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Diabetic Snack Strategies

A diabetic keping ur blood sugar n control i prmnent challenge. Thu f u r ften hungry btween meals u huld knw n advance wht options u hve t address th situation tht yu n mntin yur blood sugar undr control.

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Ther ar gng t b times whn u hv finished our meal r snack nd u re hungry agn long befr our nxt meal s scheduled r rght befor bed. Depending n hw muh time u hve t g befor u ar supsd t eat agin nd wht our blood sugar levels r t u m wnt t move yur meal time u r indulge n sm free food. If ths hns frequently t time lk t yur eating schedule nd meal plan. If ou hve recentl added mre physical activity t ur dil routine, u wll als hav t increase ur food intake t compensate fr th extra energy our re ung up. If th snt th cas nd ou r unsure wh our appetite h increased r our urrnt meal plan i n longer working, speak t ur dietician t f thre ar ome revisions tht cn b mde t prevent thi frm happening. Whn u hv gestational diabetes, t recommended tht u hve snack bfore bedtime t tide ou ovr untl th morning. It wll l b important t hv bedtime snack f ou r takng n insulin injection prior t bed tht yur blood sugar de nt bcme to low overnight. If nther f the scenarios applies t you, ou n hve me free food bfor bed f yu r finding tht yu ar hungry t night time. A bouillon (beef r chicken broth) mght stave ff hunger pangs nd llw u t fall asleep. If ou ar hungry t night time nd our blood sugars re low, d hav smthing t eat t raise yur glucose level. If thi i frequent occurrence, yu my nt b eating nough food t dinner time. Tr adding protein r carbohydrate t e f thi mak difference.