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Birth Time Rectification Dear Members, I have seen many asking and arguing on the birth time rectification methods. One shouldn't run away from such vital questions. Let me share my humble understanding on the subject. I have searched the classics and other books and this is what I could find. What is birth time? -----------------1) If Seerishodaya sign - head, if Prishtodaya sign - feet, if Ubhayodaya sign - hand. i.e. The coming out of head, feet or hand could be considered as the time of birth accordingly considering the Asc sign at birth time. (One sloka in Saravali supports this view) 2) Time of Garbhodhodaka Sruthi - breaking time of placenta. (Brihat sounaka hora) 3) The coming out of head, feet or hand could be considered as the time of birth irrespective of the Asc sign at birth time. (Garga jathakam) 4) The time of cutting of Umbilical cord (No classics supports this view) 5) The time of first breath (No classics supports this view) 6) The time of first cry (No classics supports this view) 7) Adhana time (Saravali and Lakhujathakam supports this view) 8) Laladodayam - The time at which forehead of the child is seen (Saravali) 9) Bhoosparsa - The time at which the child touches the earth (Saravali) 10) Any time that is tightly related to the person can be taken to predict his future - conclusion drawn by considering all the above views. (There are systems for predicting future by considering the first menses period and the time of marriage. This also supports this view) -----------------------------------------Mathematical methods to correct birth time 1) Kunda Multiplication method - Asc x 81 (Prasnamarga, Prasnareethi, Varaha hora, Saunaka hora) 2) Navamsa Dwadesamsa method - Asc x 108 (Varaha hora, Brihath prajapathyam) 3) Navamsa - Asc x 9 (Sounaka hora) 4) Dwadesamsa - Asc x 12 (Brihath prajapathyam) 5) Varga Chathushtaya - Joined use of methods 1-2-3-4. (Presnamarga, Presnarathna, Skanda hora) 6) Pancha Boothodaya - Pancha tatwa method (Yanjcha valkya smrithi, Regular use of this theory by ancient astrologers, Some slokas in Uthara kalamritha also initiates thoughts in these lines) 7) Use of nirayana longitude of Sun - It is long calculation method (Presnamarga) 8) Ghati-vighati at birth time - It is also another calculation method (Uttara kalamrita) 9) Sookshma hora - Asc x 972 (Presnasara, One sloka of Saravali is also at times quoted as supportive of this) 10) Nadi system - Method not clearly stated (Chandrakala nadi, Sphujidhwaja hora also initiates thoughts in these lines) ---------------------------------------4 methods for cross checking and verifying whether Asc sign is correct. 1) Using Gulika (Presnarathna, Presna samgraha, Jathaka parijatha, Presnasara, Phaladeepika) 2) Using Pranapada (Jyothisha Rathnakaram) 3) Using Mandi (Jathaka parijatha, Brihath jathaka padhathi, Phaladeepika, Uthara kalamritham) 4) Using Trisputa (Presnamarga) This is the essence of what I could find. i.e. Totally there are 10 arguments as to what is birth time, of which the 10th is the most acceptable one. 10 methods for birth time rectification and 4 methods for cross checking and verifying whether Asc sign is correct. Of the birth time rectification methods Varga chathushtaya method is the most supported one by classics. Even though there is not slokas that supports Pancha tatwa method it some how gets special reputation by the learned scholars (for example both PVR and Chandrahari are supportive of this method) As an elaborate discussion of all these methods will take much time, space and effort, I humbly request the learned scholars who are well versed in any of these methods to explain each in detail, for the benefit of others. Concerning Kunda calculation I have explained my views earlier, and certainly ready to share my thoughts on other methods as time permits, if many are ready to share this effort of explaining all these methods to the benefit of learners and seekers. With warm regards, Sreenadh