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New Born Black Steel Cicatriz ESP Stamina Rose One Splitting the Atom This Place is a Prison Let Me Go Dead Disco N Rock Make It Wit Chu No. 13 Baby Rock the House Everything Up (Zizou) Electioneering 505 The River by Muse, from Origins of Symmetry by Tricky, from Maxinquaye by The Mars Volta, from Deloused in the Comatorium by Yoko Kanno, from the Ghost in the Shell OST by Ratatat, from 9 Beats by Massive Attack, from Heligoland by The Postal Service, from by Phantogram, from Eyelid Movies by Metric, from by Morningwood, self-titled album by Queens of the Stone Age, from by Pixies, from Doolittle by Gorillaz, self-titled album by Zero 7, from Yeah Ghost! by Cold War Kids, covering Radiohead by Arctic Monkeys, from by PJ Harvey, from Is This Desire?