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.Viitorul simplu Se formeaz astfel: - la afirmativ: I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they + SHALL/ WILL + Verb (inf.) la negativ: I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they + SHALL NOT (SHANT) + Verb (inf.) sau I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they + WILL NOT (WONT) + Verb (inf.) - la interogativ: SHALL / WILL + I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they + Verb (inf.) ? Folosirea lui SHALL la toate persoanele are nuana unei obligaii. Folosirea lui WILL la toate persoanele las la voia vorbitorului aceast obligaie. Exemplu: I shall (will) come tomorrow. Trebuie s vin mine. (Eu am hotrt s vin mine) Observaie: SHALL i WILL pot avea i neles modal (vezi Cursul 4) PARTICULARITI SHALL n ntrebri exprim o ofert, o propunere, o sugestie; este mai literar iar dac este folosit la persoana a IIa i a IIIa are semnificaia unui ordin sau a unei promisiuni foarte ferme. Exemplu: The work shall be completed by July 31. Lucrul va fi terminat (trebuie) pn pe 31 iulie. You shall have a bike for your birthday. Vei primi o biciclet de ziua ta (i promit). Shall I open the window ? S deschid fereastra ? Shall we meet at the stop ? Ne vedem n staie ? - WILL este foarte frecvent folosit n engleza vorbit acum. Este o form mult mai politicoas de a exprima o rugminte sau o invitaie. Exemplu: Will you open the window ? Eti amabil s deschizi fereastra ? Will you have a cup of coffe ? Vrei o cafea ? n limba vorbit se folosesc frecvent i formele contrase (prescurtate) : I shall = Ill ; You will = Youll n ntrebrile directe viitorul simplu exprim adesea o cerere direct i se folosete WILL pentru politee. Se traduce n romnete cu viitor. Utilizarea viitorului simplu a. pentru a exprima aciuni sau stri ce vor avea loc dup momentul vorbirii. Ca adverbe de timp se folosesc: - tomorrow, next (week, summer, year) b. pentru a exprima presupuneri despre aciuni care se vor ntmpla n viitor. n acest caz se ncepe cu: I think, I suppose, I guess, I belive (cred c, presupun c ); probably, its possible (e posibil s...) -


I suppose he wont refuse you. Presupun c nu te va refuza. Probably she will be late Probabil c ea va ntrzia. (E posibil ca ea s ntrzie.) Exemplu general: - Will you come tomorrow evening ? - Yes I will. Ill come tomorrow evening. - No, I wont. I wont come tomorrow evening. - I dont think so ... Vii mine sear ? Da . Vin mine sear (voi veni). Nu. Nu voi veni mine sear. Nu prea cred ! 2.Exprimarea viitorului prin prezent (vezi Cursul 2) Prezentul simplu se folosete n loc de viitor pentru aciuni oficial programate (vezi avion, tren etc.) Prezentul continuu se folosete ca viitor ca aranjamente neoficiale fcute de vorbitor. 3.Viitorul apropiat sau viitorul ,,intenie n limba englez se mai numete Viitorul Going to Future Se formeaz astfel: afirmativ : I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they + TO BE (prezent) + GOING TO + Verb negativ : I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they + TO BE (prezent) + Not + GOING TO + Verb interogativ: TO BE (prezent) + I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they + GOING TO + Verb

Observaie: Verbul TO BE se conjug la prezent la fiecare persoan la afirmativ, negativ i interogativ. Se traduce prin: urmeaz s ... , intenionez s ... Exemplu: - interogativ: Are you going to sell your flat ? Intenionezi s-i vinzi apartamentul ? - afirmativ: Yes, Im going to sell my flat. - negativ: No, Im not going sell my flat. Utilizare a.Pentru a exprima aciuni ( intenii) ce se vor ntmpla ntr-un timp f. scurt dup momentul vorbirii. Exemplu: Im going to sell my car. Intenionez s-mi vnd maina. b.Pentru a exprima presupuneri despre lucruri ce se vor ntmpla imediat. Exemplu: Look ! Its cloudy ! Privete ! Este nnorat ! If going to rain. St s plou. 4.Viitorul apropiat (cu alt construcie) I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they + TO BE (prezent) + ABOUT TO + Verb (inf.) going to intenia about to obligaia Se folosete pentru a exprima aciunea n viitorul apropiat avnd nuana unei obligaii sau a unei necesiti. Exemplu: The train leaves at 2.30 Im about to leave for the station. Trenul pleac (va pleca) la 2,30. Urmeaz (trebuie) s plec la gar. (m oblig ceva s plec imediat)

You are about to tell her the news. Hes about to say something.

i vei spune vetile (urmeaz s i le spui). El este pe punctul de a spune ceva.

