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Course Outline English 5 Royal Order of Adjectives Use of Adverbs The Little Prince Chapters 1-10 Writing a Descriptive

Paragraph Journal Writing

Course Outline English 6 Subject-Verb Agreement Royal Order of Adjectives Writing a Descriptive Paragraph Journal Writing Reading Between the Lines Reading a Chart PISA

Course Outline English 7 Class Reporting Subject-Verb Agreement Idiomatic Expressions Using Adjectives and Adverbs My Father Goes to Court A Christmas Carol

Couse Outline English 8

Writing a Letter Theme Writing Writing a Descriptive Paragraph Using Adjectives and Adverbs Using Prepositions and Conjunctions Little Men Chapters 1-15

Course Outline English 9 Analysis of Hamlet Acts II-V Writing a Character Sketch Dramatize one Act Using Adjectives and Adverbs in writing a short story Using Prepositions and Conjunctions in writing a letter Journalling