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Ambiguity and Double Meaning

We now have dress shirts on sale for men with 16 necks! Shirts with 16 necks, or men with 16 necks, or 16 neck sizes Hospitals are sued by 7 foot doctors Doctors who have a height of 7 foot, doctors with 7 foots I will bring my bike tomorrow if it looks nice in the morning If the bike looks nice, or if the morning looks nice They hit the man with a cane The man with a cane, or the hitter used a cane Toilet out of order. Please use floor below. Use the floor, or use the lower floors washroom Language is just a combination of groups of words that can be interpreted to mean different things. The analysis of these combinations is solely based on the readers perspective. This reinforces the need for clarity to reduce the amount of ambiguity in everyday speech. When a person says an ambiguous sentence, the receiver of the message may understand or may think they understand when the message is actually blurred. The importance of sentence structure is defined here, emphasizing the need for a phrase to be understood under any circumstances. Double meanings exist in everyday language and whether it is an aspect of language that needs to be fixed or not, it is ultimately up to the society.