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Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) World 1: The Great Space Journey Begins Sky Station Galaxy: Pewee Piranhas

Temper Tantrum This is the rst and easiest (I.M.O.) Galaxy in the game. Mario basically needs to y through space here in this simple Galaxy. Lumas will tell him on the way how to use certain controls. Boss: Pewee Piranha Like Dino Piranha, the boss of the rst Galaxy, Good Egg, in the rst Mario Galaxy, Pewee needs to be Spun on his rear end (An egg replaces Dino Piranhas tail). At the end of this ght, however, Pewee grows red in rage and becomes more aggressive and fast. Sky Station Galaxy: Storming the Sky Fleet Another rather easy level. Mario needs to go through UFO-themed planets of sorts, avoiding Banzai Bills and Piranha Plants. At the end of the level, Mario must collect a Key to open the cage where the Power Star is trapped. You can get the Key by killing the Spiky Piranha Plant. Cosmic Clones, Marios that mimic every move Mario makes, are introduced to the game here. Yoshi Star Galaxy: Saddle Up With Yoshi Hooray for Yoshi! (: This is the rst level in the game where Mario gets to ride Yoshi. Like always, Yoshi can gobble up enemies with his tongue. Youll basically be going through the level in requirement of Yoshi. Yoshi Star Galaxy: Spiny Control Yoshi Stars second Star. Yoshi will be using Spinies to re at cages where Launch Stars and Lumas are trapped and Lakitus throw Spinies. Then, youll need him to ght a familiar boss... Boss: Giga Lakitu/King Lakitu Giga Lakitu is a Lakitu King who rides a thundercloud and shoots down lightning when angry, similar to Lakithunder from World 7 of New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. You need Yoshi to hold the Spinies he throws in his mouth, then, at the right time, re at Giga Lakitu. As the battle progresses, Giga will grow a temper tantrum, turn red, and move very fast. You need to be very careful with the timing for this phase. Spin Dig Galaxy: Digga-Legs Planet Mario is introduced to the Spin Drill Power Up here. This Power Up gives Mario the ability to shake the Wii Remote and drill through dirt. Then, after meeting the Toad Brigade, youll have to destroy the robotic monster, Digga Leg, who has made Spin Dig his home. Boss: Digga-Leg This ght isnt too hard. Use the Spin Drill to go under the dirt, but only when Digga Legs glass cage that holds the Power Star is in sight. Just keep smashing his cage three times and avoid the enemies called Diggas to break him and earn your Star! (The Daredevil Comet for this mission was rather annoying, though). Spin Dig Galaxy: Silver Stars Down Deep The games rst Silver Star level. Basically, Mario needs to collect ve hidden Silver Stars in order to make a Power Star appear. Flip-Swap Galaxy: Think Before You Shake

A Hungry Luma level. Mario has to be careful when he shakes the Wii Remote, due to the ipping platforms that turn from blue to red when you shake the Remote. You gotta be careful! (: Rightside Down Galaxy: Breaking the Laws of Gravity Gravity will be pulling Mario through wooden playroom-like houses of sorts. He needs to go both upside down and rightside up (Hence the Galaxys name: Rightside Down!). There is a bonus mission where you can use a Fire Flower to break all the wooden boxes for a Gearmo. If you break all of the boxes before the timer runs out, the Gearmo gives you a Star. Obviously this isnt the main Star mission, but a bonus one for if youre going for 100% on the game. (: Fluffy Bluff Galaxy: Search for the Toad Brigade Captain A sky-themed Galaxy. Mario needs to make use of the Cloud Flower, a Power Up that gives him the opportunity to make only 3 clouds and get to higher spots. At the end of the level, on a cloudy mountain, the Chimp will voluntarily give Mario a Star. Bowser Jr.s Fiery Flotilla: Gobbleguts Aching Belly This is World 1s last Galaxy and the rst fortress of Bowser Jr. To reach him, Mario must go through obstacle courses and ery lava pits, etc. Boss: Gobblegut Gobblegut is a gigantic dragon that Bowser Jr. has commanded to kill Mario. Mario must Spin his six Bellyache Bulges several times to damage him. Like all Bowser Jr. bosses, Gobblegut will grow faster as the ght progresses. He is on you constantly and I found him to be really annoying even though hes the rst Bowser Jr. boss in the game. Well, its World 2 time, anyway! World 2: Shooting Through the Stars Puzzle Plank Galaxy: The Puzzling Picture Block A very unique level. Mario has to go through wooden platforms and such and Ground Pound into blocks, solving puzzles on the way. Buzzsaws cut off the platforms Mario stands on, so be careful. At the end of the level, Mario has to Ground Pound into the right spots on the picture of a Mandibug. Then, you get to ght a really easy Boss. Boss: Mandibugs Ground Pound the rst Mandibug, then Ground Pound