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CRM Question Bank

1. What is CRM? State and explain various types of eCRM?
2. Diff between CRM and eCRM
3. What r the significant features of eCRM

4. Define SFA. Explain the need for SFA
5. What is data synchronization
6. Explain the functionality of SFA
7. SN on reporting Tools
8. What is the barrier in successful SFA
9. Explain the purpose of SFA
10. Give any live examples which explains SFA

11. What is customer retention. Explain briefly why is it necessary
12. What is campaign management
13. Explain the phenomenon of cross selling and up selling. Give an example
14. Explain in brief target marketing, product marketing, direct marketing.
15. State various components of EMA

Call Center

16. State the evolution of customer services from beginning to call center
17. Describe the functionality and implementation of call center
18. State various background processes involved in call center implementation
19. State how customer satisfaction for call center is measured
20. State and define call scripting
21. What do mean by call routing. How is it implemented and how does it help call

Implementation of Call Center

22. How would u perform the data gathering for CRM

23. State the steps taken for prototyping detailed proposal generation for CRM
24. State the various aspects of system optimization w.r.t implementing CRM

25. State the advantages and disadvantages of implementing ASP
26. State the role and functions of ASP

Case Study –1
You receive a letter from JET AIRWAYS
MR. Das,
During past one year, you purchased and flew expanded JET service departing from
MUMBAI Airport. We appreciate your business. To thank we would like to give you an
opportunity to earn free travel and save on JET. Earn double miles and save 10% on Jet.
Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Bose,
Customer Relationship Manager,
JET Airways

State all business extracts from the letter. State various features that have been taken into
account for the Customer campaign

Case Study –2

Mobile Telephony industry grew enormously because the new users embraced mobile
technology. The cost required new mobile phone was very high because carriers heavily
subsidized handset and retailer costs to make it easier for new users to sign up for new
service. As a result carriers face a pressing need to maximize their average return per user
(ARPU) by retaining their best customers for as long as possible. This challenge is
particularly acute in the face of showing growth due to market saturation and the
impending expiration of many original customers service plans.

State at least four goals that the company must adopt so that it keeps old customers and
adds the new customers. Give strategies to implement these goals.