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Reversing Diabetes: How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Naturally, A Practical Guide for the Newly Diagnosed to Prevent and Control High Blood Sugar without Drugs

Reversing Diabetes: How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Naturally, A Practical Guide for the Newly Diagnosed to Prevent and Control High Blood Sugar without Drugs

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Reversing Diabetes: How I Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Naturally, A Practical Guide for the Newly Diagnosed to Prevent and Control High Blood Sugar without Drugs

87 pages
46 minutes
Dec 20, 2020


I was diagnosed with a very high level of diabetes in early 2019. My blood sugar/glucose level was extremely alarming. The next one year was a year of transformation in my life as I reversed my diabetes.


I lived in China, and didn't really know Mandarin Chinese. It was very difficult to visit hospitals alone and communicate with the Chinese doctors.

Although I am quite fine now, the lessons learnt are precious and worth sharing.


Hope no one again gets the sugar disease. Never, ever!


We deserve a much better life.


A memoir of struggle and learning…

Dec 20, 2020

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Reversing Diabetes - Pete Truman


Part 1

My struggle with diabetes

About Me

I have been living in the eastern part of China (Shanghai) since I came to the mainland in the late 2017, for a full-time job. I was in my early 30s, 5’8", and 88kg. My BMI often touched 30.

Also, before I officially started working in the mainland, I had a detailed medical test in China. The test included eyes, HIV, color blindness, and urine tests. However, I’m not sure if they tested my blood sugar, most likely they didn’t.

Also, I never smoked in my life. Never drank alcohol, literally. No drugs. I preferred a vegetarian diet and simple lifestyle, and considered myself a healthy being and very much a gentleman.

Basically, I didn’t have any problem with the first physical examination in China. In fact, passing the medical test has been compulsory for obtaining a Chinese Residence Permit, the long-term multiple entry visa (issued after you have already arrived in China on a Z category visa).

My Residence Permit was granted without any issues.

My Full Body Medical Test Report

In the beginning of each year, most (certainly not all) of the employees in China go through regular medical tests.

Every year, my colleagues would go through the full body medical test. The test included a variety of tests, such as chest x-ray, urine, fasting blood/glucose level, urinary protein, eye test. The test was sponsored by my employer. It was free. If you want to go for such test by yourself, it’d cost about RMB 400 (1 US $1 = ~RMB 7).

However, I didn’t attend the medical test in January 2018 as I had just attended a comprehensive medical test only a few months ago to obtain my Chinese Residence Permit, my long-term multiple entry visa of China.

Then came January 2019. This was the time when, like every year, we all were expected to attend the medical test. This time I also went through a full body medical test.

I knew the report would be available in about two weeks’ time.

However, the hospital was quite far from my workplace (I lived close to my office). I didn’t know how to go to the hospital and collect the report. My Chinese was too poor, and didn’t know how to use Baidu App (the navigation App in China). Google didn’t work in China (and it sucks in China if you try with a VPN connection).

I just informed the personnel responsible for monitoring the health issues to collect my test report.

Chinese New Year was coming soon, the largest festival in China. A huge festive season! It’s a very important festival in China. Most of my colleagues would return to home. The whole office was virtually gone to be shut down.

Not particularly caring about my medical test results, I also started planning my holidays. I wanted to visit distant places within the mainland China. However, the winter season in China was extremely severe. The midday temperature hovered around 0º C. It was difficult to travel to the northern part of China (midday temperature about -40º C). Moreover, during the Chinese New Year, most of the Chinese people would travel. It’d be difficult to secure train tickets as most of the tickets were already booked in advance.

After carefully considering my travel options, I decided to travel to the nearby places. The train tickets were easily available. I worked out a comprehensive list of the top things to do during my upcoming new year trip.

I booked train tickets to Fujian and Zhejiang provinces. I was going to visit 5 new cities in these two provinces. In fact, I carefully planned my train reservations so that I had at least a couple of days in each of the

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