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DETERMINATIONS:Determination of Plant:Customer material info record of sold to party Customer master record of ship to party Material master record

of material Shipping point determination:Plant-----shipping conditions-----loading group-----shipping point Item category determination:Sales doc type-----item category group [material master]-----usage----- higher level item category-----item category of item Pricing procedure determination:Sales area-----customer pricing procedure [sales area data tab, customer master] -----document pricing procedure [sales doc type] -----pricing procedure. Account determination:Sales organization-----chart of account-----accounting assignment group [customer master] -----accounting assignment group [material master] -----account key-----G/L account on which posting has to happen. Schedule line determination:Item category-----MRP type [material master] -----schedule line category. Route determination:Departure zone of shipping point-----shipping condition of [sold to party] -----transportation group of [material master] -----transportation zone of [ship to party] -----route.

Partner procedure determination:Partner procedure-----assign partner functions-----assign partner procedure to accounting groups-----assign partner function to your account groups Material determination:Create Table----Create accesses sequence-----Assign table to your accesses sequence----create condition type-----assign accesses sequence to your condition type-----create procedure-----assign condition type to your procedure -----assign procedure to your sales doc type. Picking location / storage location determination [OVL3]:Shipping point-----plant-----shipping conditions-----storage location.