the second. Thats it, Im serious. ): Hightail Falls Galaxy: Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper Another Yoshi-involved mission. Mario has to have Yoshi eat a Dash Pepper to make his little dino friend faster. Once you get to the top of a high waterfall-like tower, you collect the Power Star. There is a Hungry Luma here who wants Coins; hell transform into a planet with Poliwhirl-looking enemies who hold Silver Stars (these are called Kleptoads). But thats not the main mission, so Ill cover that a different time. Boulder Bowl Galaxy: Rock and Rollodillo This mission introduces use of the Rock Mushroom. You have to shake the Wii Remote to make Mario roll into enemies and stuff. If you roll into Pinheads, bowling pin-themed enemies, you earn Star Bits. Boss: Rollodillo

Rollodillo is a giant armadillo who has a real dangerous shell. When Rollodillo gets dizzy from rolling around the planetoid, Mario must roll into him with the Rock Mushroom in Rollodillos rear end four times. Gross... Cosmic Cove Galaxy: Twin Falls Hideaway This is an underwater-themed level. You basically have to swim underwater and hit the Red Switch to turn it into ice. Then, skate by shaking the Remote and Wall Kick up the Twin Falls, where your Power Star awaits. Cosmic Cove Galaxy: Exploring the Cosmic Cavern Another underwater-themed level. Mario needs to go underwater with the penguins and search for the Key that will free the caged Luma. The Luma will turn into a Launch Star, leading to a planet Mario must Spin Drill through to nd yet another Key, unlocking the Power Star and ooding the planet. A fun level, I thought. (: Wild Glide Galaxy: Fluzzards First Flight Mario meets Fluzzard, a friendly buzzard-like tropical bird who wants him to glide on him. To ride Fluzzard, point the Wii Remote up towards the screen and stuff. Youll basically be riding Fluzzard through a jungle the entire time and getting through the big sun circle at the end. Oh, and if you y through all of the circles, you can get your Comet Medal. Honeybloom Galaxy: Bumble Beginnings Good ol Bee Mario levels! (: Bowsers Lava Lair: Bowsers Big Lava Power Party This is Bowsers rst castle. Mario will need to ght Bowser at the end of the level. To get to the Koopa King, however, Mario needs to go through lava and avoid Whomps and lazer-shooting Bowser statues from Super Mario Bros. 3. Once you go through the big chamber door, its time for battle... Boss: Bowser This time, Bowser will try to punch Mario. Due to the power of the Grand Star, Bowser is humungous! To defeat him, Mario must avoid his breathing re breath and Ground Pound the small colorful boulders, pushing them into Bowser and damaging him. Do this a while and Bowser ees off with Peach to the next castle... World 3: The Far Reaches of the Universe Tall Trunk Galaxy: The Flotacious Blimp Fruit Mario must ride Yoshi here. This time, Yoshi can swallow up the Blimp Fruit, which allows Yoshi and Mario to oat in the air for a limited amount of time. This fruit may be used to get to the top of the tree. In the nal part of this level, Yoshi must eat the Blimp Fruit and oat around a tree to collect Star Chips. On the next planet, you have to basically dodge enemies and oat to the Power Star. Tall Trunk Galaxy: Tall Trunks Big Slide This mission involves Mario getting to ride down a huge slide high in the trees of Tall Trunk. While sliding, Mario must avoid spiky plants and Wigglers. It has the Slider theme from Mario 64, by the way. Epic. Cloudy Court Galaxy: Head in The Clouds Were basically using the Cloud Flower here to reach certain areas. At the beginning, you can bounce on instruments to get higher. It was pretty fun, but the Secret Star here

was annoying to me. Mario will also often have to utilize those windmills to push him forward through the level, allowing him to progress further. Haunty Halls Galaxy: A Glimmer of Bulb Berry Yoshi uses the Bulb Berry here, a Power-Up that lights up the way through dark corridors and makes platforms. But the Berry is timed... Haunty Halls Galaxy: Sneaking Down the Creepy Corridor You get to sneak through a creepy corridor and avoid Boos and ghosts here. Hooray for Mattermouths; these munch on the oor Marios standing on. You also get to run from a Big Boo at the end... Freezy Flake Galaxy: Bowser On Ice Welcome to Winter Wonderland! Basically, Mario uses the Fire Flower here to destroy statues of Goombas and stuff. At the end, Mario must destroy the grand statue of Bowser made out of snow, which holds the Star. Freezy Flake Galaxy: Sorbettis Chilly Reception This time, instead of the Fire Flower, Mario makes use of the Rock Mushroom, rolling into statues. On the rst planet, ve Star Chips have been hidden by that naughty Star Bunny. Find all of them and blast off to another planet, taking place in a whiteout. Once you exit the whiteout, a snow monster awaits you... Boss: Sorbetti Sorbetti is a giant snowball who rolls around on the planet. To beat Sorbetti, Mario must Spin on his big red nose, his weak spot, at perfect timing so hes not rolled over. Sorbetti gets red after you Spin his nose twice. One more hit and hes down. But hes faster in the end of the ght, so be careful. Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy: Silver Chomp Grudge Match This art-themed level introduces use of the Star Ball, which was seen in the rst Super Mario Galaxy. To use the Star Ball, Mario must carefully tilt the Wii Remote and roll slowly around the planets. On one planet you must roll very slowly by pointing the Wii Remote upward and hit the Flip Switches. This causes a ruler to appear. Mario can roll across the ruler to use the Launch Pad and reach the next planet. The next planet features Buzzsaws that cut away the wooden platform you roll on (Just like in Puzzle Plank earlier on). The Comet Medal is found here, and Goombas can be squished here, also. On the last planet, Mario must ght a Silver Chomp mini-boss. Just bump into him with the Star Ball and make him fall off the planet. Roll across the ruler after defeating the Silver Chomp and collect your Power Star! Beat Block Galaxy: Step to the Beep This is World 3s Hungry Luma Galaxy. It is very unique, and involves Mario listening carefully to the beat of the music. When a beep sounds in your Wii Remote, that means that the platforms have changed color. Walk around blocks and listen to the beat here. In the end, Mario must collect Silver Stars to get his Power Star. Interesting mission, for the most part. Bowser Jr.s Fearsome Fleet: Bowser Jr.s Mighty Megahammer This is Bowser Jr.s second fortress. Before you can ght him, though, Mario must use Yoshi (Wahoo!) to re Bullet Bills at glass cages and clear paths. Boss: Megahammer

Megahammer is a huge robot controlled by Bowser Jr. To defeat this robot, Mario must use Yoshi and swallow up the Bullet Bills, then re them back at Megahammers spots on his chest. A Sling Star is available in case you need to go around the other side of Megahammer to re. After repeating this process, Bowser Jr. will take the top off of Megahammer. Now, you must Flutter Jump with a Bullet Bill in your mouth and re it at Bowser Jr.s cockpit two times. Whos ready for World 4? World 4: The Many Mysteries of the Cosmos Supermassive Galaxy: Huge Trouble With Big Wigglers In this level, everything is gigantic except for Mario. What Mario needs to do is make his way past giant Goombas, Piranha Plants, and Thwomps. On the Koopa planet, if you jump on a Koopas back seven times, you can wait and earn 99 1-Ups. Thats very useful, I think, for this world. At the end, you have to avoid fast and giant Wigglers to get to your Power Star. Note theres a Secret Star here on the planet before the Wigglers; if you ll the entire planet of owers, Mario can climb up a vine to reach the hidden Star. Well get to that later, though. Flipsville Galaxy: Flip-Flopping in Flipsville This is a very interesting level. Mario has to progress through a house of sorts, Ground-Pounding under grates to ip over and kill the new enemy, the Pupdozer, and also get to the other side of the planet; arrows in the background tell you if the gravitys pointing up or down. You will be Ground-Pounding grates and wooden boxes a lot here. The Comet Medal is even under a grate! On the second planet, if you wish, wait for the Chomps to collide into each other. This gives you loads of Star Bits! The part before the boss is a bit tricky. Flip under the grates on a moving platform to point the gravity up, then, avoiding spikes, go on top of the grate to point it down. A Luma Shop is available for the boss ght here, so get a Life Mushroom if you wish. Boss: Glamdozer Glamdozer is an obese Pupdozer queen who rules Flipsville. To defeat her, Mario must outsmart her by going under the grate she steps over. Ground-Pound the logo on her belly to ip over and damage her. Later in the ght, Glamdozer will spit lava balls at Mario. Wherever she has not spit re balls, try to lure her above the grate youre under and Ground-Pound her three times to earn your Power Star. She can be tricky and outsmart Mario at times, though. ): Flipsville Galaxy: Flipsvilles New Digs This level mainly involves Mario using the Spin Drill to dig through the planets. At the end, Mario must collect ve Silver Stars to make the Power Star appear (note that the gravity here depends on the beat of the music). Later, youll revisit this level in a Purple Coin Prankster Comet mission... Starshine Beach Galaxy: Surf, Sand, and Silver Stars This galaxy is mainly beach-themed. Mario has to hop on Yoshi and nd ve Silver Stars hidden throughout the beach. The Dash Pepper can be found here at times, and Yoshi can dash and walk across water. He cant go underwater, though. You also get the Blimp Fruit too, which is pretty cool.