APLICAII Traducei: 1. Im going to see my boss tomorrow. Mine m ntlnesc (intenionez s) cu eful. 2. My parents are going to come and Im going to show them round some castles. Prinii mei urmeaz s vin i intenionez s-i duc s vad cteva castele. 3. Look out ! Its going to fall ! Atenie ! Va cdea ! 4. Will you see Mr Marks tomorrow about this ? Vrei s discutai mine cu dl Marks despre asta ? 5. He will almost certainly be there, especially if its fine. Va fi acolo aproape sigur mai ales dac va fi frumos. 6. Ill help you, dont worry. Ill peel the apples if you like. Te voi ajuta, nu-i face griji. Voi cura merele, dac vrei. 7. Hold on ! Ill come straght away ! Stai ! Vin imediat ! 8. If lions bore you, I wont take you to the zoo. Dac leii te plictisesc, nu te duc (te voi duce) la zoo. 5. Prezentul pe post de viitor Prezentul simplu cu sens de viitor se folosete pentru a exprima aciuni viitoare oficial programate i anunate (orare mijloace de transport, conferine, spectacole etc.) complementul de timp este obligatoriu. Se traduce prin viitor. Exemplu: The plane takes off at 7.30 a.m. tomorrow. Avionul va decola mine diminea la 7.30. Prezentul continuu cu sens de viitor se folosete pentru a exprima aranjamente i planuri pe care le face cineva pentru viitor. Se traduce prin viitor. Exemplu: What are you doing next week-end ? Im having dinner with my friends. Ce vei face n week-endul urmtor ? Voi lua masa cu prietenii mei. 6. Viitorul anterior = FUTURE PERFECT Se formeaz asfel: pentru toate persoanele I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they + SHALL / WILL + HAVE + Verb ( - ed pt.verbe regulate ) (forma a III a pt. verbe nereg) Observaii: Negativul i ntrebarea se vd pe SHALL i WILL. Se traduce prin viitor anterior SHALL i WILL pot fi prescurtate prin LL Utilizare Se folosete pentru a exprima aciuni care vor ncepe i se vor termina naintea unei alte aciuni din viitor. Exemplu: Ill have finished my work by 10 oclock tomorrow. mi voi fi terminat treaba pn mine la ora 10. Many animals will have disappeared by the end of the century. Multe animale vor fi disprute pn la sfritul secolului. APLICAII Traducei: 1. My parents are arriving on June 1 and they are leaving on 15. Prinii mei vor sosi pe 01.06 i vor pleca pe 15.06. 2. Next year im going to China for my holidays. Anul viitor m voi duce n China n vacan. 3. The plane leaves at 8 p.m. tomorrow. Avionul va pleca mine sear la 8.

4. The President arrives at 10 a.m. tomorrow. She visits the shipyard in the morning and then, she lunches with the mayor. Preedinta va sosi mine la 10 diminea. Va vizita antierul naval diminea, apoi va lua prnzul cu primarul. 5. We are spending a day in Athens. Some friends are meeting us at the airport. Its all planned. Ne vom petrece o zi la Atena. Nite prieteni ne vor atepta la aeroport. Totul este aranjat. 6. Another time well do the journey by air. Altdat voi face drumul cu avionul. 7. You shall make a cup of coffe. Vei face cafea ----- > ordin 8. Shall we have a cup of coffe ? Bei o cafea ? ----- > sugestie 9. Will you have a cup of coffe ? Bei o cafea ? ----- > invitaie 10. Will you make a cup of coffe ? Bei o cafea ? ----- > rugminte LA DOCTOR VOCABULAR first aid box trus de prim ajutor public health ocrotirea sntii to fall (to be taken) ill a se mbolnvi to feel ill a se simi ru to have a fit of ... a avea o criz de ... to undergo an operation a fi supus la o operaie to clean (dress ) up a wound a cura (a pansa) o ran to be injured in accident a fi rnit n accident to enjoy good health a se bucura de o sntate de fier to sneeze a strnuta to faint a leina to cough a tui bloodshot congestionat painful dureros shivers frisoane first aid primul ajutor blood transfusion transfuzie de snge medical chart (card) fi medical disease boal injury leziune, ran medical certificate C F M sick (maternity, rest) leave concediu de boal (maternitate, de odihn) strecher targ physician, doctor doctor, medic surgeon chirurg VET veterinary surgeon veterinar hospital , emergency spital, urgene nurse asistent medical midwife moa health resort staiune climateric spa staiune balneo (ape) dumb mut blind orb deaf surd

