably in an atmosphere filled with clouds of them. The change inside us will have a positive effect on the people close to us. In this way, we will be contributing to the welfare of the Universe by performing social service.

How can we benefit from meditation?

We can increase our memory power by removing many unnecessary thoughts that block us, thereby strengthening our mental ability. Sun Meditation can clean away thousands of unnecessary thoughts in just a moment, thus increasing our span of concentration, our vital power, which will lead us to better results at school and work. Our emotional balance is essential and depends on our thoughts. We are unconscious of the many things that are getting blocked because we have emotional imbalances.

When we empty ourselves of all ongoing thought processes that keep our brain busy, like how we free the processor when closing parallel open windows and programs in our computer, we free up more power and achieve relaxation and a stress-free life. We enjoy an abundance of energy previously unknown, as we formerly spent most of our energy on unnecessary and unproductive thought processes. Furthermore, as we gain access to more energy, we need less food, so we spend less energy metabolizing food and any potential toxins it may contain. Increased energy also means that we require less time for sleeping.

Why are many forms of physical exercises (often popularly called Yoga) not efficient to create a peaceful mind?

To an outsider, Sunyoga may seem to be full of austerities similar to Hatha Yoga. However, in Sunyoga, the emphasis is placed on the subtle mind, rather than on the physical body. In essence, Sunyoga is aligned with the principles of Ashtanga Yoga. From the very beginning, each step in Sunyoga is clearly delineated. When we practice Sun Meditation, it is with an attitude of friendship towards the Sun. Thus, there is no pressure on the eyes or the rest of the body.

When doing physical exercises, we focus most often only on balancing the Earth element (for a detailed explanation of all the five elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space, read Chapter 6). It is a very ineffective method to achieve progress. The most effective ways in Yoga make sure to balance all of the five elements. Such methods are called Raja Yoga or Integral Yoga. In Sunyoga, we always balance the five elements by adding the foundational blocks of Ashtanga Yoga: Yama, Niyama and Asanas. We consistently create a feeling of friendship and unconditional love for everything we do, as well as removing all our expectations, judgments, and learning to just surrender to every situation happening in our life. It is a path that can give us unlimited joy in a simple way to lead us to our ultimate goal.

Thanks to the practice of Sunyoga, we can quickly pass through the Pratyahara stage without becoming attached to Siddhis, and we can experience inner peace from the very beginning. All the powers we achieve through the various stages of Sunyoga are divine Siddhis, which may interfere with our progress only if they are misused. However, in Sunyoga, we are safely guided to minimize possible misuse of any powers gained.

What is the danger of forcefully doing spiritual practice?

One problem with modern spirituality is that we mostly work with our body in an attempt to transcend it. We forget that we need both the spiritual and the material world for our progress. These problems are prominent in the practice of austerities (asceticism like living without food) and other forms of Sadhanas for the physical body (Hatha Yoga).

In these practices, we learn to control the sensory organs with great discipline. It may take days, months, or years at best to bring them all under control. For this purpose, we may go through austerities, such as spending many days without eating or sleeping, or standing on one foot, or having both hands clasped above the head. We may choose to live in total seclusion and be completely removed from society and sometimes live in extreme climatic conditions with snow, rain, or heat. No matter what happens to the body, we may keep going with more austerities and penance (self-inflicted punishment). We yearn to see God and attain self-realization. But all these austerities do not guarantee our success.

Since these disciplines do not contain the eight steps of Ashtanga Yoga, it may be difficult for us to know our current stage. On the path of austerity, we have to move one step after another, which can be a long and wearing process. It may likely induce us to stop our practice at an early stage. Some other practitioners will attain Siddhis, one by one, thinking that they own the Ultimate Knowledge. Nonetheless, they may get stuck and prevent themselves from making further progress.

Can spiritual superpowers give us trouble?

In Hatha Yoga, when we are in the Pratyahara stage, we gain a lot of powers or Siddhis. We become so powerful that all our words come true, we can hypnotize people, we can walk on water, we can walk over red-hot coals, and we can bend an iron rod just by looking at it. We become like magicians and think this is Brahma Gyan, but these are considered devilish Siddhis. After attaining these Siddhis, we may be able to satisfy some of our aspirations, but we do not do any good for society yet. The more we use these Siddhis, the less their powers become. In the end, the Siddhis are lost altogether, and we fail to realize God.

Many Hatha yogis may neither regain their former Siddhi level nor return to ordinary life. Some of them may even become mentally ill. It is not possible to realize God with the limited powers of the physical body. The mind controls all the senses: once the mind is controlled, then all the senses can be controlled. The subtle mind (subconscious) has unlimited powers. The mind can traverse the Universe much faster than the speed of light. If we use the gross physical body and senses as a vehicle, we will attain devilish Siddhis, but if our subtle mind is the vehicle, we will reach unlimited divine powers. It will lead us to God, to a state of wholeness, and society to Ultimate Peace.

