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Ask Me Abo

Reading and Writing


* The next story in my Making Connections book- this is the third story I have read focusing on and practicing Main Idea The Gingerbread stories we have started to read in reading groups and the ones Mrs. * Warstler has shared with us How the gingerbread man stories are SIMILAR and how the stories are DIFFERENT * * Starting to create a chart for all the different versions of the gingerbread stories- this chart will help me when I later start writing MY OWN gingerbread version! The Scholastic News we read all about Barack Obama and his family in honor of his * inauguration on January 21st

* The new hunks and chunks I learned this week, the bossy r- ir and ur and ask me to tell you about the dirt bike ride we go on when we say these hunks and chunks * Where I would nd ir and ur in a word * My Monster Word quilt and what I did to color in the quilt squares

-Monster Word Spelling Review is



tomorrow make three


Book Orders due next Friday, February 1st

(Dont forget to use your free book coupon!)

* Continuing to practice measuring using my foot and then a standard foot- what did I nd out? * Measuring in inches and using a six inch ruler- ask me about some of the things I measured in our room and what I discovered * Some of the math activities we have been doing on the SmartBoard during Calendar

Mrs. Alahakoon coming in to help us scrapbook Playing Simon Says in Spanish

* Indoor recess this week and what I have been doing