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Lector Univ. Dr.

Silviu Cojocaru

Backlog valoarea contractelor semnate care urmeaz s fie executat n viitor Bill rate Valoarea medie a sumelor facturate pe zi/consultant (poate fi calculat difereniat pentru diverse categorii profesionale) Billability /Utilization rate Numrul total de ore facturate din numrul total de ore lucrate.

Leverage Ratio Numrul de consultani juniori raportai la numrul de consultani seniori. Loaded Pay Rate include salariul de baz + taxele i beneficiile

Time & materials Suma fix

Contractori individuali sau firme de consultan care realizeaz diverse categorii de servicii Firme de consultan, avocatur, contabilitate, arhitecur etc.

O categorie de aplicaii software dedicate firmelor de servicii profesionale Funcii de project management si resource management Evidena proiectelor i facturare

Time & Expense Recording

Management Information

Billing Project Management

Resource Planning Accounting

Accountants Public Relations

Oil&Gas Exploration Charity Disbursement Financial Services Surveyors Advertising Law Offices

IT Services
Software Development Engineering Architects Auditing Payroll Services Construction Project Management

Timesheet Entry and Authorisation

Expense Form Entry, Authorisation and Review

Employee Allocations Project Manager Approvals All Browser Based

Selection by Project

Optional Analytical Entry (up to 20 dimensions)

Time Entry in chosen units Optional Notes Entry

Optional Task Entry

Optional Status Entry

Unlimited Timesheet Types with the right data capture fields for each Employee and Project

Timesheet Entry

Key Modules
Time & Expense Recording Billing Project Management Management Information Resource Planning Accounting