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Test of alarm panels and circuits - Select 1 IO device that is defined as COMMATT <IOIOP:IO1=all; - From IO COMMATT, Set the exchange manning sate <IODAC:ATT; RESULT The attendance lamps are lit


- Initiate test of lamps and bells of the alarm panels <ALLTI:ALI=ali; RESULT The lamps litght and the bell ring. - End the test <ALLTE:ALI=ali; RESULT Normally all lamps extinguished and no audible alarm -------------------------------------------------------------------------2.Test of external alarm receivers

Check routing of alarm <IOROP; Printout alarm class data <ALCLP; Printout external alarm data <ALEXP; Printout ALI data <ALALP; Printout alarm category data <ALACP; Printout scan category data <ALSCP; Manual blocking of an external alarm receiver <BLEAI:DEV=EXAL0-x; Manual deblocking of an external alarm receiver <BLEAE:DEV=EXAL0-x; Reset external alarm <ALEXR:DEV=EXAL0-x; Block ALI <ALBLI:ALI=x; Deblock ALI <ALBLE:ALI=x;


ALARM CLASS: indicates the degree of urgency associated with an alarm ALARM CATEGORY: indicates the type of equipment that generates the alarm The AXE can handle up to 16 alarm categories External Alarm in RSS(BYB202) The EXALI-B3 board is an adaption unit for connection of external alarm receivers to an EMRP at an RSS.EXALI-B3 is connected to an EMRP through the

DEVCB(Device control bus)and can therefore be placed in a magazine with other device board.It has a capacity to connect 32 external alarm receivers. EXAL0:External Alarm Receivers in RSS (No hardware) EXAL2:External Alarm Receivers in ALI(at Host, includes hardware)


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