II. -

lame chiop squint eyed aiu humpbacked cocoat operating theatre sal de operaie sun stroke insolaie

Good morning doctor Gray ! Good morning Mr Brown ! You dont look well ! You look pale. It looks as if you were going to faint ! I dont know whats the matter with me. Im upset with everything. I feel too tired to move. Every bone in my body seems to ache. My appetite has gone. Im suffering from sleepessness. And I often have giddy turns. My nose is running ! Come here, please ! Draw near and sit down. Let me feel your pulse ... Yes, the pulse is quick and irregular ! Just as I throught ! Show me your tongue .... It is quite furred ! And the uvula is swollen! What is your oppinion doctor ? Im dying ... Mr Brown ! You arent a child ! Let me check your lungs and to listen to your heart ... Breathe in and out deeply ! O.K ! Is this disease dangerous ? Is it catching ? Mr Brown !! Nothing to worry about ! Keep indoor for a few days. Ill prescribe you some medicine ... Do not overtire yourself. Youll soon recover completly ! Am I confined to bed ? I be operated on ? Mr Brown !! I think you have got the flu (influenza) ! A simple flu, dont worry ! You are tired, you smoke too much ... This is the result of your behavior ! Oh, I feel much relieved, doctor. Thank you ! What is your fee, sir ? No fee for you Mr Brown ! Free of charge ! Pay attention and take care of you ! Thanks a lot, doctor ! Bye ! Bye and cheer up, Mr Brown ! Whats the matter with you pal ?! You look rather seedy (indispus). I have a terrible toothache doctor ! I suffer much, chiefly at night time ! Why dont you come to me earlier ? I hate detists ! Everybody hate us but you need our help ! I know, knocking and drilling (sfredelitul) ones teeth is not at all very entertaining but is necessary ! Oh, Im exaggerating ! You are a painless dentist ! Come here ! Sit down and lean (las) your head back ! Sit still please ! Open your mouth ! Oh, it hurts me ! Come on ! The upper (lower) front tooth has a problem, the filling has come out ! You have also a hollow molar in the upper jaw (maxilar) ... I shall clean out the cavity and fill it !... Rinse your mouth with this antiseptic mouth wash !... OK ! Im ready. Did it hurt ? Oh, no ! You are the master ! So, dont eat anything for a couple of hours, sir ! In the tooth keeps aching come quickly. Ill have to kill the nerve. Avoid sitting in a draught (curent). Or youll get an abscess ! You can have a soothing drug if necessary ! Thank you doctor ! you ... I know, Im the master ! Take care of you ! Bye ! Thanks ! Bye ! Id like to say see youz soon but I dont want to ! No problem ! Youre welcome !

LA FARMACIE PHARMACY / AT THE CHEMISTS Can I have a prescription made ? Of course, sir ! Give it to me ! Oh, yes ! But it will take you more than an hour to wait until I get it prepared. Do you mind coming later to collect it ? OK ! Im going to collect it ! So, my prescription is made ? OK, sir ! Do not forget to shake the bottle before using ! Store it in a cool place. Is this stuff reliable ? Of course, sir ! How many spoonfuls am I to take a day ? Shall I take the medicine before or after the meals ? Sir, sir !! This medicine is intended for external use only ! Is a massage lotion ! Oh, that one ! OK ! Thanks !

VOCABULAR pachet de vat a package of cotton wool alcool (spirt) alcohol, alcoholic extract alifie, unguent ointment, vaseline antinevralgic antineuralgic calmant sedative, pain-killer fiol phial pilul (pastil) pill, injection medicament medicine, drug pansament dressing, bandage, gauze (tifon) picturi drops plasture plaster sirop de tuse throat syrup purgativ purgative, laxative aspirin, tonic, lotion prescription reet sleeping-draught somnifer a day & night service farmacie permanent