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Learn Javascript In 1 Hour

Learn Javascript In 1 Hour

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Learn Javascript In 1 Hour

49 pages
17 minutes
Mar 21, 2017


Have you always wanted to learn the foundations of computer programming? Are you tired of being bogged down by confusing jargon and complex descriptions? This book is an easy-to-understand, beginner's introduction to JavaScript. With this book, your website will be up-and-running in no time!

This book includes chapters on the following:

Functions – Finally your website can do things! It's not just a pretty face. Learn how to enable your site to perform tasks.

Variables – Integers, doubles, floats, characters, strings: these are all different types of variables. Variables are crucial to programming because they contain data. Learn about the different types and when you should use each one.

If Statements - If you read this book, you will reach the section on conditionals. If statements run code IF a certain condition is met. These are extremely useful for testing values and preventing code from crashing, among other things.
Mar 21, 2017

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Learn Javascript In 1 Hour - John Bura

Learn Javascript In 1 Hour

Learn JavaScript in 1 Hour

Learn JavaScript in 1 Hour

by John Bura

Copyright © 2017 Mammoth Interactive, Inc. All rights reserved.

Printed in Canada.

Published by Mammoth Interactive, Inc., 218 – 111 West Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

V5Y 1P4.

Mammoth Interactive books may be purchased for educational, business, or sales promotional use.

Writer: John Bura

Transcriber: Chelsea Cuffy

Editor: Alexandra Kropova

March 2017: Second Edition

About the Author

John Bura has been programming since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John brings a unique perspective with his years of experience of teaching and real-world experience running a software company. In 2008, John founded Mammoth Interactive.

Since then, his company has sold over 400,000 copies of educational courses around the world. Their courses have been featured on websites such as Venture Beat, Expert Dojo, Cult of Mac, and Macgams. In addition, Mammoth Interactive has produced games for the iPhone, iPad, XBOX 360, and more. The organization also has a long history of providing support to other developers. Mammoth Interactive has been contracted to produce epic soundtracks, addicting levels, rock solid programming, and business development.

Go to www.mammothinteractive.com to get free stuff, courses, books, apps, games, t-shirts, daily deals, and more!



Learn JavaScript in 1 Hour

About the Author





CHAPTER 1: Adding Functions

Scaling Functions

CHAPTER 2: Changing Text in JavaScript

CHAPTER 3: Variables

CHAPTER 4: Arrays

CHAPTER 5: Objects

CHAPTER 6: Variable Scope

CHAPTER 7: Adding User Input Text


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