1.1 Can We Heal from any Disease Thanks to Sunyoga?

What is the root cause of all illnesses?

Often, mental stress (thoughts); emotional imbalance; and contaminated food, water, and air harm our organs and cells. The imbalances manifest as toxins. They accumulate in the cells because we are not able to eliminate them fast enough with the oxygen in the blood through our breathing. While breathing, the toxins in the cells react with the inhaled oxygen to balance and form carbon dioxide (CO2), which we then breathe out. All toxins inside the cells contain carbon, but the compound becomes toxic when the concentration is out of balance.

When we have a net influx of toxins, the toxins go in faster than they go out. When a cell has too many toxins, the toxins create a blockage, it can no longer receive oxygen and light, and it falls ill. We will observe a lack of energy in the cells, which will not be able to defend themselves. The natural immune system would be impaired, as the energy in the cells decreases, and they may become vulnerable and infectious. When too many cells in a part of an organ turn into that state, the organ becomes cancerous.

We have been told that burning the skin when exposing it to the Sun can be dangerous, but what happens is the body starts purifying itself from its toxins. The skin becomes red because there is an increase in the blood flow, which transports the toxins away. We may lose some skin, but healthier skin will appear from beneath. What is not healthy is to apply creams that contain toxic chemicals that are not natural for the body. The skin does not have any strong protection against chemicals that we apply to it. Many chemicals can easily pass through the porous skin and be absorbed inside the body (read in Chapter 11.1).

How does modern medicine fail?

Health is simply about the balance of energy in the body and all that follows in biochemical reactions. The body’s interaction with microbes is only a secondary side effect. Unfortunately, modern medicine still has not fully recognized this and fumbles in the dark trying to control and treat the side effects and not the root cause. If we supply the body with the appropriate amount of energy, and if all blockages have been cleared, the body has all the strength to heal itself properly.

We try to heal ourselves with medicines. They are administered to us to heal and energize the diseased organ. It is challenging to know the right amount for the correct potency of the medicine for a particular patient with a specific symptom. The doctors do not know the exact dosage for each individual as the required dose often varies from person to person, so they can only make rough estimations. Frequently, we get overdosed and receive unwanted side effects.

How can we cure ourselves by using the five elements?

During the journey of our life, our attention at any time can easily be diverted in several directions, and it can be difficult to focus on one thing. To control the restless mind, we need some help to focus our energies. When we start to focus on the Sun, our attention becomes focused, and our mind becomes peaceful. That opens us up to receive fine, subtle elements from the Cosmos, sensitive energies that our disturbed mind was previously blocking out. For this reason, Sunyoga is a good stress reliever.

In some spiritual disciplines, we focus on one element alone. This may not suffice because the physical body is made of five elements in total. The Prana in the body is balanced by the five elements and is essential for the Atman. If we focus on only balancing one element at a time, the other four elements will pull us back. Attempting to balance the elements one by one, as in Hatha Yoga, means that it will take us more than a lifetime to balance all five elements.

Figure 1.1:

 Cosmic Energy to Life.

By meditating with the Sun, which is the source of all the five elements, we can reach the ultimate balance and health rather quickly. The electromagnetic force of the Sun’s photon energy goes through the pineal gland and the sensory nerves. These parts of the brain can take in the cosmic powers of the electromagnetic force that the brain transforms into the five elements (Space, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth). The five elements build up and are stored in the cerebrum. Then they are transmitted to each and every cell in the body. The five-element energies flood into the cells to restore their balance by ridding the cells of their impurities. All organs will be detoxified, and all the cells rejuvenated. As a consequence, every patient can recover.

The Sun’s energy is received and absorbed according to the capacity of the person. We cannot get an overdose of these energies. There is a limit to how much energy each cell can store, and any excess will overflow naturally back into the sea of Cosmic Energy. The elements received will help the blood to cleanse the body. One thing that makes Sun Meditation stand out as treatment compared to modern medicine is that there are no side effects.

What if we could turn our inner enemies into allies?

Our attachments create blockages, a kind of friction that stops free energy flow through our being. Attachments are selfish misuse of love for our own interests and pleasures. With them, we create illusions; we become ignorant and weak. However, attachments are built upon emotions or electromagnetic energies that have a force that we can use to our advantage. They can become our servants if we know how to direct them properly.

Appropriate planning is dictated by our inner wisdom and consciousness, which, in turn, depends on mental discipline. Mind, intellect, and senses can also be our servants if they are under our control. When the master depends on his servants, the servants will then rule and ruin the master’s life. The servants become the master’s enemies, and the master becomes the servant’s slave. We humans have become slaves to our mind, intellect, and senses. We have deviated from the path to our ultimate goal, to reach self-realization and understand the work of God. If we can bring our servants under control and find the way back to the path we are meant to follow, we will be

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