Starshine Beach Galaxy: Climbing the Cloudy Tower Here, Mario can use the Cloud Flower to reach the top of a tower, where your Star awaits. Reaching the Cloudy Tower is a bit tricky, as Mario has to go to the top of another tower, using a Water Shooter to launch him to the Cloud Flower. Riding lilly pads from the Piantas will allow Mario to remain not wet while in Cloud form. Jumping on the Clouds leading up to the towers top gives you yet another Star. Chompworks Galaxy: Where the Chomps Are Made of Gold This is a very fun and interesting level. Mario must lure Chomps over to a hole on some planets in order to make the Launch Star appear. Small puzzles will be solved here, too. At the end, luring a Golden Chomp into a hole will reveal the Power Star. Chompworks Galaxy: Spring into the Chompworks Crap! This mission in the Chompworks Galaxy involves use of the Spring Mushroom, a Power-Up from the rst Super Mario Galaxy. Press A on the Wii Remote and hold down to spring Mario into the air. At the end, Mario must spring to the top of a tower where the Power Star is located. Sweet Mystery Galaxy: Bulb Berrys Mysterious Glow After feeding the World 4 Hungry Luma, the Sweet Mystery Galaxy is unlocked. In this galaxy, Mario must hop on Yoshi and have Yoshi swallow the Bulb Berries scattered throughout the level to make platforms visible. Pretty much, you have to just go across sweets like cookies and cakes and stuff. A fun level, overall. Honeyhop Galaxy: The Sweetest Silver Stars This level involves Bee Mario. Five Silver Stars are hidden throughout Queen Bees kingdom. Locate them and get your Power Star. The nal one is actually on the Queens back. Bowsers Gravity Gauntlet: Breaking into Bowsers Castle This is the next Bowser level. To reach Bowser, Mario has to avoid Whomps, Cheep Cheeps, Magikoopas, etc. After going through the big Bowser door, its time for battle. Be sure to grab your Extra Life Mushroom before going inside, though. Boss: Bowser The second battle with Bowser isnt too different from last time. Mario just needs to Ground Pound the things into Bowsers face and avoid rings that go around the planet (which is his new attack). He also will breathe re. World 5: Trial of the Galaxies Space Storm Galaxy: Follow Me, Bob-omb This rst galaxy of World 5: Trial of the Galaxies involves Mario luring a Bob-omb to certain spots to make cages and stuff explode and clearing paths. It was kinda fun, I thought. Space Storm Galaxy: To the Top of Topmans Tower This level is very cool. Mario has to hit ! Switches to slow time and enemies down in order to get to the top of Topmans Tower (similar to Buoy Base from the rst Mario Galaxy, except the ! Switches were not present). At the towers top, a Topman miniboss must be fought and used as a boost to reach the Power Star. Slipsand Galaxy: Squizzards Sandy Sinkhole A desert-themed area. In the rst mission, Mario will be progressing through sandy spots and use the Fire Flower to kill Cluckbooms and Pokey Heads. Before the boss ght, Mario must roll down a sandy slide of sorts and avoid Rhomps, sliding, cylinder-

like enemies who instantly kill Mario if they crush him. Before ghting the boss, grab a Life Mushroom or 1-Up from the Luma Shop if you wish. Boss: Squizzard Squizzard is an odd, reptilian-like sand monster. To defeat him, Mario has to grab the nearest Fire Flower and re re balls into Squizzards mouth. Theres a time limit on your Fire Flowers as usual, so youre gonna have to rell every once in a while. Squizzard may throw bombs or cannons at times, so carefully avoid this (note that some contain Coins which will help your health bar if youre facing damage). After Squizzards defeat, claim your Power Star! Slipsand Galaxy: Sailing the Sandy Seas Slipsands second mission involves Mario riding a sand bird through a desert of sorts and killing Magikoopas. At the levels nale, Mario must avoid a Silver Chomp, who tries to crush the bird Mario is riding on. Some spots on the bird are safe, while others are crushed away by the Chomp. The bird will stop at the end and you can grab your Star. Shiverburn Galaxy: Prince Pikantes Peppery Mood This is a galaxy very similiar to Freezeame from the rst Mario Galaxy