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Por(olio Domain 6 Graduate Standards

Leanne Wheaton Magill Primary School Semester 1 2012

6.1 Pre-service teachers use their developing knowledge of students, content and pedagogy to establish clear and achievable learning goals for their students.
understands the class and year level building relaGonships and geHng to know each student - quickly learned name, built trust integrate child development and teaching and learning theory - eg ZPD, Piaget, scaolding use curriculum documents for outcome planning and integrate with exisGng plans and programs learnt new content in order to teach Science sequence on soil and rocks

Establish and explain expectaGons

Building relaGonships at camp and on excursion

Running the morning rouGne

6.2 Pre-service Teachers plan and document the use of a range of acGviGes, resources and materials to provide meaningful learning opportuniGes for students.

Prepared and implemented a range of lesson plans MathemaGcs Science Literacy

Undertook teaching whole of class, small groups, one to one and making observaGons

Whole class lesson on measurement using various materials and instruments to explore standard and non-standard units

Planned and implemented a 9 lesson sequence using a wide variety of teaching materials

Mentor comments
Children were engaged and keen to parGcipate in the (Science) lesson great movement around the learning teams conferencing as you went class sharing (of observaGons) well supported and very interesGng Observe, discuss, describe and record was a great sequence to use. The connecGon you made with the SA Museum was excellent the class truly believed that the map (you made) was 200 years old and the soil and rocks had come from the Museum Recap of the lesson using TWLH chart brought everything together well done for today

Worked with students in whole of class seHng, small groups and one to one in reading, spelling and wriGng

Reading My Place with the whole class using both the IWB and the book, supporGng learning teams working with non-cGon Connector books, reading and spelling focus with individual student.

6.3 Pre-service Teachers will know how to monitor students engagement in learning and begin to maintain records and report on student learning.
Understands the importance of engagement during dierent stages of teaching and learning
Vary presentaGon of teaching to cater to the range of learning modes

Recognises and is beginning to apply a wide range of assessment types including non-formal and formal Understands the importance of feedback (4 dierent types) to inform teaching and learning
HaHe and Timperley (task, process, self regulaGon and self)

Personal reecGon: I had some good learning experiences where much of the class became disengaged on a few occasions. As a result I learnt some strategies to deal with this including, adding a surprise element such as a quiz or change of focus or abandoning the lesson altogether and moving on to something dierent. At other Gmes, I planned lessons where students maintained focus and engagement throughout the lesson. These lessons generally involved pracGcal hands on tasks and or learning team work and discussion. I observed that lessons with a purely teacher focus were less successful.

Mentor comments
congratulaGons on the way you handled the noisy return of the class from dance. You had previously set explicit criteria about how you expected the class to return and when they did not, you clearly set the consequence. You moved onto the Science lesson well and the children were engaged. much more seeled at the beginning of the lesson you made your expectaGons really clear and let students know what aspects of their behavior was unacceptable yesterday and the impact it had on teaching and learning

6.4 Pre-service Teachers will be able to select, document and implement the approved curriculum to assess student learning eecGvely, to provide feedback to students and to inform further planning of teaching and learning.

All lesson plans have shown outcomes with explicit links to relevant curriculum document descripGons Discussed academic task with mentor assessment of work samples with detailed annotaGons referenced to Australian NaGonal Curriculum Assessed (formal and informal) student learning, provided feedback and used informaGon to inform teaching

Academic Assignment Work sample assessment referenced to the Australian Curriculum

Assessing Student work

Science journal work sample

Designed and Set a SummaGve Assessment

Mentor comments on my feedback

explanaGon of the outline was clear, precise (there was) constant feedback to those working well and on task

Personal reecGon: Many of the students did well on the labeling of the diagram but were uncomfortable with the secGon requiring them to explain why the layers form in the soil mixture experiment. I had to answer many individual quesGons and then stop the class to explain the task again. I dont think it was dicult to understand but my mentor commented many students were unwilling to take a risk in their responses. Students concentraGng on the assessment task.

Thank you for allowing me to learn and teach as a pre-service teacher at Magill Primary School Thank you to Anne Headland and Cath Cooper. Your level of professionalism and dedicaGon is inspiring and I have been extremely fortunate to work with you both