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New Super Mario Bros.

Wii (Wii) World 9 Walkthrough World 9: Rainbow Path 9-1: Rainbow Path This is pretty much World 7-1 all over again. World 9-2: Rainbow Path And so the Porcu-Puffer returns. (Sigh) 9-3: Rainbow Path Bullet Bills with a World 6 background. 9-4: Rainbow Path A side-scrolling desert Piranha Plant level. World 9-5: Rainbow Path A snow level with Cooligans and ice. Ugh... 9-6: Rainbow Path Lava Land? World 9-7: Rainbow Path Ice and Piranha Plants in a jungle. Nice... World 9-8: Rainbow Path (Final Level) A cloud level. At the end, Mario must avoid a HUGE Banzai Bill, called the King Bill. Before that, though, Mario gets to hop across smiling clouds.