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Affirmative plan is crucial for military readiness

Florida Department of Transportation, United States Department of Defense, United States Air Force October, 2011

The inability to replace the conventional intersection with a single point urban interchange (SPUI) will: Amplify the significant increases in daily congestion already in place resulting in: Increased travel times at 120 person hours daily, or $936,050 annually Increased vehicle miles traveled Increased CO2 emissions annually in kilograms, greater than 1 million Decreased safety: adding to the already high totals of crashes each with potential loss of life, injury, and property damage , averaging $3.8 million annually Severe delay of truck/commercial traffic Gridlock during: * Military mission activities * Increased security levels * Economically significant events within the region * Hurricane and other emergency evacuations and/or times of national disaster or security Potential to compromise military mission activities Continue to diminish the only coastal east-west regional connectivity in Okaloosa County Potential for loss of connection for military, commercial, industrial, residential and resort visitor access The investment of $21.2 million total cost of the project is needed today and the benefit will be repaid greater than seven times in the future with the savings from time delay, Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), fuel consumption savings, and crash costs alone. The inability to replace the existing intersection will be detrimental to Okaloosa County, the metropolitan area, region, and nation.