game. Like that level, Mario needs to freeze lava and stuff and skate across meteor storms. At one point, squid enemies will re at you. Spin the green coconuts and send them back to hit them. Once you beat all of them, an icey path leads you on. Another boss waits for Mario at the end of this level. Boss: Prince Pikante Like his father, King Kaliente, Prince Pikante res lava balls at Mario. He rides around in a vehicle. Hit the green Coconuts he shoots at you and Spin them back at him to do damage and earn your Power Star, eventually. Be sure to avoid the meteor showers and pools of lava during the battle, though. Boo Moon Galaxy: Silver Stars Pop-Up This is another haunted-house themed level. Mario has to pretty much avoid Boos and go through a maze of sorts and riding Snake Blocks (Ugh). At the end, Mario must quickly collect Silver Stars before time runs out and the pop-up wall falls away. If you screw up, though, the walls will come back out for ya. Boo Moon Galaxy: Haunting the Howling Tower I hated this mission. Mario uses Boo Mario and has to y up a tower in a haunted mansion of sorts to reach your Star. If you get hit by Boos or other enemies, youre screwed and have to get another Boo Mushroom. Upside Dizzy Galaxy: A Walk on the Weird Side Another dizzy, upside down gravity-themed level, and another optional Gearmo Star can be collected here (but its harder cause there are more boxes and less time). Why doesnt Mario throw up? Fleet Glide Galaxy: Fluzzards Wild Battleeld Glide This is the last time well y Fluzzard. Basically, Mario needs to ride Fluzzard through a battleeld ship of sorts, avoiding Bullet Bills, Thwomps, and falling walls. The Comet Medal is collected the same way as it was back in Wild Glide from World 2. Bowser Jr.s Boom Bunker: Bowser Jr.s Boomsday Machine The nal Bowser Jr. level. ): Mario just needs to shoot from cannons and do perfect aiming, plus ght off Boomerang Bros. You know the drill. At the beginning you get to lure a Bullet Bill into a cage (which holds a cannon rather than a Luma or Launch Star).

Boss: Boomsday Machine This time, Bowser Jr. has created a machine called the Boomsday Machine. To defeat Jr. and his robot, Mario must collect the Cloud Flower and avoid the Boomsdays attacks. When the electric force is not activated over Bowser Jr.s glass cockpit, Ground Pound into the glass dome to cause the machine damage. Keep repeating this process and get your Grand Star. Note that at times in the ght, Bowser Jr. will use his air vents on the Boomsday Machine to try to pull you and your cloud in; jump off your cloud as soon as you can to avoid this. Also, as the ght progresses, the Boomsday Machine gets very fast; during this phase, Jr. can be annoying because he moves farther away from you, so the Cloud Flower really makes it easier. Its time to go to World 6, where Bowser awaits Mario... World 6: Bowser In Your Sights Melty Monster Galaxy: The Magnicent Magma Sea The rst level of World 6, of course, is lava-themed. Mario must avoid Magmaws and Magmaarghs, Blaarg-like lava creatures, utilize Pull Stars at the beginning and hop into tornados to reach the Power Star, which is in a crystal on the nal planet; Spinning into the crystal twice frees your Star. Frustrating Comet Medal, though. ): Melty Monster Galaxy: A Stroll Down Rolling Lane This is a both fun and challenging mission. Mario gets to use the Rock Mushroom and roll across platforms, which are often very narrow, and there are also bouncy railings which can knock Mario off the course. The Rock Mushroom goes fast, so be very cautious. Not a very peaceful stroll, I.M.O. Great for Star Bit farming, though. Clockwork Ruins Galaxy: Time For Adventure What time is it? Adventure time! Sorry, I couldnt resist. (: Anyways, a very tedious level, in my opinion. Mario has to go through a ruins-themed area where clock-like cogs Mario must use to continue on and tiki statues appear. You sometimes must ride on rolling gears or Spin Jump very high. Wall-Jumping is necessary here, too. At the end of the level, Mario must swing on nails to launch himself high enough to reach the Power Star, which is above the last nail. Throwback Galaxy: Return of the Whomp King