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A Conversation with Superintendent Dr.

Michael Harvey
Wed.,October 10, 6:30 PM Miles River Middle School Band Room


Meet our new superintendent and provide your views and perspectives on Special Education in Hamilton Wenham. Dr. Harvey will share the core values he brings to our district and is seeking input from the Special Education community as he formulates an Entry Plan to be presented to the School Committee and the communities of Hamilton and Wenham in December. This will become the starting point for a long-term strategic plan in the District. First hand feedback from the parents and guardians of children living Special Education in our schools is vital. Share your views and perspectives on: What are the strengths of our special education system? What are the areas of opportunity for change and improvement? What aspects of our Special Education system must be preserved at all cost? What are our priorities and where should resources be focused?

Your input is vital!

Katherine Harris, Director of Student Services, will also speak and discuss the results of the DESE Parent Involvement Survey from last spring.
Sponsored by - Hamilton Wenham Special Education Parent Advisory Council
The Hamilton-Wenham SEPAC is open to all parents or guardians of children with learning, neurological, physical, psychological, emotional or cognitive disabilities, as well as other interested parties. The PAC also advises the school committee and school officials in the planning, development, and evaluation of special education programs and offers education, networking and support to parents and guardians of children with learning differences and disabilities. For more information, please call 978-468-6246/ or see our website at