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10th Class Computer Science Important MCQs Chapter # 1 Chapter # 2 Chapter # 3 Chapter # 4 Chapter # 5 Chapter # 6 Chapter # 7 Problem Solving

Data types, I/O statements Control Structure Arrays Subprogram Handling Graphics in BASIC Microsoft WORD and File

Chapter # 1
1. _______ is grammatical rules of programming language. a) Semantics b) Syntax a) Syntax c) Both d) None of these c) Runtime d) all of above

2. Memory over flow is type of __________error. b) Logical 3. ________ is a sequence of ordered steps. a) Logarithm b) Algorithm c) Matrix 4. 5. _________ Symbol is used for processing. a) Oval b) Rectangle c) diamond d) connector d) none of these Pictorial representation of algorithm is called___________. a) Logarithm b) Flow control a) Syntax a) Bug a) Requirement b) Logical c) Flow chart d) None of these

6. Program crashes when __________ error occurs. c) Run time c) Fault c) Test d) All of above d) None of these d) b & c 7. Errors in a program are called __________. b) Debug b) Design 8. Flow chart is part of _________ document.

Chapter # 2
1. GW BASIC was designed in _______. a) 1960 a) Indirect a) F4 b) 1963 b) Direct b) F3 c) 1970 d) None of these d) All of above d) F5 2. Commands are lost in __________ mode. c) Graphics c) F1 3.________ key is used to LIST the program.

4.__________ has predefined meanings in BASIC. a) Keyword a) Integer precision 6.__________ Command is used to rename a file in BASIC. b) Special word b) String c) Variables d) none of these d) double 5. 37.4! is example of __________ type number. c) Single precision

a) * a) END

b) RENAME c) RENUM b) ^ b) STOP c) + c) REM

d) None of these d) None of these d) All of above

7.__________ operator has lowest precedence. 8._________ is example of non executable statement.

Chapter # 3
1._______ is example of unconditional control transfer. a) ONGOTO a) FOR-NEXT a) Sequence a) FOR a) FOR above 6.__________is multiple branching statement. a) GOTO a) NEITHER b) ON N...GOTO b) NOT c) GOSUB c) OR d) IF- ELSE d) All of above 7.__________ is not a logical operator. 8._________ is used to repeat a set of instructions for specific time. b) GO...SUB c) GOTO d) None of these d) None of these d) All of above 2.________is example of repetition control structure. b) WHILE-WEND b) Repetition b) WHILE b) DO c) BOTH c) Selection c) Nested c) Nested 3. IF-THEN_ELSE is example of__________control structure. 4. In _________ loop, variable is incremented inside body of loop. d) None of these d) All of 5. Loop inside body of other loop is called___________Loop.

4 a) IF-ELSE b) LOOP c) GOTO d) None of these

Chapter # 4
1._______ is a collection of elements of same type. a) Variable a) Subscripted these 3. Marks (6) is example of __________array. a) 1-D a) 52 a) LET a) Vector a) 0 a) Single b) 2-D b) 10 b) DIM b) Matrix b) 1 b) FOR c) dynamic d) All of above c) 7 c) DO c) Linear c) 2 c) nested d) 20 d) None of these d) None of these d) None of these d) all of above 4. Arr (5, 2) has ___________ elements. 5. To declare array of 20 elements___________ is used. 6. 2-D array is also called__________. 7. By default array index starts from__________. 8. 2-D array is filled with ___________ loop. b) Array c) Loop d) All of above d) None of 2. Array is also called __________ variable. b) Simple c) Complex

Chapter # 5
1. Standard functions are also called_______ functions. a) user defined a) ABS b) Intrinsic b) INT c) Both c) FIX d) None d) All of these 2.__________ function is used to drop fractional part of a number.

5 3. _________ is not given a name in a program. a) Function b) procedure c) Subroutine d) none of above

4. ___________ is used to define a user function. a) LET a) table a) Input above 7. The __________ function is used to check for end of file. a) ERR a) Size b) EOF ( ) b) length c) EOL ( ) d) LN d) EOF 8.__________ function is used to determine size of string. c) LEN b) DIM b) Record b) Output c) DEF FN c) File c) append d) SUB d) none of these d) all of 5. ___________ is a collection of related fields. 6.__________ means data will be added to the end of the file.

Chapter # 6
1._______ is the dot on the computer screen. a) Picture a) Text a) PSET a) Line a) 4 a) SCREEN b) resolution b) medium b) LINE b) PSET b) 8 b) PALETTE c) Pixel c) high c) Circle c) CIRCLE c) 12 c) CIRCLE d) all of above d) None d) a & b d) all of above d) 16 d) None 2. In________resolution mode, screen is divided into 320x200 pixels. 3. We can draw a line with the help of ___________statement. 4. ___________ statement is used to draw ellipse. 5. Background colors available in BASIC is__________. 6.__________contains set of colors.

Chapter # 7
1.__________command is used to save file in WORD. a) CTRL+S a) CTRL+Z a) CTRL a) FONT a) CTRL+D a) Legal a) CTRL+Z a) System b) CTRL+V b) CTRL+Y b) HOME c) DEL c) CTRL+X d) None d) CTRL+S 2.____________ command is used to REDO in WORD. c) CTRL+ D d) TAB d) none d) CTRL+P d) A3 3. To move cursor at the start of current line__________ key used. 4. ___________ is available in insert menu. b) DROP CAP b) CTRL+S b) letter b) CTRL+H c) Hyperlink 5. ____________ key is used for PASTE. c) CTRL+V c) A4 6. Paper size 8.5x11 inch is called__________. 7.__________key is used for Replace. c) CTRL+F d) CTRL+D d) None 8. MS word is ___________ software. b) application c) both