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Limiting Beliefs

1. What are the limiting beliefs that you have?

2. Who is an exception to the rule? Who has had a similar problem that you are facing have right now and was able to overcome it? List down an exception to the rule for each of your limiting beliefs listed above.

3. List down your accomplishments, strength, and talents? After you have written these down, look over them and try to remember how you felt about your accomplishments. Remember the feeling of confidence you had when you were able to achieve what youve achieved in the past.

4. How can you reframe your old beliefs? Write down what you want your new beliefs to be.

5. Set a plan. Come up with some questions to help solve your limiting beliefs. Remember to ask questions so you find a solution. Focus on the solution, and not the problem. When you write down your questions, see what solutions come up and act on the answers you come up with.