A total Super Mario 64 throwback! In this level, very similar to the Whomp King level in SM64 (Chip off Whomps Block), Mario has to climb to the top of a tower and ride down this trapdoor (which is new and wasnt in Super Mario 64) to ght a familiar boss... Boss: Whomp King The Whomp King is defeated the same way as in Mario 64. Basically, when he slams down on the ground, jump to avoid his shockwaves/earthquakes and Ground-Pound the symbol on his back. Later in the ght, the Whomp King will be accompanied by his Whimp friends, who are pretty harmless. Repeat the process three times to get your Power Star! Throwback Galaxy: Silver Stars in the Whomp Fortress Throwback Galaxys second mission just involves going through the Whomp Kings fortress and collecting Silver Stars that are hidden throughout the level. Mario can use the Cloud Flower for an extra boost. Battle Belt Galaxy: Mini-Planet Mega Run

This is a very creative but boring mission. Mario has to defeat the enemies on the planets here in order to unlock the path to the next planet. On the nal planet, Mario must Spin on these green things to destroy a few Silver Chomps and open the glass cage containing the Power Star. Flash Black Galaxy: Jumping Around in the Dark This Hungry Luma level involves perfect timing. Oftentimes, the lights in the galaxy will ash, lighting up the path. At the sound of the beat, they turn off, making the path dark. Silver Stars must cautiously be collected here in order for the Star to appear. And you get Yoshi and he can use the Blimp Fruit here to reach the top of this house, where a Launch Star is located. Now, youll end up on the next planet (obviously) and collect ve Silver Stars; collecting them, as always, should give you another Power Star. Slimy Spring Galaxy: The Deep Shell Well Mario goes underwater again here. You must avoid Snoodles and other weird underwater enemies while progressing through this undersea cave. At the end, Spin a Koopa Shell at the treasure chest to free a Toad, who gives you your next Star. Bowsers Galaxy Generator: Bowsers Fortied Fortress The nal boss of the game, Bowser, awaits in this galaxy. Mario gets to use almost every Power-Up here, like the Cloud Flower, Spin Drill, etc. Yoshi will also be needed to get through tough obstacles. Prepare for the nal battle and, if you wish, grab an Extra Life or 1-Up Mushroom. Final Boss: Bowser Bowser starts out normally enough. Mario must, as usual, avoid his re breath and Ground-Pound the stuff into Bowsers face. Thats it...You think. Mario thinks its all over, but, before he can grab the Grand Star, Bowser swallows it up and turns huge. The second phase to the ght is very fun and cool. In the nal phase, Mario and Bowser are both ying through the center of the universe. Mario must avoid Bowsers sts and Sonic the Hedgehog-like spin dashes, GroundPounding the things into Bowsers face. Repeat this a few times, and Bowser falls through the galaxy. Princess Peach is now free, and you can collect your nal Grand Star! With the Grand Stars power, Lubba now ies Starship Mario back to the Mushroom Kingdom. After the credits, a message should pop up, saying youve unlocked World S... World S: Here We Go! (A.K.A. Special World) Mario Squared Galaxy: Make Mario A Star This bonus mission in World S involves the 8-bit Mario planet from Toy Time Galaxy in the rst Super Mario Galaxy game. Mario has to hit all the Flip Switches to make the Star appear. Just beware of the enemies that want to stop you... Rolling Coaster Galaxy: The Rainbow Road Roll The nal Star Ball mission. Mario basically rides through a Rainbow Road-themed area like the track in the Mario Kart games. Bob-ombs are often annoying here, so carefully avoid them. The Comet Medal is on the Expert side, so be sure to go that way as the Toad instructs. Twisty Trials Galaxy: Spinning and Spinning and Spinning

