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The Author - Errol R.

Williams, has specifically written a clear and comprehensive step-

by-step Kindle user's instructions, 196-Page article - "Amazon Kindle 2: The Definitive
User's Guide" for Kindle 2 owners who want to get the most out of this revolutionary
wireless reading device.
The article contains forty-four informative separate parts with each part clearly labeled
and hyperlinked.
Product Details
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 371 KB
Publisher: Ailax Merchandise (UK) (March 4, 2009)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
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Who Should Read This Book?
What is Kindle 2?
Navigation Controls
Front View: Illustrated Physical Features
Front View: Features Explained
Back View: Illustrated Physical Features
Back View: Features Explained
Top View: Features Explained
Kindle Keyboard: Symbolic Keys
Symbolic Keys: Illustrated Physical Features
Symbolic Keys and Their Meaning
Kindle 2: The Power Button
Put Kindle to Sleep, or Wake it Up
Turn Off Kindle 2 Completely
Reset Kindle 2
Lowercase and Uppercase Letters
Entering Lowercase and Uppercase Letters
Navigate Quickly Between Tasks
Kindle 2 User’s Keyboard Shortcuts
Wireless Access with Whispernet
Turn Whispernet On or Off
Synchronize Reading on Multiple Kindles
Wireless Connectivity
Kindle 2 Coverage Map Areas
Adjust the Size of the Reading Text
Change the Text Font Size
Searching on Kindle 2
Find the Word or Phrase in the
Content You Are Reading
Choosing the Type of Search
Dictionary: Look Up a Particular Word
Look Up a Word Definition
Add a Note or Highlight Words
Clipping Words
Clipping Dictionary Word Definitions
Add a Bookmark to any Page
Deleting Bookmarks
Fonts Pre-Installed
Name of the Default
Pre-installed Kindle 2 Text Fonts
Pictures: Magnifying Images
Increasing the Size of Images
Pictures: Create Your Own Photo Albums
Add and View Your Own
Images on Kindle 2
Read Aloud Your Books and Documents
File Types Viewable on Kindle 2
Kindle 2 Compatible File Types
Converting and Transferring Files
Converting and Transferring
Your Files to Kindle 2
Converting and Transferring Your Files, and
RSS Feeds Using the Software Calibre
Registering Kindles: How Many?
Number of Kindles That Can be
Registered to a Single Account
Your Media Library: Get There Quickly
How to Get to Your Media Library on
The Kindle Store: Get There Quickly
Direct Web Addresses to get to
the Kindle Store When Using a Web Browser
Returning a Purchased Kindle Book
How to Return a Purchased Kindle Book
Sending and Receiving Email on Kindle 2
Kindle 2’s Experimental Web Browser
to Access Your Email Account
Hotmail Email
Yahoo! Mail
Google Mail
Comcast Webmail
Email Accounts
Currently not Supported
Play Game Minesweeper
Play Minesweeper
Instant Messaging Services
Yahoo! Messenger
Chat with Friends, Colleagues,
and Family Using Kindle 2
RSS Feeds
Google Reader: Add and
Manage RSS Feeds
Experimental Web Browser
How to Browse Websites That Do Not
Work/Display Pleasantly on Kindle
Top Kindle Optimized Websites
Tracking Sent Package
Calendar: Manage Daily Events
Google Calendar: Add and
Manage Daily Events
Journal: Add/Edit Notes
Use Kindle 2 as a Journal
Kindle Freezing Problem
Take These Steps to Solve
Kindle 2 Freezing Problem
International: Use Kindle 2 Abroad
Use Kindle 2 or Charge the
Battery Outside of the United States
Kindle Related Product Prices: Auto Alerts
Keep Track of Kindle Book,
Newspaper and Blog Prices
Public Domain: Thousands of Free Books
Free Kindle 2 Books/Audiobooks
Remove Public Domain Books
from Kindle Store Search Results Kindle Discussion Forum
How-to Search Kindle Discussion Forums
Kindle Social Networking Websites
Kindle Social Network Groups
Keep up to Date: The Latest Kindle 2 News
Kindle Blogs/Podcasts
Kindle Warranty
2-Year Extended Warranty for Kindle 2
Kindle Customer Service and Claim Support
Amazon Customer Service and Claim
Support for Kindle 2
Alphabetical List of Technical Terms
Kindle 2 Glossary
Amazon Sales Rank
Tracking Kindle Book Sales
Using the Amazon Sales Rank
About the Author
Errol R. Williams
Additional Notes by Author
Free Content Updates
Copyright Information

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