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Strikingly Illustrated Phobias

Strikingly Illustrated Phobias

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Strikingly Illustrated Phobias

263 pages
11 minutes
Nov 3, 2020


Living with anxiety, panic disorders or phobias can make you feel as though you don’t have full control of your life. Imagine sensing that every morning is a fresh minefield of terrors awaiting. Evading the perceived horrors, most individuals resort to excessive workloads, binge television viewing or overindulgence in carnal and gluttonous pleasures.

This edition will neither alter, nor cure phobic and obsessive behavior. It promises no tactical reinforcement skills, zero practical advice and is clinically useless. Over 250 photographic images punctuate each phobia creating exaggerated impressions. Each image is displayed in a cliché evasive environment. The contents may prove entertaining and an explicit, but disarming view of a serious subject. The publication is significantly less expensive than a therapist’s hourly fee and does not require multiple consultations or interventions.

Reciting elitist sounding vernacular may stimulate a sense of intellectual awe amongst simpletons and the impressionable. This pictorial directory is arbitrary, subtly ironic and subject to whimsical interpretation. The terminology may be effectively parroted during social or alcohol-laced gatherings (preferably together). Overindulgence of either however may banish you from the cocktail invitation circuit.

Phobias and obsessions can be paralyzing, irrational, profoundly debilitating and not particularly amusing for those afflicted. They can also be useful for simply distinguishing individuals as harmless eccentrics. A phobia’s professional diagnosis and follow-up therapies stimulate a thriving global psychoanalytical industry.

The photographer assumes entire credit and blame for his aperture’s interpretive intention. Use of photographic collage is periodically introduced. Malice is absent, a twisted perspective may miss awkwardly and the compilation is far from exhaustive. Fresh fears are stimulated and can be inserted liberally during these interesting times. Sequels are envisioned, but only if society continues on its present course.

An individual is not necessarily crazy or abnormal because of their fears and neuroses. Phobias and their accompanying stressors and are universally shared. The directory is an image compilation scoured from the sane world bundled into frivolity and laced with mirth.

Enjoy the diverse panorama...

Nov 3, 2020

Despre autor

Visual Artist, Writer and Photographer Marques Vickers is a California native presently living in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, Washington regions.He was born in 1957 and raised in Vallejo, California. He is a 1979 Business Administration graduate from Azusa Pacific University in the Los Angeles area. Following graduation, he became the Public Relations and ultimately Executive Director of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce between 1979-84. He subsequently became the Vice President of Sales for AsTRA Tours and Travel in Westwood between 1984-86.Following a one-year residence in Dijon, France where he studied at the University of Bourgogne, he began Marquis Enterprises in 1987. His company operations have included sports apparel exporting, travel and tour operations, wine brokering, publishing, rare book and collectibles reselling. He has established numerous e-commerce, barter exchange and art websites including MarquesV.com, ArtsInAmerica.com, InsiderSeriesBooks.com, DiscountVintages.com and WineScalper.com.Between 2005-2009, he relocated to the Languedoc region of southern France. He concentrated on his painting and sculptural work while restoring two 19th century stone village residences. His figurative painting, photography and sculptural works have been sold and exhibited internationally since 1986. He re-established his Pacific Coast residence in 2009 and has focused his creative productivity on writing and photography.His published works span a diverse variety of subjects including true crime, international travel, California wines, architecture, history, Southern France, Pacific Coast attractions, fiction, auctions, fine art marketing, poetry, fiction and photojournalism.He has two daughters, Charline and Caroline who presently reside in Europe.

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Strikingly Illustrated Phobias - Marques Vickers

Strikingly Illustrated Phobias

Mesmerizing and Gritty Spoof of Fears

Published by Marques Vickers at Smashwords

Copyright 2020


Herron Island, Washington



Achluophobia: Fear of Darkness

Acrophobia: Fear of Heights

Aeroacrophobia: Fear of Open High Spaces

Aerophobia: Fear of Flying

Aestophobia: Fear of Hot Weather

Agateophobia: Fear of Insanity

Agoraphobia: Fear of Standing in Line

Agrizoophobia: Fear of Wild Animals

Ailurophobia: Fear of Cats

Alektorophobia: Fear of Fowl

Alliumphobia: Fear of Garlic

Allodoxaphobia: Fear of  Opinions or Those of Other People

Altocelarophobia: Fear of High Ceilings

Amathophobia: Fear of Dust

Amaxophobia: Fear of Riding in a Car

Ambulophobia: Fear of Walking

Ammophobia: Fear of Walking On Sand

Amychophobia: Fear of Scratches or Being Scratched

Anapsytikophobia: Fear of Soft Drinks

Ancraophobia: Fear of Wind

Anemophobia: Fear of Windmills

Anglophobia: Fear of England and English Culture

Anthrophobia: Fear of Flowers

Anthropophobia: Fear of People and Society

Antlophobia: Fear of Floods

Apeirophobia: Fear of Eternity

Aphenphosmphobia: Fear of Being Touched

Apiphobia: Fear of Bees

Apocalyphobia: Fear About the World’s End

Apotemnophobia: Fear of Being An Amputee

Aquaphobia: Fear of Water

Arachnophobia: Fear of Spiders

Arcotophobia: Fear of Bears and Teddy Bears

Argyrophobia: Fear of Silver

Ataxophobia: Fear of Disorder or Untidiness

Atephobia: Fear of Ruins or Ruin

Aurophobia: Fear of Gold

Automatonophobia: Fear of Human Like Figures

Autophobia: Fear of Abandonment

Barophobia: Fear of Being Crushed By Gravity

Basiphobia: Fear of Falling Down

Bathmophobia: Fear of Stairs or Steep Slopes

Batophobia: Fear of Heights

Batrachophobia: Fear of Amphibians, such as Frogs, Newts and Salamanders

Bibliophobia: Fear of Books

Biophobia: Fear of Nature

Botanophobia: Fear of Plants

Bromidrosiphobia: Fear of Body Smells

Capnophobia: Fear of Smoking and Tobacco Products

Carnophobia: Fear of Meat

Castlephobia: Fear of Castles

Catapedaphobia: Fear of Jumping From High Places

Catoptrophobia: Fear of Mirrors and Seeing Ones Reflection

Chiclephobia: Fear of Chewing Gum

Chionophobia: Fear of Snow

Chiraptophobia: Fear of Being Touched

Chorophobia: Fear of Dancing

Chrometophobia: Fear of Money


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