Mario Sunshine, anybody? (: This mission involves Mario going through a bunch of moving blocks and stuff he will have to use as platforms. The Cloud Flower can be used when you need it (I personally found it helpful). Stone Cyclone Galaxy: Silver Stars on the Cyclone I hate this mission because of the speed and perfect timing. Anyways, Mario has to avoid Tox Boxes and Thwomps while hitting ! Switches to slow down the Tox Boxes and other enemies. You must carefully collect the Silver Stars to make the Power Star appear; the only planet in this galaxy is actually based off of a planet from Beach Bowl in the rst game. The Comet Medal is hard to collect, too; it is on a platform that moves very fast left to right. When it goes towards the Comet Medal, carefully collect it. Timing is necessary; well, at least it was for me. Boss Blitz Galaxy: Throwback Throwdown This unique mission involves Mario ghting bosses he encountered from the rst Super Mario Galaxy... Boss 1: Dino Piranha Like Pewee Piranha from World 1, Dino Piranha must be Spin Attacked. Instead of whacking his rear end, though, Mario must Spin on his tail and have it whack his egg. Boss 2: King Kaliente King Kaliente is a squid-like king. To defeat him, Mario must Spin on the green coconuts and have them Spun back at Kaliente a few times. Note the Comet Medal is under Kalientes planet, so be sure to collect it before ghting him. Boss 3: Major Burrows This boss is a bit more challenging. Major Burrows will dig into the ground and try to claw at Mario and hit him with his spiked helmet. When Major Burrows comes out from under the ground, Ground-Pound the ground and make him ip over, Spin Attacking and damaging him. As the battle goes on, Major Burrows will grow madder and faster. Boss 4: Bouldergeist This creepy stone monster has big hands! To defeat Bouldergeist, Mario must grab the Bomb Boos and Spin them into Bouldergeist, damaging him. After doing this a few times, Mario will see that Bouldergeist has now grown two huge hands! Avoid his hands and hit him with Bomb Boos to get a Launch Star to the next boss... Boss 5: Fiery Dino Piranha Pretty much Dino Piranha, except this time on re. When his tail isnt on re, Spin it into Fiery Dino Piranha to damage him and get your Star. Like in Galaxy 1, he leaves trails of re behind him; just avoid this. Flip-Out Galaxy: Wicked Wall Jumps This mission involves spinning the Wii Remote to make red and blue walls go in and out. Puzzling, I know. Later, though, this levels Prankster Comet involves Clones chasing you through the level. Your Star is at the top in a crystal; like usual, Spin two times to free the Power Star and collect it. The spiders in this level were pretty annoying, and so was the Comet Medal. Grandmaster Galaxy: The Ultimate Test The nal bonus level in the game, Grandmaster Galaxy features Yoshi, the Cloud Flower, and Pull Stars (note that you must collect all the Green Stars, Comet Medals and Power Stars to unlock this level). Ill list all the sections below.

Section 1: Mario will make use of Yoshi and the Grapple Flowers here, also avoiding Bullet Bill Launchers and Paragoombas (in the Daredevil version, however, these are replaced by the Choppah enemies, who are more annoying). Section 2: Mario must hit all of the Flip Switches while avoiding Sentry Beam robots, who shoot lazers; this causes the Launch Star to appear. Section 3: This part has the Cloud Flower; the wind from Cloudy Court will blow you through a lazer-lled area; at the end is your Launch Star. Section 4: This area involves the ipping panels from Flip Swap Galaxy, so you really have to time it well (like in that level). Section 5: Mario has to use the Pull Stars to get past electrical obstacles and Paragoombas (the electric obstacles do move). Section 6: The nal section will have Mario dodging Boomerang and Hammer Bros; I found the strategy of ducking while Spin attacking them quite useful (especially for the Daredevil Run). After killing off all the Bros, Mario will earn his Power Star. But theres still the (IMO) hardest mission in the entire game to complete... Grandmaster Galaxy: The Perfect Run Note: In ordet to unlock this Comet, you must put 9,999 Star Bits in the Bank Toad on Starship Mario. Mario must do the Grandmaster Galaxy in Daredevil Comet mode to get the games nal Star, which is on Rosalinas planet; I must admit, it was kind, being the hardest level in the game! Once you do this, Rosalina will join Starship Mario! I hope you all enjoyed my SMG2 walkthrough! See yall next time...